File Title
1 New Species of Giant Tyrannosaur Discovered in New Mexico
2 289-Million-Year-Old Cave System Preserves Oldest-Known Fossilized Skin
3 Hubble Space Telescope Focuses on Supernova-Hosting Galaxy2
4 Scientists Solve Major Puzzle in Moon's Geology
5 Earth-Sized Exoplanet Found Orbiting HD 63433
6 Face of Homo longi Reconstructed
7 Fermi Spots Strange Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Feature
8 Water Molecules at Salt Water's Surface Organized Differently than Previously Thought: Study
9 ATCA Detects Compact Radio Source in Center of 47 Tucanae
10 Wild 2 Comet Contains High Fraction of Dust from Young Solar System, Study Shows
11 New Prehistoric Cat Species Discovered in Spain
12 Webb Detects Oldest Black Hole Yet Known
13 Tun Formation in Tardigrades is Mediated by Reactive Oxygen Species, Study Shows
14 New Aetosaur Species Unearthed in Texas
15 Female Woolly Mammoth's Lifetime Movements Tied to Ancient Alaskan Hunter-Gatherer Camp
16 Many New Depression Genes are ID'd in Huge Study of Human Genomes
17 Women with Autoimmune Disease 30% More Likely to Have Perinatal Depression
18 Using focused ultrasound to open the blood-brain barrier and enhance drug delivery in Alzheimer's Disease
19 Medicaid Expansion and Access to Care for Lung Cancer Patients
20 Chromogranin A interest in monitoring castration-resistant prostate cancer
21 How Bacterial Predators Recognize Their Prey
22 Are There Actually Five Subtypes of Alzheimer's Disease?
23 Feeling 'Chills' Improves Self-Beliefs in Patients with Depression
24 Revised Moon Narrative: Early Crust Holds Surprising Amounts of Water
25 tRNA 'Wobble' Helps Cells Boost Antibody Production
26 Improving Efforts to Recycle Clothes Instead of Burning Them
27 Nebraska-Led Study Reveals Impact of Groundwater Depletion on Crop Yields from Drought and Dry Conditions
28 Oops, We Made Snake Venom More Deadly
29 Study Sheds Light on Cannabinoid Treatments for Dogs and Cats
30 How the Human Gut Microbiome Has Diverged from Those of Our Ancestors
31 Antipsychotics Raise Cardiac Risks
32 From Earth to Space: Insights and Discoveries from SSPD-1's Mission
33 Lassoing Gene Expression with Genomic Loops
34 NASA's Stardust Mission Samples Reveals New Secrets of Comet 81P/Wild 2 Comet
35 Insect Conservation and Solar Energy: A Five-Year Study Reveals Surprising Results
36 Cancer Vaccines: Preventative and Therapeutic
37 Study Indicates that Cannabis Products Can Potentially Minimize Symptoms Associated with ADHD
38 Novel Treatment Reduces Cytokine Storm
39 Novel Work Informs How a Cell Pathway Activates Innate Immunity
40 Omega-3 Slows Pulmonary Fibrosis
41 Using AI to Accelerate the Drug Development Process
42 Medical Marijuana's Role in Opioid Crisis Under Potential Scrutiny in Latest Study
43 As the Climate Changes, Snowpack is Rapidly Disappearing
44 Tracking Community Health Through Wastewater
45 Revolutionizing Electric Car Batteries: MIT's Cost-Efficient, Cobalt-Free Solution
46 Cannabis Impairs Driving Ability in Older Adults
47 Wheat Proteins (But not Gluten) Exacerbate Inflammation in MS
48 Identifying the relationship between hormonal change and autoimmune disease
49 This Day in Space (January 19, 2006): NASA's New Horizons Launches Historic Mission to Pluto
50 Can Pacemakers be Reconditioned and Reused to Save Lives?
51 Nanoparticle Breakthrough: Transforming Diabetes Treatment with Oral Insulin Precision
52 Estimated Cancer Incidence and Mortality Numbers for 2024 Published
53 Positive Adult-Child Bond Linked to Less Depression Adulthood
54 Study Examines the Effects of Maternal Cannabis Exposure on Placental Dysfunction
55 Watch this space: NASA's slow Artemis, Hubble's fast radio burst, and Peregrine's quick failure
56 Astonishingly humongous 'rings' in space challenge what we know of the universe
57 These microbial heroes are saving corals from climate change, finds study
58 Scientists claim this soil-powered fuel cell can 'run forever'
59 Elon Musk says Starship exploded again because it had no payload
60 Indian tectonic plate that causes Himalayas to grow could be splitting Tibet
61 Cloned rhesus monkey reaches adulthood for the first time: His name is ReTro
62 Apple to remove blood oxygen feature from some watches after US ban
