File Title
1 From ashes to answers: Students use AI to decipher 2000-year-old scrolls
2 CERN pushes plan for faster, bigger 20 billion euros particle accelerator
3 Amazon Web Services India launches space technology accelerator program
4 European Union presents ambitious plan to cut 90% emissions by 2040
5 Watch video: Powerful solar flare from sunspot that disrupted radio signals
6 Flying dinosaur fossil uncovered in Scottish island has most relatives in China
7 Hamas unlikely to reject ceasefire but will demand Israeli withdrawal: Report
8 Joe Biden imposes sanctions on Israeli settlers accused of West Bank violence
9 Indian-American student found dead in Ohio, third such incident in weeks
10 Fire from gas explosion in Kenyan capital kills 2, injures hundreds
11 Farmers create chaos outside an EU summit and wrest some promises of relief
12 Multiple propane tanks explode after fire breaks out at largest gurdwara in California
13 Nepal SC issues show-cause notice over government's power trade deal with India
14 Watch / UPI formally launched at the iconic Eiffel Tower in France
15 World Court says it will hear part of Russia-Ukraine genocide case
16 Not/=not/=Climate activist Greta Thunberg acquitted after London protest trial
17 US hits hard at militias in Iraq and Syria, retaliating for fatal drone attack
18 Trump spent $76 million over last two years on attorneys as legal troubles mount ahead of election
19 Senator Cardin says he backed drone deal with India after 'painstaking discussions' with Biden admin.
20 Canada: China exerted 'covert influence' in elections, flags India as 'foreign interference threat'
21 US issues travel advisory for Americans ahead of February 8 general elections in Pakistan
22 Iran condemns US air strikes as violations of Iraqi, Syrian sovereignty
23 For the first time, an Irish nationalist is set to lead Northern Ireland's government
24 Hamas deploys police, distributes funds in sign of resurgence in Gaza areas Israeli troops left
25 Italian mafia boss who escaped prison using bed sheets last year recaptured in France
26 Pannun case: US Senator says he backed India drone deal after 'painstaking talks' with Biden govt.
27 At least 46 dead in Chile as forest fires move into densely populated central areas
28 US, Britain wage strikes against Iran-linked Houthis in Yemen
29 US President Joe Biden wins South Carolina's Democratic primary as he gears up for his reelection bid
30 The First Lady and the Dior pouch: A political crisis grips South Korea
31 Namibia's President Hage Geingob dies after cancer diagnosis
32 El Salvador votes in presidential election that the 'world's coolest dictator' has clear path to win
33 US presidential election watch: Primary season on, who is securing victories and where?
34 Balochistan govt. imposes ban on public meetings, election gatherings ahead of Pak general elections
35 At least 28 people died when shelling hit a bakery in Russian-occupied Ukraine: Moscow
36 UK PM speaks on racism, says parents wanted him to speak without an accent to 'fit in'
37 UK aircraft carrier sidelined from largest NATO exercises since Cold War due to propeller problem
38 After new US strikes hitting Yemen, Iran issues a warning about suspected spy ships in the Mideast
39 Second powerful storm in days blows into California, sparking warnings of hurricane-force winds
40 Police in Michigan city put on alert after WSJ opinion piece
41 Canada extends ban on foreign ownership of housing by two years
42 US warns of further retaliation if Iran-backed militias continue their attacks
43 Maldives oppn parties to boycott President Muizzu's parliamentary address amid anti-India pivot
44 Nikki Haley's 'rock' is watching her campaign from a distance
45 Bipartisan National Security Agreement provides 100K work authorisation to spouses and children of H-1B visa holders
46 Pakistan can't have fair elections when Opposition party has been criminalised, says US Congresswoman
47 Floods, landslides kill at least 20 people in southern Philippines
48 At least 6 Kurdish fighters killed in drone attack on Syrian base housing US troops
49 Myanmar border guards flee to Bangladesh amid clashes with rebels
50 Pakistan election panel pauses flag carrier PIA's sale
51 Scientists declare Hindu Kush Himalaya a biosphere on brink of 'collapse'
52 Two killed as mortar shells from Myanmar lands in Bangladesh
53 Kazakhstan's president dismisses his Cabinet
54 Britain's King Charles diagnosed with cancer: Buckingham Palace
55 King Charles cancer diagnosis: What happens when a ruling monarch is ailing?
56 Nikki Haley campaign requests Secret Service after security incidents
57 'Crappy piece of land': Canada's provincial minister resigns over Palestine comments
