File Title
1 Angry farmers descend on Brussels to take protest to EU summit
2 US defense chief apologises for concealing cancer hospitalisation
3 Greta Thunberg says remember 'the real enemy' as oil protest trial starts
4 Biden imposes sanctions on Israeli settlers accused of West Bank violence
5 Qatar says Hamas gave 'initial' approval to Gaza truce plan as fighting drags on
6 WATCH: Several dead after small plane crashes into US mobile home park
7 Man dies after reported fall from London's Tate Modern: police
8 Top UN court says can rule on most of Ukraine invasion case
9 US strikes more than 85 Iran-linked targets in Iraq and Syria--but not Iran itself
10 Pakistan ex-PM Imran Khan, wife get 7 years for unlawful marriage
11 Around 150,000 gather in Berlin for latest round of protests against far-right
12 Raging forest fires kill at least 19 in Chile; toll expected to rise
13 US reprisals against Iran-linked groups anger Iraq, Syria
14 At least 10 killed in attack on police station in Pakistan
15 DEVELOPING: Blinken heads back to Mideast to press for truce and address 'humanitarian needs in Gaza'
16 Solving Lab-Grown Meat's Expensive Problem
17 Unveiling Mars' Methane Mystery: Insights from Atmospheric Pressure Fluctuations
18 Enhancing the Search for Alien Life: Next-Gen. Telescopes and Exoplanet Atmospheres
19 High dose topical steroid use may have serious bone health impacts
20 Methylation Risk Scores (MRS): A New Method for Predicting Disease Risk?
21 New Types of RNA Viruses are Discovered in Strange Places
22 Licensing NASA Tech: Bridging Government to Commerce
23 An Unusual Mutation Helps Explain the Genetics of Autism
24 Exploring Dialect Use in Social Robots: A Study
25 Forecasting Floods: Implications of Back-to-Back Atmospheric River Events
26 Heart Disease Is Leading Cause of Death in US, but Most Aren't Aware
27 Devastating Amazon Drought Caused by Climate Change, Study Concludes
28 Advances in Long COVID Diagnostics
29 Harnessing Native Microbes for Green Roof Soil Health
30 Unveiling Hidden Worlds: The Role of NASA's Roman Coronagraph
31 Measles Cases are Soaring Around the World
32 Understanding the Links between Circadian Clock Tumor Growth
33 How Cannabis Impacts Male Sexual Health
34 New Cell Population Found to Drive Cancer Progression
35 Fasting Reduces Inflammation
36 Mix of Cardio and Strength Training Cuts Heart Risks
37 Customized Microgreens: A Breakthrough in Personalized Nutrition
38 Radon Exposure May Raise Stroke Risk
39 Cannabis Use in Adolescents Linked to More Suicidal Thoughts
40 100% fruit juice sounds sweet--until it turns sour
41 Why do Women Get More Autoimmune Disease? Scientists Find an Answer
42 A Virulent, Drug-Resistant E. coli Strain Has Been Identified in Patients
43 NASA Europa Clipper is Packed Up for its Trip to Jupiter
44 Unveiling the Role of Permafrost in Shaping Arctic Watersheds
45 Regulating AI in Healthcare Should Prioritize Patient Outcomes
46 Scientists Learn Why Insects are Drawn to Light
47 Living a Healthy Lifestyle Improves Cancer Survivorship
48 mPAGE Lux Gel Casting System: Bridging Efficacy and Convenience through Innovation
49 Study Shows Significant Non-Compliance with Illinois Cannabis Advertising Regulations
50 Small Feathered Dinosaurs Flapped Their Proto-Wings to Scare Hiding Prey: Study
51 Earth's Moon is Shrinking, New Modeling Study Suggests
52 Meet Bustingorrytitan shiva, New Gigantic Titanosaur from Argentina
53 Hubble Spots 250,000-Light-Year-Long Bridge of Stars in Arp 295
54 New Research Sheds Light on Evolutionary History of Tardigrade Extremotolerance
55 Astronomers Discover 18 New Tidal Disruption Events
56 Webb Images 19 Nearby Spiral Galaxies
57 Tomato Juice Shows Antimicrobial Activity against Enteric Pathogens
58 Hubble Space Telescope Gazes at Beautiful Spiral Galaxy
59 Homo sapiens Reached Northern Europe by 45,000 Years Ago, Scientists Say
60 Scientists Identify Cryptic New Species of Tiger Cat
61 Daily Consumption of Kimchi May Reduce Men's Obesity Risk
62 Hubble Space Telescope Zooms in on NGC 5427
63 Four New Deep-Sea Octopus Species Discovered in Pacific Ocean
64 XMM-Newton Detects Ultra-Fast Black Hole Wind in Markarian 817
65 New Species of Kangaroo Lizard Discovered in India
66 Hubble Observes Irregular Galaxy LEDA 6430
67 Insider Q&A: Look for telemedicine to play a growing role in your regular care
68 The effect of police violence on Black Americans' health documented in 2 new studies
69 A Chicago children's hospital has taken its networks offline after a digital attack
70 South Carolina woman seeks clarity on abortion ban in lawsuit backed by Planned Parenthood
71 Rio de Janeiro has declared a dengue health emergency days before Carnival is due to start
72 Pennsylvania court agency's website hit by disabling cyberattack, officials say
73 European public TV networks launch free-to-air sports streaming platform under Eurovision banner
74 The owners of Russia's tech pioneer Yandex are selling--at a big, Kremlin-required discount
