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1 Think the news industry was struggling already? The dawn of 2024 is offering few good tidings
2 A year on, a small Ohio town is recovering from a fiery train derailment but health fears persist
3 Stock market today: Big Tech carries Wall Street to another record and winning week
4 China pledges more help for its ailing property market, as IMF forecasts economy will slow
5 Local transport in Germany hit by walkouts in a dispute over working conditions
6 Live updates / Hamas is expected to respond soon to a proposal that includes hostage releases
7 US lawmakers call on Hungarian leader Viktor Orban to immediately approve Sweden's NATO membership
8 French farmers lift road blockades around Paris after the prime minister offers a support plan
9 Tesla recalling nearly 2.2M vehicles for software update to fix warning lights that are too small
10 Exxon overcomes hefty charge and falling crude prices in fourth quarter to top profit expectations
11 Farmers are blocking key roads between Belgium and the Netherlands in the latest sign of their anger
12 US investigation of Tesla steering problems is upgraded and now one step closer to a recall
13 German lawmakers approve contested cuts to farmers' fuel subsidies and a revamped 2024 budget
14 Spain's 85.1 million foreign visitors last year set a tourism record
15 Why Taylor Swift's globe-trotting in private jets is getting scrutinized
16 A London judge acquits climate activist Greta Thunberg of refusing to leave oil industry conference
17 What the surprisingly strong jobs report means for inflation and interest rates
18 Martin Lawrence shows off his strength in new Super Bowl commercial with Shannon Sharpe
19 As Europe's farmers find common cause in grievances, governments race to offer concessions
20 The best African music performance Grammy is new. Its global appeal is not
21 UN food agency says it has reports of people dying from starvation amid the conflict in Sudan
22 Kansas is poised to expand tax credit for helping disabled workers after debate over low pay
23 Power restored to BP oil refinery in Indiana after outage prompts evacuation, shutdown, company says
24 As investors pile into psychedelics, idealism gives way to pharma economics
25 Target stops selling product dedicated to Civil Rights icons after TikTok video shows errors
26 Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella caps a decade of change and tremendous growth
27 Court sets June hearing for JetBlue and Spirit appeal of a ruling blocking their $3.8 billion merger
28 Strong hiring in most industries has far outpaced high-profile layoffs
29 A painting by Rene Magritte may fetch $64 million at an auction marking a century of surrealism
30 Tesla ordered to pay $1.5 million over alleged hazardous waste violations in California
31 Europe's farmers are struggling, but some sympathetic consumers have difficulty affording their food
32 Railroads say they're making safety changes to reduce derailments after fiery Ohio crash
33 Avalanche forecasters try to curb deaths as skiers and snowmobilers flock to backcountry areas
34 The Black unemployment rate is consistently twice that of white workers. Here's why
35 Turkish Central Bank Governor resigns months into her tenure after claims of improper use of power
36 The EU is providing Ukraine with $54 billion. How will the money be spent?
37 Debt-stricken Sri Lanka signs a free trade pact with Thailand
38 Controversial podcast host Joe Rogan signs a new deal with Spotify for up to a reported $250 million
39 Union reaches deal with 4 hotel-casinos, 3 others still poised to strike at start of Super Bowl week
40 Keeping children safe on social media: What parents should know to protect their kids
41 Debt-laden Sri Lanka marks Independence Day with Thai prime minister as guest of honor
42 DOJ disrupts Chinese hacker effort to use malware to hijack US-based routers
43 Nikki Haley says Texas can secede from US if it wants but 'isn't going to'
44 Zuckerberg apologizes to families of kids harmed online as Senate grills tech CEOs
45 Without seeing all border deal details, Speaker Mike Johnson says it is a 'nonstarter'
46 As Haley accuses him of getting 'confused,' Trump brags again of acing cognitive test
47 Trump, meeting with the Teamsters, denies criticizing possible border deal over politics
48 US officially blames Iran-backed group for drone strike, clearing way for retaliation
49 Former Presidents Obama, Clinton to support Biden at campaign event
50 House passes bipartisan tax bill that would expand child tax credit
51 How the battleground state of North Carolina expanded Medicaid to thousands after long fight
52 Timeline: Criminal probe into Trump's efforts to overturn Georgia election results
53 Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says cancer diagnosis was 'gut punch,' instinct was keep private
54 ICE arrests 171 noncitizens in latest enforcement push
55 Pentagon defends delay in US retaliatory strikes for drone attack
56 Nikki Haley argues she won't have to win in South Carolina to still claim a victory
57 Trump legal bills, Ramaswamy's self-funding and 4 more takeaways from new campaign filings
58 House Ethics Committee contacts Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend as part of ongoing investigation: Source