58 Pakistan's Election Commission app faces allegations of potential poll result manipulation
59 The health of Britain's King Charles: sporting accidents to cancer diagnosis
60 Trump not immune from election subversion charges, US appeals court rules
61 What does King Charles III actually do as Britain's head of state?
62 What is carbon capture and storage?
63 More than a fifth of hostages in Gaza are dead, Israel finds
64 A Russian bank account may offer clues to a North Korean arms deal
65 Pakistan general elections: Key parties contending the polls, and their PM hopefuls
66 3 killed in 'extremist attack' at Turkey's largest courthouse
67 Gaza mediators search for 'final formula' for Israel, Hamas ceasefire
68 'Please help me': Indian student attacked in Chicago issues video plea; wife writes to Jaishankar
69 War of words intensify as Nikki Haley campaign terms Trump 'king of hypocrisy'
70 Another Indian-origin student found dead in US; 5th incident since January
71 Hamas proposes three-stage ceasefire over 135 days, leading to end of war: Report
72 Record rainfall, triple-digit winds, hundreds of mudslides. Here's California's storm by the numbers
73 A timeline of key events leading up to Pakistan's parliamentary election
74 Bipartisan border, Ukraine deal looks set to fail in US Senate
75 Saudi Arabia: No Israel ties without recognition of Palestinian state
76 In a first since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Kremlin confirms Putin gave interview to US media
77 UK PM Sunak makes transgender jibe during visit of murdered girl's mother, faces flak
78 Prince William returns to work after Kate's surgery and King Charles's cancer
79 Montreal man charged for threatening to kill Canada PM Trudeau
80 King Charles III's cancer diagnosis lays bare pressures at Buckingham Palace
81 Loss-making national airline PIA privatised by caretaker govt. ahead of elections
82 Former Chile President Pinera drowned following helicopter crash
83 Dietary tweaks to prevent and manage period cramps
84 Nutrition alert: Here's what a 100-gram serving of wheat contains
85 Experts on whether Sadhguru's amla-honey-black pepper combination for boosting immunity works
86 Why begin your mornings with a spoonful of ghee?
87 Are smoothies recommended during pregnancy?
88 Do you experience bloating with pomegranate juice? Here's what to consider
89 Make tasty Gobi Manchurian at home with this easy recipe
90 Have flaxseed rice in your diet; here's why
91 Nutrition alert: Here's what a 100-gram serving of hemp seeds contains
92 Can this nutrient-rich smoothie help prevent migraine? Experts weigh in
93 The Blue Zone diet is what you need to live a long and healthy life like centenarians
94 NEET UG Toppers' Tips: 'Posted sticky notes to revise, practiced JEE Main questions'
95 IIT-Kharagpur, Ericsson partner for joint research in AI, compute, radio
96 'Critical thinking plays a crucial role in UPSC CSE'
97 Beyond Canada: Check these upcoming study abroad destinations for Indian students
98 Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates permanent campus of IIM Sambalpur
99 'IIT Bombay gave me a sense of purpose' / Life in an IIT
100 Malaysia's Lincoln University College to set up campus in India
101 IIT Kanpur wins STEM Impact Awards 2024 for inventing haptic smartwatch for visually impaired
102 IIT Delhi launches executive programme in healthcare entrepreneurship, management
103 BHU faculty to spend a year in top 500 global institutions
104 Life in a Foreign University / 'Flexibility in choosing major attracted me towards US'
105 Researchers Capture Dynamic Movement on Surface of HIV
106 Algae Growth Linked to Atmospheric Dust: Insights from Pioneering Research
107 Irregular heartbeats caused by medically prescribed cannabis: let's weed out the data
108 Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cardiovascular Disease: A Molecular Link for Dual-Benefit Treatments Discovered
109 Navigation Doppler Lidar: Revolutionizing Lunar Landing
110 Alzheimer's and Dementia 'Extremely Rare' in Ancient Greece and Rome
111 'Challenge' Mindset Linked to Better Mental and Physical Health
112 A Common Food Additive Can Alter the Gut Microbiome
113 Reimagining Cosmology: Black Holes as Cosmic Seeds for Early Galaxies
114 Another CRISPR-Based Therapy Relieves Patients of Disease Symptoms
115 New Tools Rapidly Detect & Interpret Genetic Mutations
116 Archaeology of the Cosmos: Probing Early Star Formation in the WLM Galaxy
117 Harmonizing Heart Health with Ketamine Depression Treatments
118 Heavy Precipitation Leads to the Reemergence of a California Lake
119 Exploring Io: Juno's Closest Flybys in Over 20 Years Unveil Spectacular Views