File Title
1 NASA unsure next Moon rocket launch attempt possible this month
2 Rocket Lab completes first test fire of reused Rutherford Engine
3 It's raining diamonds across the universe, research suggests
4 Carbon four times costlier to society than thought: study
5 Greenhouse gas, sea levels at record in 2021: US agency
6 European CO2 storage project signs 'milestone' deal
7 China launches terrestrial ecosystem carbon monitoring satellite
8 Webb takes its first exoplanet image
9 Webb detects carbon dioxide in exoplanet atmosphere
10 An extrasolar world covered in water
11 Webb telescope finds CO2 for first time in exoplanet atmosphere
12 Case solved: missing carbon monoxide was hiding in the ice
13 Breaking in a new planet
14 Brightest stars in the night sky can strip Neptune-sized planets to their rocky cores
15 Crime-scene technique identifies asteroid sites
16 DART team confirms orbit of targeted asteroid
17 NASA's Lucy team discovers moon around asteroid Polymele
18 After NASA's asteroid impact, ESA's Hera comes next
19 Cornell astronomers show how terrain evolves on icy comets
20 Skyroot Aerospace raises $51 Million led by GIC to propel the new future of small satellite launches
21 Terran Orbital concludes final launch preparations for LunIR
22 NASA's Juno Mission Reveals Jupiter's Complex Colors
23 Underwater snow gives clues about Europa's icy shell
24 Webb Telescope takes its first-ever direct image of an exoplanet
25 SU N matter is about 3 billion times colder than deep space
26 How do you take a better image of atom clouds? Mirrors--lots of mirrors
27 VLBA produces first full 3-D view of binary star-planet system
28 UVA joins Artemis missions to seek traces of extraterrestrial life
29 Unraveling the mysteries of the night sky with Artificial Intelligence
30 Discovery of the oldest visible planetary nebula hosted by a 500 million year old galactic cluster
31 Keele researchers study turbulence raging inside distant stars
32 NASA using astronomical forensics to study exploded star
33 China's Shenzhou-14 astronauts carry out spacewalk
34 Energy particle detector helps Shenzhou-14 crew conduct EVAs
35 China conducts spaceplane flight test
36 103rd successful rocket launch breaks record
37 Chinese scientist advocates int'l cooperation in space science
38 10 times normal rainfall drove vast Pakistan flooding: ESA
39 Pakistan floods highlight need for climate 'loss and damage' help
40 Misery mounts for millions in Pakistan's 'monsoon on steroids'
41 Pakistan floods 'worst in country's history,' aid efforts gather pace
42 Relief and desperation in Pakistan's makeshift flood camps
43 UN to call for $160 mln. in Pakistan flood aid
44 Flood fate of thousands lies with colonial-era Pakistan barrage
45 Pakistan's south braces for deluge from swollen northern rivers; toll tops 1,000
46 Chad floods affect 340,000 people in two months: UN
47 Flood toll tops 800 in Pakistan's 'catastrophe of epic scale'
48 Flash floods kill 20 in eastern Afghan province
49 Flash flood warning issued for drought-hit western US
50 SpaceX wins another $1.4 billion from NASA to fly missions to ISS
51 NASA, SpaceX adjust Crew-5 launch date
52 Russia's only female cosmonaut says 'ready' for Crew Dragon flight
53 NASA, Axiom Space to launch second private astronaut mission to ISS in 2023
54 Perseverance Rover team's first results
55 Radar images from Perseverance reveal underground surprises
56 Perseverance Makes New Discoveries in Mars' Jezero Crater
57 Perseverance Soon Heads to 'Enchanted Lake'
58 Where to land on the Moon?
59 UCL team maps moon's surface for NASA missions
60 Sunrise for the Moon
61 An overview of NASA's Artemis 1 mission to the Moon
62 NASA Identifies Candidate Regions for Landing Next Americans on Moon
63 MAVEN and EMM make first observations of patchy proton aurora at Mars
64 A vast and mysterious valley system in the southern Martian highlands
65 MIT's MOXIE experiment reliably produces oxygen on Mars
66 Harvesting resources on Mars with plasmas
67 NASA repairs issue with Voyager 1 space probe
68 45 years after launch, NASA's Voyager probes still blazing trails billions of miles away
69 Voyager logs 45 years in space as NASA's longest mission to date
70 NASA awards contract to demonstrate trash compacting system for ISS
71 Perseverance rover retrieves key rocky clues to Mars' geologic and water history
72 The sands of Mars are green as well as red, rover Perseverance discovers
73 New research sheds light on when Mars may have had water
74 New water map of Mars will prove invaluable for future exploration
75 Plant growth in China's space lab in good condition
76 Space tech: In Jilin, they build satellites
77 SpaceX and T-Mobile unveil satellite plan to end cellphone 'dead zones'
78 Introducing Huginn
79 NASA scientists study how to remove planetary photobombers
80 T-Mobile Takes Coverage Above and Beyond with SpaceX
81 On the front lines of space innovation
82 AFRL partners with NASA, academia, industry on spacecraft flight experiment
83 Turkey revokes permission for Brazil's 'asbestos ship'
84 Engineers fabricate a chip-free, wireless electronic "skin"
85 North American Helium brings third helium facility into production
86 Quantum Dot instrument enables spacecraft-as-sensor concept
87 Leanspace and Valispace team up to demonstrate the power of Digital Continuity in space mission management
88 Outpost raises $7 million seed round to develop reusable satellites for Earth return service
89 Chinese giant acquires French game studio Quantic Dream
90 Virtual reality revives Iraq's war-ravaged heritage
91 AI spurs scientists to advance materials research
92 Digging through patents to make mining greener
93 Scientists identify liquid-like atoms in densely packed solid glasses
94 PPE can be recycled to make stronger concrete
95 Tencent buys stake in Japanese gaming firm behind Elden Ring
96 Google's immersive Street View could be glimpse of metaverse
97 Space Station experiment to probe origins of elements
98 JWST makes first unequivocal detection of carbon dioxide in an exoplanet atmosphere
99 The PI's Perspective: Extending Exploration and Making Distant Discoveries
100 Uranus to begin reversing path across the night sky on Wednesday
101 Biden announces Pacific Island summit date amid China competition
102 Solomon Islands foreign navy ban applies to 'all countries'
103 Solomon Islands suspends US naval visits: US embassy
104 Solomon Islands threatens to ban foreign journalists
105 Mississippi capital struggles without running water
106 Preparing for water scarcity using hybrid desalination technologies
107 Mississippi declares drinking water emergency for state capital
108 Pakistan floods: South Asia's monsoon explained
109 Niger tries artificial rainmaking to ease drought
110 Hundreds protest lack of water in Iran's drought-hit west