File Title
1 'Chameleon' forces remain elusive in a new dark energy experiment
2 Knowledge of foreign languages lasts a lifetime, new research shows
3 Webb Space Telescope Detects Carbon Dioxide in an Alien Planet's Atmosphere for the First Time
4 'Synthetic embryo with brain and beating heart grown from mouse stem cells'
5 How gender norms influence what young people choose to study at school
6 How bacteria synchronize to build complex structures
7 High-yield CRISPR without viral vectors
8 Research finds much more hope than hate in posts sent to England's women at euro 2022
9 New report highlights opportunities for conservation of ladybugs globally
10 Review of Vaccinium breeding research and prospects for its future directions
11 World first genomic study shows why invasive species are so successful
12 Wax flowers and their complex relationship
13 Scientists want to rescue reefs and protect Miami with tougher breeds of staghorn coral
14 NASA shares 'spectacular" image of the southern lights from International Space Station
15 Understanding outsize role of nanopores
16 Spotting the human-driven snags in global sustainability quest
17 New nanosensor gives unprecedented look at dopamine release
18 Ordinary citizens help to combat the global threat of mosquito-borne diseases
19 Rocks 'Altered by Water' that Could Contain Traces of Ancient Life
20 Astronauts going to Mars will receive many lifetimes worth of radiation
21 Researchers find a 'people-centric' approach to surveys yields better data on diverse communities
22 3D printing of starch for personalized medicine development
23 Reading RNA modifications more precisely in a pocket-sized device
24 Citizen science empowers people to address global challenges
25 Study identifies 'transformative learning experiences' of field courses
26 Plants can measure the intensity of salt stress
27 Black hole-inspired thermal trapping with graded heat-conduction metadevices
28 New research sheds light on when Mars may have had water
29 Missing grizzly bear toes result in call to change practices
30 Plants reprogram their cells to fight invaders. Here's how
31 Organic matter accumulation in oxygenated lakes
32 Dangerous combination of extreme heat and smoke affected 16.5 million Californians
33 How nerve cells in the brain connect during development
34 Light-activated molecular machines target antibiotic resistance
35 Scientists take control of magnetism at the microscopic level
36 Boeing astronaut flight off until next year for more fixes
37 Novel coronaviruses are riskiest for spillover
38 Microscopy reveals mechanism behind new CRISPR tool
39 DNA analysis shows Griffin Warrior ruled his Greek homeland
40 First underground radar images from Mars Perseverance Rover reveal some surprises
41 Do STEM fields attract more boys or girls? A new study sheds light
42 Why don't rivers straighten out over time?
43 Fire-adapted insects make the most of breeding grounds sterilized by wildfires
44 Brazil records worst day for Amazon fires in 15 years
45 Vast paleogenetic study reveals insights on migration, farming and language development across the Southern Arc
46 Researchers engineer first sustainable chromosome changes in mice
47 Reconstructing ice age diets reveals unraveling web of life
48 Physicists develop a perfect light trap
49 Miniaturized high-performance filter capacitor based on structurally integrated carbon tube grids
50 A Sheep, A Dog and Four Tiny 'Humans' Are About to Go to Space as NASA's Moon Mission Prepares for Blast-Off
51 Researchers reveal structure and function of a molecular motor
52 'Deplatforming' online extremists reduces their followers, but there's a price
53 How do 'e-changers' feel about having left the city now that lockdowns are over?
54 Demonstrating a 1-Pbps orbital angular momentum fiber-optic transmission
55 This is what happens when you die, according to people who died
56 Using molecular simulations to study self-assembling 'associating polymers'
57 Synthetic embryo with brain and beating heart grown from mouse cells for first time ever
58 More low-income Australian households face the prospect of homelessness
59 Cheesemaking may hold the key to healthier babies and fighting disease
60 Protecting Artemis and lunar explorers from space radiation
61 Summer nights may never be the same again
62 Starfish reveal evolutionary history of puberty hormone
63 Using math proofs, experiments and simulations to show how a material wrinkles when flattened
64 Metasurfaces offer new possibilities for quantum research
65 New 'Tomato Flu' Outbreak Has Left Over 100 Children Ill in India
66 New method to produce micron-scale single crystals in the form of hollow vessels
67 Researchers reveal structure and function of a molecular motor
68 UN high-seas biodiversity treaty struggles to leave port
69 Hydropower dams induce widespread species extinctions across Amazonian forest islands
70 The James Webb telescope spotted CO2 in an exoplanet's atmosphere
71 U-M analysis challenges U.S. Postal Service electric vehicle environmental study
72 Researchers gauge the willingness of small-scale fishers to adopt vessel tracking systems
73 A new measuring tool for physicists
74 Seaweed-munching bovine chews on solution to methane problem
75 Hawaii families impacted by Navy's jet fuel leak worry about cancer, prepare legal action a year later
76 NASA Artemis1 to carry ASU CubeSat into space
77 Good news for antifungal development
78 How the NQISRCs are harnessing the quantum revolution
79 Artemis launch brings us closer to space exploration goals
80 Mineral-microbe interactions play important roles in geological and environmental processes
81 USDA scattering rabies vaccines for wildlife in 13 states
82 Study finds that agricultural diversity has a positive impact on food security
83 Master equation to boost quantum technologies
84 Hidden microearthquakes illuminate large earthquake-hosting faults in Oklahoma and Kansas
85 Mimicking termites to generate new materials
86 7 Things You Need to Know About Monday's Most Impressive NASA Launch Since the Space Shuttle
87 Social exclusion more common form of bullying than physical, verbal aggression
88 Sick dolphin calf improves with tube-fed milk, helping hands
89 Our first steps? Fossil may boost case for earliest ancestor
90 Psychologists Say the Road to Sexual Pleasure Is Paved with Open Communication
91 Already shrunk by half, Swiss glaciers melting faster
92 You Know NASA's Biggest-Ever Rocket Is Launching to the Moon on Monday Morning, Right? Here's How to Watch
93 US agents in Memphis seize shipped ancient Egyptian artifact
94 To the Moon and beyond: NASA's Artemis program
95 Tourists flock to Florida for Moon rocket launch
96 New clues to protecting frogs from deadly Bd fungus
97 This is what happens when you die, according to people who died
98 'Dangerous' heatwaves likely to grip the tropics daily by 2100: study
99 Hurricane Season Is Suddenly Alive
100 NASA unveils plans to send astronauts beyond Mars ahead of Artemis I mission to Moon
101 China Briefly Had Two Secretive Spaceplanes in Flight, and One Is Still Unaccounted For
102 Virtual reality revives Iraq's war-ravaged heritage
103 NASA shoots for the Moon, on its way to Mars
104 Weaving atomically thin seams of light with in-plane heterostructures
105 'Stealth privatisation' in iconic national parks threatens public access to nature's health boost
106 NASA Artemis 1 Moon rocket launch postponed after engine issue
107 The Tonga eruption may have spawned a tsunami 90 meters tall
108 We've been tracking birds in a small Nigerian forest for 18 years--what we found and why it matters
109 Want to get more women to start their own businesses? Here's what it takes
110 Glass nanoparticles show unexpected coupling when levitated with laser light
111 A snappy solution to restoring oyster reefs