File Title
1 Viruses rewire host cellular machinery to maximize viral production
2 Pulses from an atom-sharp tip enable researchers to break and form chemical bonds at will
3 Fungi-based food product that tastes and shreds like meat
4 New research on its origins offers insight into genetic evolution
5 Dietary study shows funerary meals of people in Roman Empire nearly the same as everyday meals
6 Microscopy technique reveals hidden nanostructures in cells and tissues
7 Four Things We've Learned About NASA's Planned Base Camp on the Moon / Science
8 Researchers uncover new crosstalk between phytohormones ethylene and auxin
9 New method of measuring economic inequality could improve policy outcomes
10 Scientist sending yeast and algae to space on Artemis 1
11 Greenland already locked in to major sea level rise: study
12 Genetic analysis of sub-seafloor ocean bacteria suggests seepage carries them great distances
13 U.S. Cancer Moonshot Needs Stronger Int'l Effort to Make Substantial Progress--Kevin Rudd
14 Teachers make Frankensteel during Materials Camp at MIT
15 Another Total Solar Eclipse Is Coming to America
16 Study finds wave of activism after George Floyd's murder drew from multiple issues, identities
17 How can X-ray diffraction be used for a reliable study of nanostructured materials?
18 NASA's Headed Back to the Moon and Here Are Innovators that Will Help It Get There
19 How to strengthen democracy, according to a new mega-study
20 Evacuations Ordered in Mississippi Capital for Historic Flooding
21 Saving cultural memory in digital form
22 First in-situ temperature measurement of the thermophysical properties of lunar farside regolith
23 Researchers developed a universal dual metal precursor method to grow non-layered 2D materials
24 Sea Levels Will Rise 10 Inches--No Matter What--By 2100 Because of Greenland's Melting Ice, Study Suggests
25 'Naturally insulating' material emits pulses of superfluorescent light at room temperature
26 Bacteria provide immunity against giant viruses
27 Dolphins form largest alliance network outside humans, study finds
28 Improving the robustness of bound states in the continuum with higher topological charges
29 Inside the head of one of Australia's smallest fossil crocs
30 Greenland's Melting Ice Sheet Will Cause Major Sea-Level Rise
31 When immersed in sexual harassment, workers can't identify it
32 Profiling meltwater distributions to strengthen sea ice predictions
33 Physicists uncover new dynamical framework for turbulence
34 Sugar disrupts microbiome, eliminates protection against obesity and diabetes
35 Who Knew? Chicks Play Just like Kittens and Puppies
36 Reintroducing bison to grasslands increases plant diversity, drought resilience, study finds
37 Lithuanians develop a takeaway food package that's entirely plastic-free
38 Awareness, not mandatory GMO labels, shifts consumer preference
39 Tens of millions battle Pakistan floods as death toll rises
40 San Diego Zoo penguin fitted with orthopedic footwear
41 DNA from 'immortal' jellyfish may provide clues on human aging, research finds
42 'Times of crisis can help'
43 Melting temperature prediction using a graph neural network model
44 Oyster shells sell for top dollar as biologists scramble to protect shellfish beds
45 Enhancing cultural intelligence and digital literacy
46 A centered error entropy-based sigma-point Kalman filter for spacecraft state estimation with non-Gaussian noise
47 Taxi Drivers Spur Astrobiologist to Tackle Life's Big Questions
48 Beetles rely on unique 'back pockets' to keep bacterial symbionts safe during metamorphosis
49 Pakistan fatal flooding has hallmarks of warming
50 New labeling approach enables examination of packages cells send out to gain insight about health
51 A 471-day COVID-19 case reveals how the coronavirus mutates
52 How ecological practices can make a difference
53 Greenland ice sheet losing ice faster than forecast, now irreversibly committed to at least 10 inches of sea level rise