63 SpaceX launches private mission to space station with first Turkish astronaut
64 Astrobiotic loses contact with doomed Peregrine Moon mission; first US lander in decades
65 Greenland glaciers lost more ice than previously estimated, says NASA study
66 Chandrayaan-3 lander Vikram is now a landmark on Moon
67 Google, AT&T, Vodafone invest $155 million in direct satellite-to-smartphone tech
68 Japan's 'Moon Sniper' follows Chandrayaan-3 to make historic landing but suffers major issue
69 Climate change could be making diarrhoea more common
70 Watch this space: Astrobiotic's Peregrine fails, Japan's Moon Sniper lands
71 A plant that flowers underground is new to science, but not to Borneo
72 Four astronauts, including Turkey's first, arrive at space station
73 Taiwan ruling party's Lai Ching-te wins presidential election
74 US carries out new strike in Yemen after Biden vows to keep pressure on
75 12 people including two Indians killed, 23 injured in bus accident in Nepal
76 Ukraine attacked overnight by 40 Russian missiles, drones: Air force
77 Russia designates one of its most popular writers a 'foreign agent' over his Ukraine stance
78 Queen Elizabeth II left sealed death-bed letter for son Charles, claims new biography
79 Japan ANA Boeing 737-800 flight turns back due to cockpit window crack
80 China agrees to consider restructuring of loans to Maldives: President Muizzu
81 Earthquakes over magnitude 4 among smaller temblors recorded near Oklahoma City suburb
82 Defiant Netanyahu says no one can halt Israel's war to crush Hamas, including world court
83 Maldives President Muizzu's party loses Male Mayoral poll amid diplomatic row with India
84 Joe Biden: US does not support Taiwan independence
85 Convicted former Russian mayor cuts jail time short by agreeing to fight in Ukraine
86 North Korea launches suspected intermediate-range ballistic missile that can reach distant US bases
87 In historic succession, Denmark's King Frederik X takes the throne as his mother steps down
88 Hezbollah sees all maritime navigation in danger after US strikes on Yemen
89 NSAs meet in Davos to discuss Ukraine peace formula, say India can play key role
90 Republican presidential primary going to be two-person race, says Nikki Haley
91 North Korea says it tested solid-fuel hypersonic missile
92 In Iowa, Nikki Haley has the attention of Democrats and Independents
93 100 days and 25,000 deaths later, Israel's offensive in Gaza shows no signs of slowing
94 Two Indian students found dead under suspicious circumstances in US
95 US delegation praises Taiwan's democracy after pro-independence presidential candidate wins election
96 Iran: US can't call for restraint while backing Israel's war in Gaza
97 Indian-American Preesha Chakraborty listed in world's brightest students list
98 Yemen's Houthis hit US-owned dry bulk ship, no injuries
99 Boeing to increase quality inspections on 737-Max following Alaska Airlines blow out
100 UK government says lslamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir is antisemitic, moves to ban it
101 Trump cements frontrunner status to face Biden with record Iowa win
102 Iran's Guards attack Israel's 'spy headquarters' in Iraq, vow more revenge
103 Vivek Ramaswamy drops out of White House race, endorses Trump
104 Global tobacco use tumbles despite industry lobbying: WHO
105 Iran strike triggers row with Iraq as fears of regional turmoil grow
106 US: 5 people, including teenage boy, killed in drive-by shooting in Puerto Rico, say police
107 Malta-flagged bulk carrier hit by missile in Red Sea as Houthi attacks continue
108 Qatari premier warns of massive destruction, says 'Gaza is not there anymore'
109 OpenAI not to allow AI for political campaigning, lobbying in elections
110 Iran adds prison time for Nobel Winner and frees 2 journalists on bail
111 Iran says Baluchi militant group bases attacked in Pakistan; Islamabad warns of 'serious consequences'
112 China's population drops for a second straight year as deaths jump
113 For Biden, another Trump nomination presents opportunity--and great risk
114 Around 20 people killed in explosion at Thai firework factory: Police
115 Day after 'unprovoked' missile strike, Pakistan expels Iranian ambassador, recalls its envoy