File Title
1 Missouri abortion-rights campaign backs proposal to enshrine access but allow late-term restrictions
2 Anti-abortion activists brace for challenges ahead as they gather for annual March for Life
3 Health announcements about King Charles III and Kate mark a departure for the tight-lipped UK royals
4 Biden's campaign pushes abortion rights in the 2024 battle with Republicans
5 Franz Welser-Most is back with Cleveland Orchestra after cancer surgery and slipped disk
6 Wastewater tests can find mpox, study finds. Expect more bugs to be tracked that way
7 NY midwife who gave kids homeopathic pellets instead of vaccines fined $300K for falsifying records
8 Florida Senate passes bills seeking to expand health care availability
9 Mississippi has the highest rate of preventable deaths in the US, health official says
10 A first-ever experiment shows how pigs might one day help people who have liver failure
11 CDC now encouraging doctors to consider more blood testing for "forever chemicals"
12 Israeli company gets green light to make world's first cultivated beef steaks
13 CDC expands warning about charcuterie meat trays as salmonella cases double
14 In snowy DC, the March for Life rallies against abortion with an eye toward the November elections
15 Defense Department to again target 'forever chemicals' contamination near Michigan military base
16 How to stay healthy during cold, flu and COVID-19 season
17 How to stay warm in layered clothing and avoid frostbite this winter
18 Taking a daily multivitamin may improve memory in older adults: Study
19 Wisconsin Republicans introduce a bill to ban abortions after 14 weeks of pregnancy
20 Online rumors partially to blame for drop in water pressure in Mississippi capital, manager says
21 US government rejects complaint that woman was improperly denied an emergency abortion in Oklahoma
22 California officials warn people to not eat raw oysters from Mexico which may be linked to norovirus
23 Ohio is poised to become the 2nd state to restrict gender-affirming care for adults
24 Cancer vaccine with minimal side effects nearing Phase 3 clinical trials
25 Democrats believe abortion will motivate voters in 2024. Will it be enough?
26 Latest EPA assessment shows almost no improvement in river and stream nitrogen pollution
27 How power outages can affect physical and mental health
28 Cameroon starts world's first malaria vaccine program for children
29 Vice President Harris targets Trump as she rallies for abortion rights in Wisconsin
30 Taliban is enforcing restrictions on single and unaccompanied Afghan women, UN says
31 Millions in the UK are being urged to get vaccinations during a surge in measles cases
32 New York City plans to wipe out $2 billion in medical debt for 500,000 residents
33 Maine Democrats who expanded abortion access now want to enshrine it in the state constitution
34 Biden administration announces new steps to protect contraceptives, abortion medication on Roe anniversary
35 Abortion rights supporters launch campaign for Maryland constitutional amendment
36 HIV-positive inmate died after medicine denial
37 What to know about abortion rulings, bills and campaigns as the US marks Roe anniversary
38 Why Americans may be at risk of heart problems as COVID, flu spread: Expert
39 Biden, Harris team up to campaign for abortion rights in Virginia
40 European human rights court condemns Greece for naming HIV-positive sex workers in 2012
41 North Dakota judge won't block part of abortion law doctors say puts them at risk of prosecution
42 Memphis utility lifts boil-water advisory after 5 days following deep freeze that burst pipes
43 With Oregon facing rampant public drug use, lawmakers backpedal on pioneering decriminalization law
44 Bill would revise Tennessee's decades-old law targeting HIV-positive people convicted of sex work
45 Mississippi restrictions on medical marijuana advertising upheld by federal judge
46 US sales ban on two Apple Watch models to be revived Thursday
47 Court documents underscore Meta's 'historical reluctance' to protect children on Instagram
48 In Davos, Israel's president calls ties with Saudi Arabia key to ending war in Gaza
49 Biden visits North Carolina, a state he hopes to win in November, to promote internet access
50 AI is the buzz, the big opportunity and the risk to watch among the Davos glitterati
51 Sandberg, who helped turn Facebook into digital advertising empire, to leave board
52 Wastewater tests can find mpox, study finds. Expect more bugs to be tracked that way
53 Largest deep-sea coral reef to date is mapped by scientists off the US Atlantic coast
54 Astronauts from Turkey, Sweden and Italy launch to space station on latest chartered flight
55 Israeli company gets green light to make world's first cultivated beef steaks
56 Small plane that crashed off California coast was home-built aircraft
