File Title
1 Toxic Short RNAs Kill Brain Cells & May Trigger Alzheimer's
2 Understanding the Cause of Guillain-Barre Syndrome
3 Therapy and Antidepressants: Similar Efficacy for Depression in Heart Failure
4 The relationship between sleep hygiene and anorexia nervosa
5 Challenges and Successes: Astrobotic's Lunar Mission Provides Insights for Future NASA Deliveries
6 Research Study Examines Combined Use of Weed and Workouts
7 Bad Gut Feeling: Why Stress Messes with Your Digestion
8 Researchers Discover a Virus that Kills Deadly, Dormant Bacteria
9 Space-Grown Lettuce Faces Food Safety Concerns on the ISS
10 The Role of Electric Aircraft in Reducing Environmental Impact
11 2023 Moon to Mars Architecture Concept Review Outcomes Released by NASA
12 A Huge Source of Carbon that Goes Unaccounted For
13 Childhood Stress Linked to Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure
14 Activity & Healthy Diet Reverse Signs of Aging in Obese Kids
15 Managing chronic diseases with a wearable drug deliver patch
16 New Study Finds More About How Immunotherapies Work
17 The Role of Cannabinoids in COVID-19 Cannabis Prevention and Treatment
18 High-Throughput Immunoassays: Accelerating Drug Discovery and Enhancing Compound Screening Efficiency
19 Combination Treatment Targets Previously Undetected Tumor Cells
20 Improved Immunity After SARS-CoV-2 Variant Exposure
21 Wearable Sensors and Ancient Remedies Presented at Major IBD Congress
22 Stress Linked to Inflammation and Metabolic Syndrome
23 CBD's Low Bioavailability Obstacle for Treating Lung and Gut Conditions
24 Moon's Shrinkage: Surface Warping and Seismic Risks Revealed
25 Sustainable Water Solutions: UT Austin's Filter System Aims to Transform Global Access
26 Ingenuity Mars Helicopter: A Journey Beyond Expectations Comes to a Close
27 How RNAs on the Surface of Cells Guide Immunity
28 North China Fossils Show Eukaryotes are far Older than Thought
29 Risk of Lung Distress Triples in Kids Born to Unvaccinated Moms with COVID
30 Exploring TOI-1136: Unveiling the Dynamics of a Multi-Planet Solar System
31 Perseverance Rover Confirms Lake Sediments in Jezero Crater: Key to Martian History
32 Childhood trauma, alexithymia, default mode networks, and nicotine dependence--a study over time
33 A Melting Glacier Destroys a Climate Archive
34 Cold-water Swimming Relieves Menopause and Menstruation Symptoms
35 DNA Targeting Drug Shows Efficacy for Colorectal Cancer
36 A Scientific Case of the Munchies: How Cannabis Activates Hunger Neurons
37 Handwriting--Not Typing--Linked to More Brain Connectivity
38 Revealing How Mutations Lead to Chronic Bacterial Infections
39 ADHD Represented by Differences Across the Whole Brain
40 Hubble Sees Stunning Spiral Galaxy: IC 438
41 Gliding Reptiles Once Lived in England
42 Mars Express Finds New Evidence for Ice-Rich Layered Deposits in Medusae Fossae
43 Archaeologists Discover 2,500-Year-Old System of Urban Centers in Amazonian Ecuador
44 Megalodon May Have Been More Slender than Previously Thought
45 Physicists Create One-Dimensional Noble Gas
46 New Observations of Messier 87's Black Hole Support Einstein's Theory of General Relativity
47 Webb Looks at Massive Star-Forming Complex in Large Magellanic Cloud
48 Study: Multicellularity Emerged in Streptophyte Plants about One Billion Years Ago
49 Scientists Produce Chromosome-Scale Genome Sequence for Arabica Coffee
50 Physicists Determine Distribution of Strong Force inside Proton
51 Novel Camera System and Software Records Natural Animal-View Videos with Over 90% Accuracy
52 Hubble Space Telescope Captures Dance of Two Spiral Galaxies
53 Hubble Detects Water Vapor in Atmosphere of Gliese 9827d
54 Hubble Captures Stunning Galaxy Collision: LEDA 60847
55 Paleontologists Discover New Species of Oviraptorosaur in South Dakota
56 Kiwifruit Consumption Can Improve Vitality and Mood in as Little as Four Days, Study Suggests
57 Fossil of Giant Triassic Amphibian Unearthed in Brazil
58 Hubble Looks at Little-Known Spiral Galaxy
59 NASA Announces End of Ingenuity Mission
60 CDC warns health care workers to be on alert for measles amid rising number of cases
61 Republican legislatures in some states are trying to keep abortion off the ballot
62 The UK will ban disposable vapes and curb candy-flavored e-cigarettes that attract children under 18
63 King Charles III has been discharged from a London hospital after a prostate procedure
64 Live updates / UN aid agency serving Palestinians in Gaza faces more funding cuts amid October 7 claims
65 Pennsylvania high court revives case challenging limits on Medicaid coverage for abortions
66 Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin returns to work at the Pentagon after cancer surgery complications
67 US aid office in Colombia reports its Facebook page was hacked
