File Title
1 6 activists convicted of illegally blocking abortion clinic in Tennessee
2 Activists renew push to repeal Kentucky's near-total abortion ban
3 Ketamine therapy for mental health a 'Wild West' for doctors and patients
4 Deadly school bus crash in Ohio yields safety, training guidance--but no seat belt mandate
5 Mississippi eyes quicker Medicaid coverage in pregnancy to try to reduce deaths of moms and babies
6 Tearful relatives of Maine mass shooting victims plead for change to prevent future tragedies
7 As 988 centers struggle to hire, burnout plagues some crisis staff
8 Heart health month: What we know about lipoprotein (a)
9 Live updates / Death toll in Gaza passes 27,000 as South Africa says Israel is ignoring court ruling
10 It's called 'cozy cardio.' in a world seeking comfort, some see a happier mode of exercise
11 Lupus and other autoimmune diseases strike far more women than men. Now there's a clue why
12 OxyContin marketer agrees to pay $350 million rather than face lawsuits
13 Newest COVID shots are 54% effective in preventing symptoms, CDC finds
14 Washington state experiencing 1st known outbreak of potentially deadly fungus: Health officials
15 How a debate over vaping might derail the war on tobacco
16 Getting a dental X-ray? A new recommendation says you don't need a lead apron
17 After Washington state lawsuit, Providence health system erases or refunds $158 million in medical bills
18 New videos show towers of fire that prompted evacuations after last year's fiery Ohio derailment
19 Tennessee's strict abortion ban is under pressure, but change is unlikely under GOP control
20 A year on, a small Ohio town is recovering from a fiery train derailment but health fears persist
21 Live updates / Hamas is expected to respond soon to a proposal that includes hostage releases
22 How cosmetic leg lengthening surgeries are luring patients and courting controversy
23 UN food agency says it has reports of people dying from starvation amid the conflict in Sudan
24 Extreme heat, wildfire smoke harm low-income and nonwhite communities the most, study finds
25 Georgia sues Biden administration to extend Medicaid program with work requirement
26 As investors pile into psychedelics, idealism gives way to pharma economics
27 Providence approves first state-sanctioned safe injection site in Rhode Island
28 Lawsuit says Tennessee hospital shouldn't have discharged woman who died, police should have helped
29 A beheading video was on YouTube for hours, raising questions about why it wasn't taken down sooner
30 Nevada attorney general launches go-it-alone lawsuits against social media firms in state court
31 Mark Zuckerberg's long apology tour: A brief history
32 FIA-commissioned report takes aim at social media companies for not curbing online abuse in sports
33 Journalists, lawyers and activists hacked with Pegasus spyware in Jordan, forensic probe finds
34 Musk wants Tesla vote on switching the carmaker's corporate registration to Texas
35 Albania's Institute of Statistics suffers cyberattack, some systems affected
36 Songs by Taylor Swift, Drake and more starting to disappear from TikTok. Here's why
37 Skyscraper-size asteroid will safely pass Earth on Friday within 1.7 million miles
38 Lupus and other autoimmune diseases strike far more women than men. Now there's a clue why
39 California teenager charged with swatting faces adult charges in Florida
40 US center's tropical storm forecasts are going inland, where damage can outstrip coasts
41 Amazon reports better-than-expected revenue, profits for the holiday shopping season
42 Meta posts sharp profit, revenue increase in Q4 thanks to cost cuts and advertising rebound
43 Apple ends yearlong sales slump with slight revenue rise in holiday-season period but stock slips
44 Ex-CIA computer engineer gets 40 years in prison for giving spy agency hacking secrets to WikiLeaks
45 Vibrations in cooling system mean new Georgia nuclear reactor will again be delayed
46 Why Apple is pushing the term 'spatial computing' along with its new Vision Pro headset
47 Residents ask for a full examination of damage to a Japanese nuclear plant caused by a recent quake
48 Why Taylor Swift's globe-trotting in private jets is getting scrutinized
49 A London judge acquits climate activist Greta Thunberg of refusing to leave oil industry conference
50 The best African music performance Grammy is new. Its global appeal is not
51 Extreme heat, wildfire smoke harm low-income and nonwhite communities the most, study finds
52 Target stops selling product dedicated to Civil Rights icons after TikTok video shows errors
53 Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella caps a decade of change and tremendous growth
54 Oklahoma rattled by shallow 5.1 magnitude earthquake
55 New Jersey man pleads guilty to hate crimes after antisemitic attack spree
56 MLK Jr. and Malcolm X series will 'highlight the humanity' of civil rights leaders
57 The Black history that isn't taught: Historians share lesser known moments in US racial history
58 Violence interrupters bring hope to cities struggling with gun crimes
59 Punxsutawney Phil predicts early spring after waking up to not see his shadow on Groundhog Day
60 2 attacks on 2 Michigan women, one perpetrator: How investigators pieced together clues to catch a killer