57 Japan hopes to join an elite club by landing on the moon: A closer look
58 Japan becomes the fifth country to land a spacecraft on the moon
59 Apple offers rivals access to tap-and-go payment tech to resolve EU antitrust case
60 Ford cuts production of F-150 Lightning pickup on weaker EV sales growth
61 At Davos, leaders talked big on rebuilding trust. Can the World Economic Forum make a difference?
62 Flexible underpinnings of new big Stellantis vehicles will help company navigate political changes
63 Private US lander destroyed during reentry after failed mission to moon, company says
64 Online rumors partially to blame for drop in water pressure in Mississippi capital, manager says
65 Microsoft says state-backed Russian hackers accessed emails of senior leadership team members
66 Indonesia's Mount Merapi unleashes lava as other volcanoes flare up, forcing thousands to evacuate
67 Insider Q&A: Small federal agency crafts standards for making AI safe, secure and trustworthy
68 Crypto firm Terraform Labs files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
69 'Very strong' 7.1 magnitude quake in western China kills 3 as officials cite sparse population there
70 Appeals court reverses judge's ruling, orders appointment of independent examiner in FTX bankruptcy
71 Russian is sanctioned over the hacking release of Australian health insurer client data
72 Tencent's 'League of Legends' developer Riot Games announces layoffs of 530 staff
73 Airbnb donates $10 million to 120 nonprofits through its unusual community fund
74 Microsoft and others are making new tools to help small businesses capitalize on A.I.
75 France fines Amazon $35 million for 'excessively intrusive' monitoring of warehouse staff
76 Apple App Store--Top Apps
77 How (and where) to watch Oscar-nominated films online
78 TikTok is laying off dozens of workers as the tech industry continues to shed jobs in the new year
79 Netflix's gains 13M new global 4Q subscribers as it unwraps its best-ever holiday season results
80 Scientists spot previously unknown colonies of emperor penguins in Antarctica
81 Las Vegas-to-California high-speed electric rail project gets OK for $2.5 billion more in bonds
82 Online retailer eBay is cutting 1,000 jobs. It's the latest tech company to reduce its workforce
83 Works of poetry, fiction and nonfiction receive $10,000 "Science + Literature" awards
84 A look at some of the companies in the technology sector that have recently made layoffs
85 Groundwater depletion accelerating in many parts of the world, study finds
86 New Jersey OKs two new offshore wind farms that would be farther from shore and beachgoers' view
87 Global warming was primary cause of unprecedented Amazon drought, study finds
88 23-year-old woman arrested over 65 stolen Stanley drinking cups
89 10 states from Arkansas to Pennsylvania on alert for snow, freezing rain
90 California State University workers end strike after reaching tentative agreement
91 Trump avoids collision of legal, political calendars on New Hampshire primary day
92 Librarian sparks love of libraries with heartwarming tales on TikTok
93 Pastor created 'worthless' cryptocurrency targeting Christians to support 'lavish lifestyle': Authorities
94 Manslaughter trial begins for Jennifer Crumbley, mother of Michigan school shooter
95 ABC News' polling methodology and standards
96 Appeals court denies Trump's request to review limited gag order in federal election interference case
97 Winter weather moves east after ice storm hits from Oklahoma to Illinois
98 Husband allegedly fatally shoots wife, 3 daughters; son witnesses attack: Officials
99 Man found guilty of fatally shooting woman who pulled into wrong driveway
100 North Dakota court keeps strict abortion ban in place even in cases of medical emergencies
101 Prosecutors rebut ex-Trump adviser Steve Bannon's attempt to dismiss fraud charges
102 FAA investigating after Delta Boeing plane loses front nose wheel before takeoff
103 'Reign of terror': Motive remains a mystery in 8 Joliet, Illinois, killings; suspect dead after manhunt in Texas
104 House ethics probe into Rep. Matt Gaetz picks up steam with new witnesses contacted: Sources
105 NYPD investigates 'serious crimes' in apparent attack on Pro-Palestinian protesters
106 Amish horse and buggy stolen from Walmart parking lot while family shopped
107 Man with box cutter who entered a church and threatened employee arrested
108 Video emerges of heroic officer saving 3-year-old girl's life after she hit her head and stopped breathing
109 'Like living in the woods': Southern states battle broken pipes and boil notices
110 Search underway for 2 murder suspects who escaped from Arkansas jail
111 South braces for heavy rain, dangerous flooding
112 Bidens invite Kate Cox, woman denied abortion in Texas, to attend State of the Union