File Title
1 8-year-old boy discovers giant shark tooth in South Carolina
2 How millennials and Gen Z are driving change on climate
3 Bird flu kills 700 black vultures, closes animal sanctuary
4 New platform could make gene medicine delivery easier and more affordable
5 Archaeological excavations in Romania show life of earliest modern humans in Europe
6 Why researchers are interested in keeping (some) lionfish healthy
7 State, feds investigate illness that's sickened, killed dogs
8 Antiferromagnetic hybrids achieve important functionality for spintronic applications
9 Nitrous oxide emissions from Corn Belt soils spike when soils freeze and thaw
10 Biologists track DNA 'parasites' in the hunt for disease treatments
11 Drought uncovers dinosaur tracks in US park
13 Mediterranean wineries are in a climate hotspot. Climatologists are helping them adapt
14 Scientists develop active and smart terahertz electro-optic modulator
15 Unearthing the secrets of plant health and carbon storage with rhizosphere-on-a-chip
16 Mandatory labeling on genetically engineered foods may reduce customer purchases
17 Study of ancient skulls sheds light on human interbreeding with Neandertals
18 Fighting climate change is wildly popular, but most Americans don't know that
19 Analysis of everyday tools challenges long-held ideas about what drove major changes in ancient Greek society
20 Animals found to track scents using alternating strategies of sniffing ground and air
21 Multi-scale research uncovers microbes that affect sorghum drought response
22 Regulation of fruit development and ripening by DNA methylation
23 16 Years Ago Today Pluto Stopped Being A Planet. Nine Years Later It Become A World