61 Timeline: Special counsel's investigation into Trump's handling of classified documents
62 House committee subpoenas DA in Trump Georgia case over use of federal funds
63 Vince McMahon, former WWE exec, under federal investigation: Sources
64 East Palestine residents still displaced, suffering 1 year after toxic train derailment
65 3 dead, 5 in critical condition in hangar collapse near Boise airport: 'Like a house of cards'
66 Man accused of decapitating father allegedly wanted to mobilize National Guard against federal government
67 Florida trooper, 26, killed in crash while chasing suspect on interstate
68 Florida barring transgender residents from changing gender on driver's license
69 Judge postpones start of Trump's federal election interference trial
70 Jennifer Crumbley grilled by prosecutors over extramarital affairs in 2nd day on stand in manslaughter trial
71 Filing from DA in Trump case admits 'personal relationship' with prosecutor but denies wrongdoing
72 California braces for 2nd, even heavier rain storm that could bring life-threatening flash flooding
73 Lawsuit alleges sheriff's deputies assaulted woman while she was hospitalized
74 A new bill in Georgia could criminalize bail funds, expand cash bail
75 'You can't be accurate': Annual count of US homeless population misses large numbers of people, experts warn
76 3 dead after small plane crashes into mobile home in Florida: Officials
77 5.1 magnitude earthquake strikes near Oklahoma City
78 California braces for life-threatening storm expected to bring flooding, mudslide threat
79 A man dies after falling from the Tate Modern art gallery in London
80 Judge acquits climate activist Greta Thunberg over protest at oil industry conference
81 UK police say a woman attacked with chemicals is doing 'very poorly.' the suspect is still at large
82 Greece sells 30% stake in Athens airport operator, drawing strong investor interest
83 Mexico's Purepecha Indigenous group welcomes the New Year with ancient 'New Fire' ceremony
84 As Europe's farmers find common cause in grievances, governments race to offer concessions
85 Great escapes exhibit explores how World War II captives coped with tedium and torment
86 Panama Supreme Court lets ex-President Martinelli's sentence stand, likely ending his reelection bid
87 UN food agency says it has reports of people dying from starvation amid the conflict in Sudan
88 Cuba's president replaces the country's economy minister following delays to planned price hikes
89 Argentina lawmakers have approved Milei's sweeping reform bill but much negotiating remains
90 A painting by Rene Magritte may fetch $64 million at an auction marking a century of surrealism
91 North Korea says it tested cruise missiles with 'super-large' warheads in its latest weapons display
92 Europe's farmers are struggling, but some sympathetic consumers have difficulty affording their food
93 Hamas demands Israel release Marwan Barghouti, a man some Palestinians see as their Nelson Mandela
94 Kenya's leader wants a paved road to cut through a forest, a key water source. Scientists don't
95 Papua separatist rebels appeal to New Zealand pilot's captor to let him go after a year
96 Paris police say suspect in train station attack that injured 3 may have mental health issues
97 Maldives government asks India why its coast guard boarded 3 fishing boats
98 The EU is worried that Israel might extend the war in Gaza to a 'pressure cooker' town near Egypt
99 Hamas shows signs of resurgence in parts of Gaza where Israeli troops largely withdrew weeks ago
100 Turkish Central Bank Governor resigns months into her tenure after claims of improper use of power
101 Pakistan's former premier Imran Khan and wife convicted of marriage law violation in a fourth case
102 Rights groups denounce acquittal of former Serbian security officers accused of killing a journalist
103 The US says it may bomb more Middle East targets. One militia says it doesn't want a wider fight
104 Japan wants everyone to know: Taylor Swift will make it in time for the Super Bowl
105 For the first time, an Irish nationalist will lead Northern Ireland's government
106 Kenya's president blames corruption and incompetence for huge fireball that hurt hundreds in Nairobi
107 Indonesians flock to presidential campaign rallies as criticism against the government mounts
108 The EU is providing Ukraine with $54 billion. How will the money be spent?
109 Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, son of Italy's last king, dies aged 86
110 At least 150,000 gather in Berlin to protest the far right
111 Senegal's leader postpones February 25 presidential vote, citing controversies over candidate lists
112 Debt-stricken Sri Lanka signs a free trade pact with Thailand
113 A Tunisian court extends the prison term for a one-time presidential candidate
114 At least 19 dead as forest fires approach densely populated areas of central Chile
115 Schedule for Notre Dame Cathedral's grand reopening in December unveiled
116 Dozens detained as Russian soldiers' wives call for their return from Ukraine
117 Mexican police hit the beaches after killings in Acapulco, as cartels recruit youths on social media
118 What to know about the US strikes in Iraq and Syria
119 Viktor Orban's anti-woke resistance has made him the 'splinter under the fingernail' of the EU