75 Biden's vow of affordable internet for all is threatened by the looming expiration of subsidies
76 Snap, the owner of Snapchat, is laying off about 10% of its global workforce
77 The job market is humming, but layoffs are still happening in a shifting economic environment
78 Oversight board urges Meta to rethink its policy on manipulated media in high-stakes election year
79 A Chicago children's hospital has taken its networks offline after a digital attack
80 Ocean sponges suggest Earth has warmed longer, more than thought; some scientists dubious
81 Another round of extreme storms could cause more life-threatening conditions in waterlogged Southern California
82 8-year-old girl fatally struck by vehicle while boarding her school bus
83 Arrest made in dognapping that left owner clinging to the hood of suspect's car
84 Rapper Killer Mike arrested shortly after winning 3 Grammys
85 Boeing finds 'non-conformance' in some undelivered 737 fuselages, company says
86 Migrants allegedly snatched phones from 62 women in NYC crime spree: Police
87 Study of sea sponges lead scientists to believe Earth has already passed 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming
88 Retired 'hero' 9/11 firefighter Bob Beckwith, who posed for photo at Ground Zero with President Bush, dies
89 Timeline: Special counsel's probe into Trump's efforts to overturn 2020 election
90 Diplomatic tensions between Ecuador and Russia over military equipment threaten banana exports
91 37 people killed in disputed oil-rich African region of Abyei in fighting
92 Australia appalled at China's suspended death sentence for writer Yang Hengjun
93 Tensions run high in New Zealand ahead of national day over government's relationship with Maori
94 A year after Syria's deadly earthquake, orphaned children adjust to the loss bit by bit
95 Militants attack police station in Pakistan, killing at least 10 officers
96 Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong is acquitted of financial crimes related to 2015 merger
97 El Salvador's Nayib Bukele takes aim at critics in looking ahead to 2nd presidential term
98 Ukrainian president weighing dismissing the country's military chief
99 Union calls for Lufthansa ground staff at major German airports to strike
100 At least 6 Kurdish fighters killed in a drone attack on a base housing US troops
101 Irish, UK leaders celebrate the end of Northern Ireland's political deadlock
102 US porn actor who advocates for Palestinians visits Iran on trip unacknowledged by Tehran
103 Senegal restricts internet access as lawmakers consider extending the president's tenure
104 For the first time, Myanmar forces flee into Bangladesh during fighting with an ethnic armed group
105 Putin to visit Turkey soon to discuss new Black Sea grain export ideas for Ukraine
106 UN refugee chief warns Europe of a new influx of Sudanese migrants if Sudan's conflict continues
107 Live updates / Israeli strikes kill dozens in Gaza and Blinken arrives in Mideast
108 Japan will step up defense and economic ties with Italy as Rome seeks a greater Indo-Pacific role
109 Pakistan's election looks more like a coronation or a sure bet. Many voters are disillusioned
110 Spain: Over 1K migrants reach Canary Islands in 3 days; more attempt deadly crossing
111 The owners of Russia's tech pioneer Yandex are selling--at a big, Kremlin-required discount
112 14 migrants arrested in repatriation center in unrest spurred by death of young African migrant
113 10 people killed in unprovoked shark attacks last year, report finds
114 Kazakhstan's president dismisses his Cabinet
115 Orban's party boycotts a session of Hungary's parliament to further stall Sweden's bid to join NATO
116 Heavy snow hits Tokyo area, halting trains and grounding more than 100 flights
117 Ian Lavender, the last surviving star of British sitcom 'Dad's Army,' has died
118 Turkey has another new central bank leader. Here's what it means for the battered economy
119 Germany doubles its commitment of troops to the NATO-led peacekeepers in Kosovo
120 France's foreign ministry has summoned Russia's ambassador over French aid workers killed in Ukraine
121 Blinken returns to Mideast in push for hostage deal and postwar plan for Gaza, but obstacles loom
122 Cambodia's ruling party claims a leading rights activist defamed it and seeks $500,000 in damages
123 Bulgaria's farmers are joining Europe-wide protests
124 In Israel, France's new foreign minister presses for a cease-fire to end 'the tragedy in Gaza'
125 Messi a no-show in Hong Kong; outrage ensues after Inter Miami star doesn't play
126 The US is increasing its urgent military aid to Guyana as neighboring Venezuela's threats linger
127 Survivors of Chile wildfires search through debris as death toll reaches 122
128 King Charles III has cancer and is receiving treatment, Buckingham Palace says
129 Buckingham Palace's statement on King Charles III's cancer diagnosis
130 King Charles III has cancer, Buckingham Palace announces
131 Rio de Janeiro has declared a dengue health emergency days before Carnival is due to start