File Title
1 Activated carbon could lead to odorless diapers
2 Large-area and high-precision fabrication of aspheric micro-lens array
3 Extra flavor and fraud prevention on the menu for Europe's beer and wine industries
4 Deepmind's Protein Folders Awarded $3 Million
5 Developing fluoroalkyl carbonates to make pharmaceutical and chemical industries cleaner and safer
6 A New COVID Variant Wave?
7 How ghostly neutrinos could explain the universe's matter mystery
8 From Canada to Europe, survey reveals the challenges facing women leaders
9 Why do humans grow two sets of teeth? These marsupials are rewriting the story of dental evolution
10 Female Airbnb hosts earn thousands less per year than male hosts
11 Now You Can Take A Field Trip on Mars from the Comfort of Your Home
12 Atomically engineered interfaces improve electrostriction in an oxide material
13 A Psychologist Offers Advice on How to Beat Your Second-Date Anxiety
14 Scientists believe evolution could save coral reefs, if we let it
15 New insights into shellfish farming
16 New study reveals how E. coli cells evade antibacterial treatment
17 How the pathogen colonizes tsetse flies
18 Synthesizing nanosized zeolites
19 Governments' use of automated decision-making systems reflects systemic issues of injustice and inequality
20 Six recent discoveries that have changed how we think about human origins
21 Study reveals past climate of Cape Town
22 The scourge of sexual violence in West Africa, unveiled
23 New Psychological Research Teaches Us How to Be Positive Without Being Toxically Positive
24 Hotel housing improves well-being of individuals experiencing homelessness
25 Why a NASA spacecraft will crash into an asteroid
26 How digital technologies and remote work affect well-being
27 Physicists set a new low-temperature record
28 Recent advances in solid-state NMR studies of zeolite catalysts
29 Researchers use beams of muons to analyze the elemental composition of Asteroid Ryugu samples
30 Study sheds light on why whales do not get brain damage when they swim
31 How global warming affects astronomical observations
32 A 'fourth dry year' likely in California, officials say
33 Tonga volcano blast was unusual, could even warm the Earth
34 Study connects decomposing body's BMI to surrounding soil microbes
35 An integrated modeling framework to assess surface and ground water resources
36 Assessing the potential activity of salen against proteins of SARS-CoV-2
37 New eDNA method opens doors for environmental research
38 Biodegradable plastic mulch: A climate-smart agricultural practice
39 Alaska's newest lakes are belching methane
40 2022 Arctic summer sea ice tied for 10th-lowest on record
41 Lab grows macroscale, modular materials from bacteria
42 Big planets get a head start in pancake-thin nurseries
43 AI-based screening method could boost speed of new drug discovery
44 Understanding the dynamics of workplace violence can improve employee health and safety
45 A fulcrum for sustainable production of maize and rice in Africa
46 How biologists are making fieldwork safer and more equitable
47 Deepest scientific ocean drilling sheds light on Japan's next great earthquake
48 Experiences of racism must form part of evaluation of long-term impact of coronavirus social distancing, experts say
49 Docile raccoons are super learners and likely trashcan criminal masterminds
50 Discovering sirtuin longevity proteins in early branches of animal life
51 NASA's Juno will perform close flyby of Jupiter's icy moon Europa
52 Scientists chip away at the mystery of how radiation weakens metal, one atom at a time
53 Making butter-like spreads healthier
54 Icy swim may cut 'bad' body fat but further health benefits unclear--study
55 Brown carbon from aromatic pollutants is emitted during combustion and wildfires
56 Reusable contact lenses 'more than triple risk of rare eye infection'
57 Climate change is making lakes less blue
58 'Twisty' photons could turbocharge next-gen quantum communication
59 Steps for successfully growing sweet potatoes in Washington
60 When and Where to Watch Live as NASA Intentionally Crashes A Spacecraft into an Asteroid for the First Time
61 Four new caladium cultivars for containers and landscapes
62 How objects start to slide
63 Research revealing the main cause of narcolepsy named as breakthrough of the year
64 Ancient Maya cities were dangerously contaminated with mercury
65 Fortified Bermuda braces for powerful Hurricane Fiona
66 NASA gears up to deflect asteroid, in key test of planetary defense
67 After asteroid collision, Europe's Hera will probe 'crime scene'
68 2 more whales die in Australia as stranding deaths reach 200
69 New COVID-like virus discovered in Russian bat may 'pose threat to global health,' scientists say
70 AlphaFold's AI protein-structure predictions have limits
71 Arctic sea ice loss leads to more frequent strong El Nino events
72 3 Tips on How to Spend Your Money in Ways that Actually Make You Happy
73 What Pop Stars and Actual Stars Have in Common / Science
74 Secondary ion mass spectrometry reveals atoms that make up MXenes and their precursor materials
75 Atomic-scale imaging reveals a facile route to crystal formation
76 Alert Level of Supervolcano Raised for the First Time
77 Here is the first direct look at Neptune's rings in more than 30 years
78 Scientists unlock the code to breeding better peas
79 In Planetary Science Circles, Venus Is Now All the Rage
80 Playing wind instruments spreads more viruses than breathing, but less than speaking or singing
81 Historic UK castle at risk from climate change: heritage body
82 Data from GAIA space telescope reveals galaxy's original nucleus
83 Hurricane Fiona Eyes Greenland as Potential Hermine Looms for Florida
84 Mysterious ripples in the Milky Way were caused by a passing dwarf galaxy
85 The plate boundary between Africa and the Iberian Peninsula could cause large tsunamis
86 Using 3D X-ray technology for the detection of illegal wildlife trafficking
87 Hail experts highlight progress in understanding damaging storms
88 Beer prices could be on the rise due to CO2 shortage and supply chain shortfalls, says expert
89 New banana disease is spreading and poses threat to Africa's food security
90 Survey shows Brexit vote has undermined support for the United Kingdom's union
91 We can use drones to get inside and learn more about active, gassy volcanoes
92 A Psychologist Explains How to Handle the Pain of Being Cheated On
93 Are sanitary pads a panacea for impoverished women?
94 Want noisy miners to be less despotic? Think twice before filling your garden with nectar-rich flowers
95 Planetary-scale 'heat wave' discovered in Jupiter's atmosphere
96 When monkeys use the forest as a pharmacy
97 Why do we laugh? New study considers possible evolutionary reasons behind this very human behavior
98 A quadruple increase in carbon dioxide over East Asia causes changes in both fast and slow cloud responses
99 Higher temperatures make it difficult for fig tree pollinators
100 Scientists use modified silk proteins to create new nonstick surfaces
101 Air pollution can amplify negative effects of climate change, new study finds
102 Antarctic Microbes Could Help Unlock Climate Mysteries
103 Bumblebees can be classified as 'fish' under California conservation law, court says
104 Mexico earthquake triggers 'desert tsunami' 1,500 miles away in Death Valley cave
105 An AI message decoder based on bacterial growth patterns
106 Coral genome reveals cysteine surprise
107 First single-crystal organometallic perovskite optical fibers
108 Neoliberals are most receptive to political tricks, study finds
109 DNA nets capture COVID-19 virus in low-cost rapid-testing platform
110 New research finds that viruses may have 'eyes and ears' on us
111 Simple process extracts valuable magnesium salt from seawater
112 Project counts down Ariel exoplanet targets
113 Do you want to join the challenge to explore the moon?
114 Mutation in key molecules could stop gonorrhea infection
115 Tracking the origin of southern California's latest invasive pest