File Title
1 Ecuador officials name likely source of tainted cinnamon that poisoned U.S. children
2 Which states could have abortion on the ballot in 2024?
3 Florida asks state Supreme Court to keep abortion rights amendment off the November ballot
4 By disclosing his cancer, Charles breaks centuries of royal tradition. But he shares only so much
5 Cough? Sore throat? More schools suggest mildly sick kids attend anyway
6 Diapers and baby formula are hard to find in Gaza, leaving parents desperate
7 Prince William thanks public for messages to King Charles and Kate, says they mean 'a great deal'
8 Paxlovid can lessen the chance of a severe COVID-19 illness. Why is it underused?
9 How to get COVID-19 antiviral pills like Paxlovid
10 Minnesota and Eli Lilly settle insulin price-gouging lawsuit. Deal will hold costs to $35 a month
11 DEA reverses decision stripping drug distributor of licenses for fueling opioid crisis
12 Medical examiner rules death of baby decapitated during delivery was a homicide
13 Studies cited in case over abortion pill are retracted due to flaws and conflicts of interest
14 Ecuador's high court decriminalizes euthanasia, following a lawsuit by a terminally ill patient
15 Ohio backs off proposed restrictions on gender-affirming care for adults
16 Weight loss drugs linked to lower likelihood of depression and anxiety diagnoses: Study
17 Missouri Senate votes against allowing abortion in cases of rape and incest
18 Anthony Fauci will reflect on his long government career in 'On Call,' to be published in June
19 Near-total abortion ban rejected by Virginia House panel
20 Republican effort to restore abortion rights in Missouri folds
21 A West Virginia 'Women's Bill of Rights' is an effort to suppress transgender people, critics say
22 Higher-dose naloxone spray didn't save more lives, researchers find
23 A criminal actor is to blame for a dayslong cyberattack on a Chicago hospital, officials say
24 Nevada jury awards $130 million to 5 people who had liver damage after drinking bottled water
25 New York woman sentenced to probation and fines in COVID aid fraud schemes
26 Kansas' AG is telling schools they must out trans kids to parents
27 Thousands of doctors in England to strike again as health likely to become a key UK election issue
28 Israel is holding up food for 1.1 million Palestinians in Gaza, the main UN aid agency there says
29 Flu hangs on in US, fading in some areas and intensifying in others
30 Bean dips, enchiladas and taco kits are among new recalled items linked to listeria outbreak
31 Bluesky, a social network championed by Jack Dorsey, opens for anyone to sign up
32 Mud and debris are flowing down hillsides across California. What causes the slides?
33 How an Oklahoma earthquake showed danger remains after years of quakes becoming less frequent
34 GM's troubled robotaxi service faces another round of public ridicule in regulatory hearing
35 Taylor Swift is demanding this college student stop tracking her private jet
36 A pod of killer whales trapped in drift ice off northern Japan has apparently safely escaped
37 Biden administration names a director of the new AI Safety Institute
38 Alibaba approves an additional $25 billion share buyback as its revenue disappoints
39 Saturn's Death Star-looking moon may have vast underground ocean
40 Jury to decide on climate scientist Michael Mann's defamation suit over comparison to molester
41 In a first for Uber since becoming a public company, an annual profit.
42 The number of monarch butterflies at their Mexico wintering sites has plummeted this year
43 Countdown begins for April's total solar eclipse. What to know about watch parties and safe viewing
44 Google rebrands its AI services as Gemini, launches new app and subscription service
45 Disney to invest $1.5 billion in 'Fortnite' maker Epic Games to create games, entertainment
46 Globe breaks heat record for 8th straight month. Golfers get to play in Minnesota's 'lost winter'
47 Climate change is fueling the disappearance of the Aral Sea. It's taking residents' livelihoods, too
48 NASA climate satellite blasts off to survey oceans and atmosphere of a warming Earth
49 A volcano in Iceland is erupting again, spewing lava and cutting heat and hot water supplies
50 Japan's SoftBank Group marks a return to profit as it cuts Vision Fund losses
51 Microsoft's Nadella woos Indian developers to the company's AI tools
52 Multiple threats to election systems prompt US cybersecurity agency to boost cooperation with states
53 Google joins effort to increase transparency online with new digital standard
54 FCC outlaws AI-generated voices in robocalls amid concerns over deceiving voters
55 Fitness trackers can help monitor health for some people, but can exacerbate disordered eating for others
56 A criminal actor is to blame for a dayslong cyberattack on a Chicago hospital, officials say
57 Baby boom of African penguin chicks hatches at a San Francisco science museum
58 A Nebraska bill would hire a hacker to probe the state's computer, elections systems
59 Biden administration announces $5 billion commitment for research and development of computer chips
60 Astronauts from Turkey, Italy, Sweden return to Earth, ending space station trip
61 Meta removes Instagram and Facebook accounts for Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
62 A former TikTok executive sues the company, alleging gender and age discrimination
63 22-year-old woman missing for days after going hiking during historic Southern California storm
64 JetBlue planes clip one another at Boston Logan Airport
65 Nearly 100 beehives stolen from field in California's Central Valley
