File Title
1 Scientists Discover New, Better Way to Develop Vaccines
2 New Study Unravels Secrets Behind Renowned Rock Art Sites in Arnhem Land
3 Baffling New Species of Snake Discovered in Myanmar
4 Scientists Use Supercomputer to Unravel Mysteries of Dark Matter and the Universe's Evolution
5 NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Spots Japan's SLIM Lander on the Moon
6 New Adaptive Roof Tile Cuts Both Heating and Cooling Costs Without the Need for Electronics
7 Researchers Reveal Simple Diet Swaps that Can Cut Carbon Emissions and Improve Your Health
8 Climate Crisis Worsens: New Study Shows Peatlands Losing Battle Against Drought
9 Tiny Terror: World's Smallest "Fanged" Frogs Found in Indonesia
10 Hubble Spots Water Vapor in Small Exoplanet's Atmosphere
11 What Is Science? Geneticist Sheds Light on Science's True Nature with Occam's Razor
12 Scientists Trap Krypton Atoms in Carbon Nanotube to Form One-Dimensional Gas
13 Innovative New Technology Could Boost US Rubber Production
14 Baby's First Words on Hold: The Alarming Acetaminophen Connection Uncovered
15 The "Surprisingly Different" JN.1 Variant Is a Game-Changer in Our COVID Battle
16 Unraveling the Mysteries of Star Creation in the Whirlpool Galaxy
17 The Paradox of Need: Stanford Scientists Shed New Light on Decision-Making
18 Femtosecond Laser Turns Glass into a "Transparent" Light-Energy Harvester
19 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Optical Astronomy
20 New Types of Stars--"Old Smokers" and Erupting Protostars--Discovered in the Milky Way
21 Deleting a Key Gene Shields Against Excess Weight Gain
22 SYCE2 Genetic Variant Linked to 22% Higher Miscarriage Risk
23 Cancer Immunotherapy Treatment 2.5x More Effective with Mitochondrial DNA Mutations
24 Exploring the Mysteries of Faint Galactic Magnitudes
25 Transforming Fertilizer Production: True Mechanism of Ammonia Catalysis Revealed
26 Overturning Old Myths: New Research Indicates that Insulin Spike After Eating Is Actually a Good Thing
27 Finding and Erasing Quantum Computing Errors in Real-Time
28 Impact Imminent: Racing to Track Asteroid 2024 BX1's Collision Course with Earth
29 Impossible Until Now--Physicists Continuously Change the Type of Magnetism in a Crystal
30 Nutrition's Narrow Line: Exploring the Diet-Cancer Link
31 Pancake Stack of Films on a Balloon Takes the World's Most Accurate Picture of a Gamma Ray Beam
32 Newly Discovered "Hell Chicken" Species Shakes Up Dinosaur Extinction Theories
33 Alarming Shrinkage of Norway's Alfotbreen Glacier--"Cannot Survive the Current Climate"
34 New Insights into Evolution, Biofuels, Cellular Aging--Biologists Have Developed Light-Powered Yeast
35 Florida's Indian River Lagoon Crisis: Unveiling the Hidden Dangers of Toxic Algae Blooms
36 Whispers of Creation: Webb's Glimpse into a Star's Supersonic Birth
37 Excitement Builds for Finding Life on Mars After Perseverance Rover's Ground-Penetrating Radar Discovery
38 Timing Is Everything: Obesity Alters Daily Energy Burning, Study Reveals
39 1 in 25 Carry Genes Linked to a Shortened Lifespan
40 NASA Targets Tuesday for Launch of Cygnus Cargo Mission to the International Space Station
41 Preparing for Launch: NASA's PACE Spacecraft Mated to Payload Adapter
42 The Hottest Year in History: 5 Factors to Explain the Record Heat in 2023
43 Space Station Astronauts Perform Zero-Gravity Research as Cygnus Counts Down to Launch
44 Moonquake Alert--The Moon Is Shrinking, Causing Landslides and Seismic Shaking
45 Maker of recalled sleep apnea machines agrees to halt sales in US
46 Possible hepatitis A exposure at Philadelphia ShopRite, health officials warn
47 North Carolina joins an effort to improve outcomes for freed prisoners
48 Bill to ban smoking in Atlantic City casinos moves forward on 4th try in New Jersey Legislature
49 Attorney General Merrick Garland to undergo surgery, Justice Department says
50 France's National Assembly votes on enshrining abortion rights in Constitution
51 Live updates / Israeli forces raid a West Bank hospital, killing 3 Palestinian militants
52 After a record year, Norway's giant oil fund pledges to push sustainable energy
53 Elon Musk says the first human has received an implant from Neuralink, but other details are scant
54 The US hasn't seen syphilis numbers this high since 1950. Other STD rates are down or flat
55 What to know about Elon Musk's Neuralink brain chip implant
56 Legislative panel shoots down South Dakota bill to raise the age for marriage to 18
57 Amazon says Prime deliveries reached their fastest speeds ever last year
58 Space Shuttle Endeavour hoisted for installation in vertical display at L.A. museum
59 X restores Taylor Swift searches after deepfake explicit images triggered temporary block
60 ChatGPT violated European privacy laws, Italy tells chatbot maker OpenAI
61 Elon Musk says the first human has received an implant from Neuralink, but other details are scant