59 The top threats facing the 2024 election
60 As Mayorkas faces impeachment vote, a look back at only other secretary to be charged by House
61 Pro-Palestinian protesters have tense standoff with riot police outside Biden's campaign event in Michigan
62 Bureau of Prisons union leader asks Biden 'to prioritize and address' staffing
63 There may be no more presidential debates in 2024, but will it make much difference?
64 Taylor Swift is the most influential voice in music. Could she be the same in politics?
65 Biden attends dignified transfer of US service members killed in drone attack
66 Biden's retaliatory strikes in Middle East come with significant political risk: Experts
67 How Nancy Mace's complicated history with Trump, Nikki Haley is playing out in South Carolina
68 As some consumers ditch Stanley cups, experts weigh overconsumption risks
69 Black voters weigh Biden's influence ahead of South Carolina's Democratic presidential primary
70 3 things to watch in South Carolina's Democratic primary
71 'Should we really be doing this?': What went wrong for Ron DeSantis' campaign
72 South Carolina 2024 Democratic primary results: Biden projected to win
73 'This Week' Transcript 2-4-24: White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and Sen. JD Vance
74 US plans 'more action' after striking militants in response to killing of 3 American troops
75 Jeffries criticizes House Republicans for dismissing border deal before it's released
76 JD Vance says Congress 'should have fought over' competing electors before certifying 2020 race
77 Many cities have anti-crime laws. The DOJ says one in Minnesota harmed people with mental illness
78 A Minnesota town used its anti-crime law against a protected class. It's not the only one
79 Keeping children safe on social media: What parents should know to protect their kids
80 A Russian cosmonaut sets a new record for the most time in space
81 California braces for life-threatening storm expected to bring flooding, mudslide threat
82 Suspect faces multiple homicide charges after Florida trooper, truck driver killed in pursuit
83 Another round of extreme storms could cause more life-threatening conditions in waterlogged Southern California
84 Baby shower shooting leaves 1 dead, 2 injured in Pittsburgh, police say
85 Panama's Ricardo Martinelli vows to run for presidency despite recent money-laundering conviction
86 Brides, biryani and marriage multiplexes: Pakistan's wedding season heats up in cool weather
87 El Salvador votes in presidential election that the 'world's coolest dictator' has clear path to win
88 Shrinking international aid and enduring conflict compound earthquake misery for Syrians one year on
89 Namibia president and anti-apartheid activist Hage Geingob dies. He pushed for Africa on world stage
90 At least 28 people died when shelling hit a bakery in Russian-occupied Ukraine
91 Debt-laden Sri Lanka marks Independence Day with Thai prime minister as guest of honor
92 The second guesthouse blaze in Romania in recent weeks has left 1 person dead and 2 hospitalized
93 Senegal police fire tear gas as the opposition protests at election delay
94 Paris votes whether to hit SUVs with eye-popping parking costs in latest green drive before Olympics
95 UK aircraft carrier sidelined from largest NATO exercises since Cold War due to propeller problem
96 After US strikes in Yemen, Iran issues a warning about suspected spy ships in the Mideast
97 An argument over the Middle East conflict leaves a Jewish student hospitalized in Berlin
98 Far-right Israeli minister's criticism of Biden sparks anger at a sensitive time for US ties
99 What to know about the situation in the Middle East this week
100 A Russian cosmonaut sets a new record for the most time in space
101 Kosovo's block on the Serbian currency raises alarm in the EU and US
102 Forest fires rage on in central Chile killing at least 64
103 Carnival float bursts into flames in southwestern Germany, injuring 5
104 The Moon's shrinking is causing moonquakes and faults around Chandrayaan-3 landing site
105 Possible 'seeds of life' in asteroid Ryugu samples brought to Earth
106 SpaceX shows off four Super Heavy rockets for Starship's next three flights
107 NASA finishes 1st phase of ambitious lunar nuclear reactor project
108 Ilsenhohle: Re-excavation of a German cave rewrites history of humans in Europe
109 Scientists propose new way to repair memory issues caused by Alzheimer's
110 Watch this space: Japan's moon sniper nearly dies as lunar surface gets back in focus