24 An overview of NASA's Artemis 1 mission to the Moon
25 All systems go for Artemis 1 mission to Moon
26 China warns of 'severe' threat to harvest from worst heatwave on record
27 Taps run dry in southern Iraq
28 Storm leaves 3 injured, thousands displaced in Philippines
29 Completing the micronutrient picture for plant-based milk alternatives
30 The chemical secrets behind vanilla's allure
31 Dugong: Sea mammal that inspired fairytales declared extinct in China
32 Exposing what's in tattoo ink
33 Cooking up mealworms into a tasty, healthful, 'meat-like' seasoning
34 An extrasolar world covered in water?
35 Chemists Uncover Secrets of Tattoo Inks
36 New Study Explains the Demise of the Biggest Birds on the Planet
37 First known depictions of two biblical heroines uncovered in ancient Jewish synagogue
38 Sawfish fossils suggest teeth likely evolved from body scales in ancient fish
39 30 Years Later--The Overlooked Lesson from Hurricane Andrew
40 Researchers determine activation mechanism of G protein--coupled receptors
41 Heatwave triggers 'false autumn' in UK
42 Four species of limu receive Hawaiian names
43 Creating a chiral polymer from achiral monomers using a magnetic field
44 Look up this spring and you might see little ravens build soft, cozy nests from your garden trees
45 The Webb Telescope Must Study this Unique New 'Water World' Close to Earth, Say Scientists
46 Revolutionary forensic fingerprint technique could help fight against fraud
47 Less Sleep Makes People More Selfish, Study Suggests
48 Structural and mechanistic insight into DNA repair
49 Climate change predicted to reduce kelp forests' capacity to trap and store carbon
50 Researchers reveal origin of ultrafast mystery signals in valleytronic materials
51 Ancient limb fossils spark debate over the earliest known hominid
52 Sahelanthropus, the oldest representative of humanity, was indeed bipedal
53 Is Sahelanthropus the Earliest Evidence of Humans Walking on Two Feet? / Science
54 Rare 'red sprites' seen from ESO's La Silla Observatory in Chile
55 NASA to fly six scientific balloons from New Mexico
56 Researchers pin down key factors of carbon nanotube toxicity
57 Economists have a method for reducing fake news on social media
58 Understanding how hillslopes connect ecosystems
59 Researchers use AI to define priority areas for action to combat deforestation in the Amazon
60 Social media boycott of Goya Foods did not harm sales
61 3 Reasons to Leave Your 'People Never Change' Philosophy Behind
62 Using mobile devices for work increases perceptions of productivity, but takes a toll on quality of family life
63 Study Finds that Psychedelic Drug Therapy Can Help Treat Alcoholism
64 Scientists want to bridge public divide
65 Plant immune systems can adapt to non-living environmental stressors, new study reveals
66 Researchers demonstrate error correction in a silicon qubit system
67 Here's what a black hole sounds like, according to NASA. Yes, it's 'frightening'
68 'Tracking' students can be beneficial, study finds
69 Twitter shows lower-to-middle income countries have higher unemployment post pandemic
70 A nanotransistor sensor that simultaneously measures electrical and mechanical activity in heart cells
71 Oxytocin's role in human group relations may be shared with other primates
72 NASA tests new moon rocket, 50 years after Apollo
73 Sick sea lions spotted along Ventura County coast
74 Could two Georgia companies help solve the plastic crisis?
75 Climate change could push flood damage to $3 billion a year in western US, study says
76 New stable quantum batteries can reliably store energy into electromagnetic fields
77 Big student loan forgiveness plan announced by Biden
78 NASA Wallops launch supports SpEED Demon testing science instruments
79 NASA's networks empower Artemis I
80 Scientists discover fossils of giant sea lizard that ruled the oceans 66 million years ago
81 Modified nucleotides used in COVID-19 vaccines work as designed
82 New research on the risks of lead exposure from bullets used in big game hunting
83 New fungus to help Australian farmers fight fast-spreading weed
84 Biologists discover how cancer-causing virus avoids triggering immune system response
85 A Specialist in Viral Infections Explains Why We Need Updated COVID-19 Vaccines
86 Scientists help probe dark energy by testing gravity
87 Scientists develop spectral imaging techniques to help museums with conservation efforts
88 What has America learned since Hurricane Katrina? Not enough
89 Dogs with more active owners may get more exercise
90 Socioeconomic and health risk profiles among mothers of young children predicts risk of food insecurity, study finds
91 Experiment on YouTube reveals potential to 'inoculate' millions of users against misinformation
92 Organ-development discovery could boost battle against cancer
93 Exploring the limits of a new kind of chemo
94 Largest dinosaur skeleton in Europe may have been found in Portugal
95 Team provides novel baseline data on leopard seals, mysterious apex predators of Antarctica
96 Stopping statin treatment early 'could reduce protection against heart disease'
97 Isle Royale wolf population surges after nearly dying off
98 Climate change exacerbated hurricane Harvey's flood damage, hitting low-income neighborhoods disproportionately harder
99 Scientists unearth fossils of giant sea lizard that 'ruled the oceans' with remains of prey in its mouth
100 Student loan forgiveness could help more than 40 million
101 Half of China hit by drought in worst heatwave on record
102 Human ancestors started walking upright on two feet over seven million years ago, study suggests
103 A new seasoning smells like meat thanks to sugar--and mealworms
104 The Uneasy Future of Catalina Island's Wild Bison / Science
105 Blue light is the key factor affecting leaf litter photodegradation
106 UK beef farmers want to transition to net zero, but practical and financial barriers are standing in their way
107 Bioinspired molecular dyes for biomedical fluorescent imaging
108 Pretreating soil with ethanol protects plants from drought
109 Our atom-moving laser sculpts matter into weird new shapes--new research
110 Belonging helps Black, Latino students feel engaged
111 Burials shed new light on earliest humans in Indonesia
112 Hunger is increasing worldwide, but women bear the brunt of food insecurity
113 Chemists develop a wireless electronic lateral flow assay test for biosensing
114 Physicists entangle more than a dozen photons efficiently
115 Human nature can steer people away from new things--and that can blind them to novel threats