File Title
1 North Korea tests new type of cruise missile, state media says
2 A US Congressional delegation affirms bipartisan support for Taiwan during visit
3 What the Tuvalu election means for China-Pacific relations
4 A child dies after being rescued along with 59 others from a boat off Cyprus
5 Ukraine and Russia trade accusations over fatal plane crash that Moscow says involved Ukrainian POWs
6 South Korean lawmaker is injured in an attack weeks after the opposition leader was stabbed
7 Austrian man who raped his captive daughter over 24 years can be moved to a regular prison
8 Czech lawmakers reject international women's rights treaty
9 Japan's precision moon lander has hit its target, but it appears to be upside-down
10 Antisemitic acts have risen sharply in Belgium and France since the Israel-Hamas war began
11 Live updates / Gaza officials say Israeli fire strikes a crowd waiting for aid, killing at least 20
12 Nokia sales and profit drop as economic challenges lead to cutback on 5G investment
13 France's constitutional court rejects several measures in controversial immigration law
14 French President Macron arrives in India, where he'll be chief guest at National Day celebrations
15 Pakistani Taliban pledge not to attack election rallies ahead of February 8 vote
16 Nepal asks Russia to send back Nepalis recruited to fight in Ukraine
17 Russian courts jail a Putin critic and a woman convicted of a blast that killed a pro-war blogger
18 French farmers edge closer to Paris as protests ratchet up pressure on President Macron
19 Turkey's central bank hikes key interest rate again to 45% to battle inflation
20 Poland's pro-EU government and opposition disagree on whether 2 pardoned lawmakers can stay on
21 China accuses US of 'abusing' international law by sailing in Taiwan Strait and South China Sea
22 A man is charged with 76 counts of murder in deadly South African building fire
23 A pair of UK museums return gold and silver artifacts to Ghana under a long-term loan arrangement
24 Killer of 3 in English city of Nottingham sentenced to high-security hospital, likely for life
25 Six nuns and two other people kidnapped in Haiti have been released, archbishop says
26 Pakistan must invest in climate resilience to survive, says prime ministerial hopeful Bhutto-Zardari
27 Thousands in India flock to a recruitment center for jobs in Israel despite the Israel-Hamas war
28 Police say a man in Puerto Rico fatally shot 3 people before killing himself
29 Former Spain soccer chief may stand trial for kiss, judge says
30 Students in Greece protest plans to introduce private universities
31 Swedish PM says he's willing to meet Hungary's Orban to end deadlock over Sweden's NATO membership
32 Idris Elba launches new campaign to tackle knife crime
33 Remaining landslide victims found in China, bringing death toll to 44
34 After family feud, Myanmar court orders auction of home where Suu Kyi spent 15 years' house arrest
35 Danish report underscores 'systematic illegal behavior' in adoptions of children from South Korea
36 Report on sex abuse in Germany's Protestant Church documents at least 2,225 victims
37 Washington and Baghdad plan to hold talks soon to end presence of US-led coalition in Iraq
38 Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant further delays removal of melted fuel debris
39 As Israel warned Gaza civilians to evacuate, IDF bombs struck city described as sanctuary
40 North Macedonia's government resigns ahead of general elections
41 Iran disqualifies former moderate president from running for reelection to influential assembly
42 At least 60 civilians were killed in Burkina Faso last year in military drone strikes, watchdog says
43 Biden regulators target transaction-declined fees, considered another type of bank 'junk fee'
44 New Jersey OKs two new offshore wind farms that would be farther from shore and beachgoers' view
45 The death toll from a small plane crash in Canada's Northwest Territories is 6, authorities say
46 Argentina's president faces 1-day general strike as foes seek to derail his austerity agenda
47 Saudi Arabia opens its first liquor store in over 70 years as kingdom further liberalizes
48 More than 70 are dead after an informal gold mine collapsed in Mali, an official says
49 Not all bitcoin ETFs are the same. Here are some questions to consider before buying any
50 New Jersey Supreme Court rules against Ocean casino in COVID business interruption case
51 Fox News allowed to pursue claims that voting firm's defamation suit is anti-free speech
52 Company seeking to mine near Okefenokee will pay $20,000 to settle environmental violation claims
53 Ring will no longer allow police to request doorbell camera footage from users
54 Venmo, Zelle, Cash App leaving users vulnerable to fraud: Manhattan DA
55 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation CEO calls for billionaires to give away more and soon
56 What to do if you're concerned you might be laid off--or if you've lost your job
57 Tesla 4Q earnings fall short of analyst estimates as company warns of lower sales growth this year