54 Changes to Florida's climate threaten oyster reefs, researchers warn
55 The Need to Fill Weather-Related Technology Jobs Is Growing
56 Bridging two wolverine populations in Fennoscandia is necessary for conservation
57 Researchers shed new light on gopher tortoises
58 The US has ruled all taxpayer-funded research must be free to read. What's the benefit of open access?
59 Prospering in a healthy environment
60 Yeast bound for moon will provide clues on how radiation impacts astronauts
61 DNA from remains found in medieval well 'shines new light on Jewish history'
62 Long COVID effects on business and education
63 Arctic lakes are vanishing in surprise climate finding
64 Fossil fuels causing cost-of-living crisis: climate expert
65 Study reveals pipeline from public housing to prison in New York City
66 Miniaturized lab-on-a-chip for real-time chemical analysis of liquids
67 Optimizing competing instrument needs with an objective metric
68 Black-owned restaurants disproportionately impacted during pandemic
69 Evolution of land plants changed composition of Earth's crust, study finds
70 Study reveals flaws in popular genetic method
71 Researchers produce nanodiamonds capable of delivering medicinal and cosmetic remedies through the skin
72 Exposure to past temperature variability may help forests cope with climate change
73 Researchers use infrared light to wirelessly transmit power over 30 meters
74 Wild food foraging accounts for nearly 250,000 cubic meters of produce consumed annually in Zambia
75 Gender Differences in Creativity, Wisdom, and Intimacy Are More Imagined than Real
76 Subarctic cave bacteria could be at risk due to climate change
77 Multi-model forecast biases of the diurnal variations of intense rainfall in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region
78 Examining rainfall prediction accuracy regarding extreme rainfall events in Henan province, China
79 Mathematical model predicts human mobility in response to storms and pandemics
80 Creating an artificial protein shell to combat COVID-19
81 Sharing on social media makes us overconfident in our knowledge
82 What is an HBCU? Everything you need to know about historically Black colleges or universities
83 Dual temperature control system to regulate isoprene biosynthesis in baker's yeast
84 Strength of results consistency and agreement for overtone line intensities across labs examined
85 How COVID-19 could help people relate to sea level rise
86 Stronger religious beliefs linked to higher levels of sexual satisfaction, study shows
87 Overlooked contribution of the biological pump to the Pacific Arctic nitrogen deficit
88 Deriving the magnetopause position from wide field-of-view soft X-ray imager simulation
89 Scientists apply boron to tungsten components in fusion facilities
90 Researchers use latest dental scanning technology to study young coral
91 Europe plan for floating gas terminals raises climate fears
92 'Dangerous' heat wave hits southwestern US
93 Diamonds and rust at the Earth's core-mantle boundary
94 World's first case of bird flu in porpoise: Sweden
95 This is what happens when you die, according to people who died
96 COVID Has Reached Every Corner of the World--But These Three Places Claim to Be Virus-Free
97 Long-lost branch of the Nile helped build Egyptian pyramids, study confirms
98 Physicists dispute a claim of detecting a black hole's 'photon ring'
99 Neuroscientists Want to Make Music Science Studies More Diverse
100 Researchers propose new strategy to enhance methane hydroxylation
101 This spider-eating, nest-sharing bat was once safe from fire, until the Black Summer burned its rainforests
102 Ancient 'demon ducks' may have been undone by their slow growth
103 Determining why the Arctic is turning ever greener
104 Study delves into how Catholic school teachers balance monetizing of education, meeting vocational call
105 Food advertisements on Twitch can lead to cravings, purchases
106 A Psychologist Reveals What Makes Two People Click in A Relationship
107 Molecular medicine review reveals the role of IGF in cancer, other proliferative diseases
108 Scientists suggest using a cryptozoic mineral to create new lightweight carbon composites
109 When work becomes your religion, nothing else matters
110 Prehistoric mammals grew up twice as fast, research suggests
111 Greenhouse gas, sea levels at record in 2021: NOAA
112 Researchers find spaceflight may be associated with DNA mutations, increased risk of heart disease and cancer
113 Application of non-Bravais lattices to light control technology
114 How superwinds help drive galactic development
115 New way found to turn number seven plastic into valuable products
116 Archaeology and ecology combined paint a fuller picture of past human-nature relationships
117 To persuade political rivals, it helps to believe in the value of empathizing with them, study finds
118 High time to prepare for the melting