68 AI companies will need to start reporting their safety tests to the US government
69 Rise and shine: Japanese moon probe back to work after sun reaches its solar panels
70 X pauses some Taylor Swift searches as deepfake explicit images spread
71 Amazon's bid to buy Roomba maker iRobot is called off amid pushback in Europe
72 Circus animals rescued from semi-truck fire on Indiana highway
73 Trump Organization monitor flags errors and financial misstatements ahead of ruling in fraud case
74 Woman mouths 'help me' to police in alleged Atlanta hostage situation
75 15 million Americans under flood watch as rain drenches Northeast
76 US Marshals capture escaped teenage murder suspect in Philadelphia
77 A year in the concrete jungle with Flaco, the 'most famous owl in the world'
78 UNLV mass shooting suspect had 2 laminated cards with details about targets including photos, room numbers: New report
79 Ex-IRS contractor sentenced to 5 years for leaking tax documents belonging to Trump, others
80 A group of Japanese citizens launches lawsuit against police 'racial profiling'
81 The Islamic State group claims responsibility for the Istanbul church attack that killed one person
82 The head of a Saudi royal commission has been arrested on corruption charges
83 The UK says it will ban disposable vapes, curb flavored e-cigarettes aimed at kids
84 Italian leader Meloni opens an Africa summit to unveil a plan to aid development and curb migration
85 Shares of building materials maker Holcim jump as it plans to list unit in the US
86 Russian election officials register Putin to run in March election
87 Iran denies involvement in deadly attack on US base, ministry says
88 French protesting farmers approach Paris on tractors, vowing 'siege' over grievances
89 Rise and shine: Japanese moon probe back to work after sun reaches its solar panels
90 Czech government signs a deal with the US to acquire 24 F-35 fighter jets
91 An Israeli strike on a Damascus area where Iran-backed groups operate caused casualties, Syria says
92 Document spells out allegations against 12 UN employees Israel says participated in Hamas attack
93 King Charles III has been discharged from a London hospital after a prostate procedure
94 Why are EU leaders struggling to unlock 50-billion-euro support package for Ukraine?
95 Finland's presidential election runoff to feature former prime minister and ex-top diplomat
96 Toyota chief apologizes for cheating on testing at group company, again
97 Police investigate the son of former Brazilian President Bolsonaro for alleged spying on opponents
98 Live updates / UN aid agency serving Palestinians in Gaza faces more funding cuts amid October 7 claims
99 Amazon's bid to buy Roomba maker iRobot is called off amid pushback in Europe
100 UN's top court will rule Friday on its jurisdiction in a Ukraine case over Russia's genocide claim
101 Thailand may deport visiting dissident rock band that criticized war in Ukraine back to Russia
102 China is protesting interrogations and deportations of its students at US entry points
103 Fellini's muse and Italian film icon Sandra Milo dies at 90
104 Putin and Lukashenko meet in St. Petersburg to discuss ways to expand the Russia-Belarus alliance
105 German president calls for alliance against extremism as protests against far right draw thousands
106 Georgia's prime minister steps down to prepare for national elections this fall
107 The Bahamas pushes to reduce violence as the US Embassy warns of a spike in killings
108 Prince Harry lawyers seek $2.5 million in fees after win in British tabloid phone hacking
109 Under bombing in eastern Ukraine and disabled by illness, an unknown painter awaits his fate
110 Albania's Constitutional Court says migration deal with Italy can go ahead if approved
111 Undetermined number of hacked-up bodies found in vehicles on Mexico's Gulf coast
112 Dozens are presumed dead after an overloaded boat capsizes on Lake Kivu in Congo
113 Ukrainian and Hungarian foreign ministers meet but fail to break a diplomatic deadlock
114 Russian opposition figure Kara-Murza has disappeared from prison, colleagues say
115 A Palestinian is killed while with a group waving a white flag. Israel says it will look into it
116 Church of England leader says a plan to send migrants to Rwanda undermines the UK's global standing
117 South Africa's ruling ANC suspends former president Zuma for backing a new party in elections
118 Israel military operation destroys a Gaza cemetery. Israel says Hamas used the site to hide a tunnel
119 Trial opens in Serbia for parents of teen who shot 10 people dead at school last year
120 Enemy drone that hit US base in Jordan possibly confused with American drone
121 Venezuelan opposition candidate blocked by court calls it 'judicial criminality,' won't abandon race