58 Biden vetoes GOP measure that aimed to block White House policy on foreign content in EV chargers
59 Bill to allow referendum on northern Virginia casino advances in legislature
60 FAA approves inspection process that could clear the way for grounded Boeing planes to fly again
61 In-N-Out to close first location in its 75-year history due to a wave of car break-ins and robberies
62 South Carolina GOP governor blasts labor unions while touting economic growth in annual address
63 US economy grew at a surprisingly strong 3.3% pace last quarter
64 HP Enterprise discloses hack by suspected state-backed Russian hackers
65 Man convicted of murder for arson attack at Japanese anime studio that killed 36
66 Financial markets are jonesing for interest rate cuts. Not so fast, says the European Central Bank
67 China expands access to loans for property developers
68 Stock market today: Wall Street rises after data on the economy stomps expectations
69 How to Tech: Why it's important to turn on Apple's new Stolen Device Protection
70 Nokia sales and profit drop as economic challenges lead to cutback on 5G investment
71 French farmers edge closer to Paris as protests ratchet up pressure on President Macron
72 Turkey's central bank hikes key interest rate again to 45% to battle inflation
73 Messi to make his Super Bowl debut, set to appear in Michelob Ultra ad
74 Biden revisits decaying Wisconsin bridge to announce $5 billion for infrastructure in election year pitch
75 Alaska Airlines says the grounding of some Boeing planes will cost the airline $150 million
76 Humana warns that rising care costs will persist through 2024, surprises Wall Street with forecast
77 US applications for jobless benefits rise, but layoffs remain at historically low levels
78 Union Pacific profit up 1% as the railroad delivers more fertilizer, imported goods and vehicles
79 Tesla's stock slides after profits come up short and EV maker warns of slowing growth in 2024
80 Auto dealers up campaign urging Biden administration to halt EPA tailpipe emission limits regulation
81 Robitussin maker recalls several lots of cough syrup due to contamination
82 US economy exceeds expectations in latest quarter, boosting hopes for avoiding recession
83 What does 'woke' mean and why are some conservatives using it?
84 Biden, at abortion rights campaign rally, repeatedly interrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters
85 Biden campaign speech on abortion rights disrupted 14 times by protesters
86 Trump keeps pushing false claim Democrats can vote in New Hampshire's GOP primary
87 Haley captures independents and college grads, but Trump base holds fast in NH: Exit poll
88 US, UK stage multiple airstrikes against Iran-backed Houthi militants in Yemen
89 As Haley celebrates 2nd place in New Hampshire primary and vows to keep running, Trump lashes out
90 Trump fends off Haley with double-digit win and other takeaways from New Hampshire's primary
91 Trump's New Hampshire win looks like an exclamation mark on his transformation of the GOP: ANALYSIS
92 Does Nikki Haley have a chance in South Carolina's primary? Here's what some voters are saying
93 Trump picks up endorsements from holdouts after New Hampshire win
94 'I get even': Trump targets Haley after she pledges to keep fighting him following 2 losses
95 United Auto Workers endorse Biden; union president calls Trump a 'scab'
96 House Republicans accuse Penn of 'failure to address antisemitism on its campus'
97 Former Trump DHS officials interviewed in Mayorkas impeachment inquiry
98 FAA releases instructions for airlines to begin inspecting Boeing 737 Max 9 planes
99 Maine's top court refuses to rule before Supreme Court on whether Trump will stay off ballot
100 Nikki Haley pitches 'better choice' for Republicans, claiming momentum after primary losses
101 Immigration emerges as key 2024 election wedge issue for Trump, vulnerability for Biden
102 Ohio bans gender-affirming care and restricts transgender athletes despite GOP governor's veto
103 Washington state reaches a nearly $150 million settlement with Johnson & Johnson over opioid crisis
104 Alabama to perform 1st nitrogen gas execution: What to know about this method
105 New Hampshire voters say Obamacare, abortion matter but they can't stop talking about Trump
106 Nevada judge approves signature-gathering stage for petition to put abortion rights on 2024 ballot
107 Florida House passes a bill to ban social media accounts for children under 16
108 Experimental gene therapy allows kids with inherited deafness to hear
109 Children with genetic deafness have hearing restored with gene therapy: Study
110 New estimate shows rural Americans and men are more likely to suffer from hearing loss
111 New long COVID study uncovers high inflammation in patients as Senate calls for more research on 'crisis'
112 Robitussin maker recalls several lots of cough syrup due to contamination
113 Wisconsin Republicans set to pass bill banning abortions after 14 weeks of pregnancy
114 Transgender veterans sue to have gender-affirming surgery covered by Department of Veteran Affairs