File Title
1 Unraveling the mysteries of the night sky with AI
2 Deadly bird flu returns to Midwest earlier than expected
3 Calm before storms? Oddly quiet Atlantic despite forecasts
4 Key to growing natural tissue for female reproductive system reconstruction unlocked
5 The many movements of cilia
6 New study argues that neighborhood associations should reflect the communities they belong to
7 Visiting canals and rivers 'can help boost mood'
8 Dealing with angry customers on social media? De-escalate with active listening and empathy
9 Humble leaders can help make teacher groups more effective
10 First-ever AP African American studies class to be offered in some high schools this fall
11 As forests go up in smoke, so will California's climate plan
12 Is Pluto a planet? It is no longer considered one, but some believe it should be
13 Cross-institutional collaboration leads to new control over quantum dot qubits
14 New classification of the world's coastlines to improve climate action
15 The power to change is a key driver for sustainable pension saving
16 Novel technology to improve the high permselectivity and anti-biofouling properties of RO membranes
17 New aquaculture technology can help ease the global food crisis with 'enriched seaweed'
18 Helium's chilling journey to cool a particle accelerator
19 Oxygen-poor zones shrank under past warm periods, scientists discover
20 400 Americans Are Dying Each Day from COVID--Here's How that Can Become Nearly Zero
21 Engineering atomic antennas for quantum sensing
22 As Laser Strikes on Aircraft Increase, Eyeglasses and Exotic Countermeasures Are Under Development
23 Stargazing in September: Viewing the universe in all its splendour
24 Who owns them and how safely do they store them?
25 NASA Fixes 'Critical System' Issue on Voyager 1--No Long-Term Problems Expected
26 Researchers find link between health outcomes and sugarcane smoke exposure
27 Skipped Health Care Visits May Have Caused More than 100,000 Maternal and Child Deaths in Vulnerable Countries During Pandemic, Study Finds
28 Treating antibiotic-resistant infections with peptides inspired by human saliva
29 180,000 Residents Without Clean Running Water in Jackson as Governor Declares Emergency
30 The story of evolution written in phosphorus
31 Developing coating materials that could make windows better insulators
32 Welcome to Sumba's Avian Housing Crisis
33 Marine Protected Areas in Antarctica should include young emperor penguins, scientists say
34 Harnessing the power of saffron color for food and future therapeutics
35 'Micro-breaks' from tasks show promise in boosting well-being
36 MOXIE experiment reliably produces oxygen on Mars
37 Corals can pass mutations acquired during their lifetimes to offspring
38 Nazi Ships, Bodies in Barrels, Lost Cities and Other Finds Revealed by Drought in Pictures
39 Webb's first full-color images, data are set to sound
40 See and Download the New Webb-Hubble Mash-Up of A Spiral Galaxy 32 Million Light-Years Away
41 It might be a new rule of nature
42 Mbiresaurus raathi: Oldest dinosaur fossil in Africa unearthed
43 Reading, math scores fell sharply during pandemic, data show
44 The impact of megafires on estuaries from Australia's 'Black Summer'
45 High plant diversity is often found in the smallest of areas
46 Global fish stocks can't rebuild if nothing done to halt climate change and overfishing, new study suggests
47 Who has the highest risk of long COVID? It's complicated
48 Europe's fiery summer: a climate 'reality check'
49 The Scale of Pakistan's Flooding Is Hard to Comprehend
50 Why Australia's '1 million empty homes' are vacant
51 Ten new pulsating variable stars discovered
52 Why 'erasure' could be key to practical quantum computing
53 Fossil could be rare complete dinosaur skeleton
54 Anti-cancer drug brewed from reprogrammed yeast
55 Parasite researchers melt down proteins to understand their roles in infection
56 New photodetector design inspired by plant photosynthesis
57 Fighting climate change with heat-tolerant plants
58 10 times normal rainfall drove vast Pakistan flooding: ESA
59 Scientists discover new extinct ant species encased in amber
60 Keeping bulk magnesium diboride superconducting at higher current densities
61 Skin cancer: Treatment hopes for melanoma after scientists stop growth of cancerous cells
62 'The Milky Way' wants you to get to know your home in the universe
63 After dinosaurs disappeared, mammals grew bigger at a faster rate and died young
64 Webb Telescope Makes Major Breakthrough with Its First Direct Image of A Planet Outside Our Solar System
65 Color change in space materials may help measure degradation remotely
66 Scientists discover new kind of synapse in neurons' tiny hairs
67 NASA's Latest James Webb Telescope Breakthrough Is A Huge Step in Searching for Alien Life
68 Today is the first day of fall, meteorologists say. But it won't feel like it in the West
69 Predicting what extinctions could mean for lemurs and the forests they call home
70 Machine learning using climatic pattern data may help predict harmful algal blooms earlier
71 This team of amateurs built a satellite that NASA is taking to space
72 Experiment IDs influence of antibiotics, isolation on host bacteria
73 A clever molecular trick extends the lives of these ant queens
74 Global analysis identifies at-risk forests
75 England's drought-hit summer 2022 joint hottest on record
76 Rethinking indoor air chemistry
77 YouTube more likely to recommend election-fraud videos to users already skeptical about 2020 election's legitimacy
78 Brazilian Amazon records worst August for fires in 12 years
79 How does low-impact development help manage stormwater?
80 An innovative response to student stress and suicide
81 Researchers propose new framework for regulating engineered crops
82 Wildfire rages as California bakes under heat dome
83 Anti-insulin protein linked to longevity and reproduction in ants
84 First exoplanet image from James Webb Space Telescope revealed
85 Record-high greenhouse gases, sea levels in 2021
86 How will the Inflation Reduction Act affect US environmental policy?
87 Developing new processes to examine some of the rarest and most toxic elements on Earth
88 A 'Dangerous' Sunspot with Major Solar Flare Potential Is Pointing at Earth
89 Crime-scene technique identifies asteroid sites
90 Remote monitoring helps find solutions to crapemyrtle bark scale
91 Task demonstrability a key component for how groups solve problems most effectively, study shows
92 Signaling molecule may regulate proteins in wheat plants
93 We're heading to the moon and maybe Mars. So who owns them?
94 Generation Z members say they want sustainable clothes but buy fast fashion instead, research says
95 Republican-donating CEOs more likely to lay off staff when pandemic hit, research says
96 Where and When to Watch NASA's Next Attempt at Its 'Mega Moon Mission' this Weekend
97 Three COVID Vaccine Doses Better than Two Against Omicron Infections, New Study Reinforces
98 2021 Saw Record Sea Levels and Ocean Warming and 'Huge Swings' in Antarctic Sea Ice, Latest Climate Report Confirms
99 Toxins in old toys an obstacle for circular economy
100 Three dead with mystery pneumonia 'very similar to COVID' in Argentina
101 Genetic effects in interacting species jointly determine ecological outcomes
102 Once in the doldrums, Florida coast hums with space launches
103 China's Shenzhou-14 astronauts carry out spacewalk
104 Gone in 30 years? The Welsh village in crosshairs of climate change
105 New Zealand winter warmest, wettest on record
106 How you sleep could be 'strongest predictor' of when you will die, study says
107 How Social Isolation Affects Heat Risks in Japan
108 How Social Norms Affect Heat Risks in Japan
109 Study unlocks secret to long life in queen ants, shedding light on aging for 'other species'
110 Why Do Some Humans Love Chili Peppers? / Science
111 Charred Remains Can Help Identify Impact Sites of Small Asteroids