66 Pell Grants offer prison inmates a chance to pursue a college education
67 91-year-old man fends off violent mugger in NYC attack, search for suspect continues
68 There is barely any ice in the Great Lakes due to warm winter temperatures
69 7 suspects indicted in assault on police officers in Times Square
70 Man accused of killing woman in Massachusetts escapes prison in Kenya: DA
71 Special counsel won't charge Biden in classified docs probe, despite evidence he 'willfully retained' materials
72 Trump again asks judge in Georgia case to dismiss indictment and disqualify DA Willis, calling her arguments 'preposterous'
73 5 missing Marines confirmed dead following helicopter crash
74 6 family members unaccounted for after Pennsylvania home went up in flames during shooting incident: DA
75 Staff members at Bahamas resort arrested for drugging, assaulting 2 American women: Police
76 Why Biden and Trump's classified documents cases aren't the same: Experts
77 Russia open to prisoner swap for Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich: Putin
78 How a stolen phone led to a murder trial for deaths of 2 Alaska Native women
79 Nashville couple's murder uncovers dark conspiracy, payoffs across the country
80 Spider monkey birth documented in the wild for 1st time: Exclusive
81 Why are there so many car recalls? Experts weigh in
82 New age progression photo released on 20th anniversary of Maura Murray's mysterious disappearance
83 Gunman shoots tourist in Times Square, fires at officer; manhunt underway: Police
84 Utah school board official falsely suggested teen girl is transgender, now faces calls to resign
85 Illness outbreak spreads aboard Queen Victoria cruise ship, leaving 154 sick
86 5 Marines killed in helicopter crash are identified
87 Special counsel says Trump and co-defendants 'will stop at nothing' to delay classified docs trial
88 Police 'increasingly concerned' for welfare of North Carolina woman who vanished after distressed 911 call
89 11-year-old arrested after bringing loaded gun to Florida school: Sheriff's office
90 Manhunt underway for suspect accused of shooting 2 deputies, 1 fatally
91 Indian town sets a curfew and orders police to shoot violators after deadly clashes over a mosque
92 The families of a few Israeli hostages don't want a deal to bring them home. They want Hamas crushed
93 Migrants from Africa and Mideast who died in Bosnia get marble headstones and a memorial
94 1% of El Salvador's population seized in crackdown, children pay the consequences
95 Live updates / Deadly strikes across Gaza as Israel makes plans to evacuate civilians from Rafah
96 As Finns choose a new president, one thing is certain: A hard line on Russia will continue
97 Malaysia's top court invalidates state's Islam-based laws on incest, sodomy and other offenses
98 Iranian man with axe, knife killed by police after seizing hostages on Swiss train
99 Israel seeks to evacuate Palestinians jammed into a southern Gaza city ahead of an expected invasion
100 US calls for investigation into alleged civilian killings in Ethiopia's Amhara region
101 North Korea welcomes Russian tourists, the first to visit since the pandemic
102 Chinese technology company lashes back at US claims it has ties to military
103 Finnish carrier Finnair is asking passengers to voluntarily weigh themselves before boarding flights
104 Volcanic eruption in Iceland subsides, though scientists warn more activity may follow.
105 Teddy bears and chess sets: How toys are being sent to Ukrainian children amid Russian war
106 Japan's government OKs new foreign trainee program to attract more workers as its population shrinks
107 Hungary's president in crisis after she issued a pardon in a child sexual abuse case
108 Farmers in Italy, Spain and Poland protest over European Union policies and competition
109 Ghana artifacts looted 150 years ago by British forces are returned by a US museum
110 Azerbaijan's Aliyev officially wins by a landslide in an election that monitors say was restrictive
111 Ukraine's new army chief signals tougher approach but huge problems stand in the way
112 Prince Harry settles a tabloid phone hacking claim and says his mission to tame the media continues
113 Thousands of England doctors to strike again as health likely a key UK election issue
114 Denmark's new king and queen to visit Scandinavian monarchies on 1st foreign state tour
115 Meta removes Instagram and Facebook accounts for Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
116 Prominent figure in German far-right party to go on trial in April for alleged use of a Nazi slogan
117 Iran vows to keep backing Hezbollah during regional tensions linked to Israel-Hamas war
118 Pope blasts 'radical individualism' as he meets with Argentines ahead of big canonization
119 An activist who searched for her disappeared brother killed in Mexican border city
120 At least 18 people killed when bus collides with truck in Congo's capital
121 Israel is holding up food for 1.1 million Palestinians in Gaza, the main UN aid agency there says
122 Former Dutch Prime Minister Dries van Agt and his wife die 'hand in hand' by euthanasia at age 93
123 BASF sells stakes in two China ventures after reports of human rights abuses
124 Chemical attack suspect likely vanished in the Thames, UK police say
125 From 200K to 1.5M people: Startling images show war's impact on a small area of Gaza
126 Robert Badinter, who led France to end the death penalty and fought Holocaust denial, has died at 95
127 Man convicted in Italy for 2007 Meredith Kercher murder is under surveillance over abuse claims