62 Are insects drawn to light? New research shows it's confusion, not fatal attraction
63 Missing Kentucky 5-year-old girl found safe, her dad taken into custody for her mom's murder: Police
64 'This is truly a joke': Trump lawyer blasts independent monitor's report ahead of fraud trial ruling
65 Judge denies new murder trial for Alex Murdaugh
66 First-ever footage of newborn great white shark released
67 5 arrested in deaths of 6 found murdered in desert: Sheriff
68 How one state is tackling homelessness by turning abandoned buildings into shelters
69 Police hunt for man who followed elderly woman from store, assaulted her on doorstep of her own home
70 Brothers charged after homemade explosives, hit list and ghost guns found in their NYC apartment
71 Jazz great Branford Marsalis returns home to New Orleans to continue father's legacy
72 Taylor Swift and No AI Fraud Act: How Congress plans to fight back against AI deepfakes
73 Stolen Jackie Robinson statue found burned, dismantled in trash can: Police
74 Northern Ireland political party agrees to restore power sharing government
75 India's navy rescues second Iranian-flagged fishing boat hijacked by Somali pirates
76 At least 4 dead after boat carrying tourists sinks near Cancun
77 Japanese officials raid a Toyota group plant after the company admitted cheating on engine testing
78 Pakistani court sentences former Prime Minister Imran Khan to 10 years
79 Live updates / Israeli forces raid a West Bank hospital, killing 3 Palestinian militants
80 Saudi Arabia's Aramco says it will not increase maximum daily production
81 EU moves slowly toward using profits from frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine
82 Israeli undercover forces dressed as women and medics storm West Bank hospital, killing 3 militants
83 France's government announces new measures to calm farmers' protests, as barricades squeeze Paris
84 UN confirms 119.8 degrees reading in Sicily as Europe's record temperature
85 France's Macron gets a ceremonial welcome in Sweden at the start of a 2-day state visit
86 Europe's economic pain drags on with zero growth at the end of last year
87 London police fatally shoot suspect reportedly armed with crossbow during break in
88 Russian opposition figure Kara-Murza is moved to another prison and returns to solitary confinement
89 A UN envoy says her experience in Colombia deal may help her efforts in restarting Cyprus talks
90 Police seize weapons, explosives from a home in northern Greece
91 Secretive Ukrainian arms production a 'threat' for Russia, says manufacturer
92 Millions urgently need food in Ethiopia's Tigray region despite the resumption of aid deliveries
93 UK fines HSBC bank for not going far enough to protect deposits in case it collapsed
94 Order to liquidate property giant China Evergrande is just one step in fixing China's debt crisis
95 US and China launch talks on fentanyl trafficking in a sign of cooperation amid differences
96 Catalan separatists reject amnesty bill, highlighting the fragility of Spain's minority government
97 Serbia considers reintroducing a mandatory military draft as regional tensions simmer
98 Police in Sri Lanka use tear gas to disperse opposition protest against dire economic conditions
99 The UAE ambassador takes post in Damascus after nearly 13 years of cut ties
100 ChatGPT violated European privacy laws, Italy tells chatbot maker OpenAI
101 Rock band critical of Putin is detained in Thailand, fearful of deportation to Russia
102 South Africa evacuates small coastal communities near Cape Town as wildfires burn out of control
103 Belarusian journalist accused of being in an extremist group after covering protests gets prison
104 Man wanted for allegedly killing girlfriend and leaving body at Boston airport is arrested in Kenya
105 Taiwan launches spring military drills following presidential election amid China threats
106 Union calls on security workers at most major German airports to strike on Thursday
107 New British Virgin Islands governor faces heated debate over sovereignty and corruption
108 Britain's Conservative government warned against tax cuts by IMF economist
109 An auction of Nelson Mandela's possessions is suspended as South Africa fights to keep them
110 EU Parliament probes a Latvian lawmaker after media allegations that she spied for Russia
111 At least 19 dead and 18 injured after bus collides with truck in northern Mexico
112 Turkish parliament strips imprisoned opposition lawmaker of seat
113 'Game of Thrones' actor talks about taking an 'optimistic' view on climate change
114 Zimbabwe opposition figure gets suspended sentence after nearly 2 years in pretrial detention
115 Four Mexican tourists died after a boat capsized in the sea between Cancun and Isla Mujeres
116 Poland's new government asks Germany to think creatively about compensation for World War II losses
117 Andrew Tate loses his appeal to ease judicial restrictions as human trafficking case continues