File Title
1 China plans cloud seeding to protect grain crop from drought
2 Sensor could help patients stay on top of their meds
3 Medieval monks were more likely to have worms than ordinary people
4 Should You Get A Polio Vaccine Booster? Here's How to Decide
5 Wave Created by Tonga Volcano Eruption Was Nine Times Taller than Any Other Tsunami
6 Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine Is Now Authorized for Ages 12 to 17
7 A potential resource crisis looming as the world decarbonises
8 A more environmentally friendly air conditioner
9 Tracking air pollution disparities--daily--from space
10 Sea urchin skeletons' patterns may strengthen their structure
11 What New Tech Is Revealing About Squishy, Prehistoric Cephalopods / Science
12 'Bombturbation' on Ukraine's Battlefields Could Enter Fossil Record
13 Surprising details leap out in sharp new James Webb Space Telescope images of Jupiter
14 A historical perspective on glacial retreat
15 Not one, but two asteroids might have slain the dinosaurs
16 A dog caught monkeypox from one of its owners, highlighting risk of the virus infecting pets and wild animals
17 Scientists are unraveling the mystery of the arrow of time
18 Researchers discover what causes cell 'batteries' to run down
19 New pics of Phobos from China's Tianwen-1 orbiter
20 A geotechnical engineer explains how water, air and sand create solid structures
21 A novel method of treating high-salinity nitrogenous wastewater
22 What is listeria? A microbiologist explains the bacterium behind recent deadly food poisoning outbreaks
23 Chirality and chiral-induced spin selectivity
24 Growing alfalfa in Martian-like soil and filtering water using bacteria and Martian basalt
25 News stories have caught spiders in a web of misinformation
26 What fake news about spiders can teach us about the global spread of (mis)information
27 Brain stimulation improves memory for at least one month, study suggests
28 Why are we seeing so many sharks? When is it OK to hunt them?
29 All Mental Health Roads Lead to A Common Destination: Be Your Authentic Self
30 The long history of using maps to hold water companies accountable
31 Pfizer and BioNTech Ask FDA to Authorize Omicron COVID Booster
32 Shanghai's Bund to go dark as China heatwave prompts power cuts
33 Remains of famous Sami woman recovered
34 Don't worry, maggots help break down compost piles
35 Webb Telescope Drops Astonishing New Images of Jupiter in Infrared
36 Working with community interviewers in social and cultural research
37 A quantum pump without a crank
38 Study assesses 'bombturbation' and other long-term effects of World War I explosive munitions on soil
39 Journalism students who are women of color are more likely to face 'violent, sexualized harassment'
40 Study suggests humble minnow can take the heat
41 A person's true feelings can be revealed in language patterns
42 LA County will experience triple the number of hot days by 2053, study says
43 No single cause for massive Oder River fish die-off
44 US, Mexico pledge half a billion dollars to fight cross-border pollution from Tijuana River sewage
45 Deadline passes without deal to save Colorado River. What now?
46 Vulnerable communities face higher risk of socioeconomic injustice due to flood hazards
47 Survivors of modern slavery take to stage to confront global challenge
48 Veterinary researcher answers five questions about botulism
49 DNA profiling solves Australian rabbit plague puzzle
50 Unmitigated school choice policies increase segregation, research shows
51 Maximizing could be key to minimizing our environmental footprint
52 Mysterious Chinese Spaceplane Apparently Still Overhead 18 Days After Launch
53 Lack of grants from funding agencies biggest barrier to OA publishing in physical sciences, study finds
54 Is your online life polluting the planet?
55 Paleoclimatologist uncovers ancient climate feedback loop that accelerated effects of Earth's last warming episode
56 Research team investigates the caterpillar-like bacteria crawling in our mouths
57 Barriers to voting matter, but Americans overlook their impact, study finds
58 Digging deep for dark matter
59 NASA rocket launch will test science package for future missions
60 Using new technique, researchers make surprising discoveries about how flies' brains respond to tastes
61 Scientists unravel molecular mechanism of PIN-mediated polar auxin transport
62 New research shows campus mounds are the oldest known human-made structures in North America
63 NASA targets 13 landing sites on moon's south pole for human landing
64 Manatee death toll in past dozen years equals current population
65 Pheasant meat sold for food found to contain many tiny shards of toxic lead
66 Oldest discovery to date of physogastric insects
67 Regular Exercise Slashes Risk of COVID, Study Suggests
68 Five Spectacular New Images from the Webb Telescope You've Not Seen Yet
69 Study Shows the Meg Could Swallow Modern Predators Whole
70 Serial Killer Whales Strike Again
71 Titanic's rusty underwater ruins continue to deteriorate, survey team says
72 The simple conservation strategy saving threatened Roseate terns
73 Flash flooding hits US parks, southern states in latest weather disasters
74 Wind turbine blades could someday be recycled into sweet treats
75 Detecting nanoplastics in the air
76 Your next wooden chair could arrive flat, then dry into a 3D shape
77 Study first to link weed killer Roundup to convulsions in animals
78 After 'doomsday' floods, Sudanese fear worse to come
79 How Much Meat Should We Eat? / Science
80 Its largest lake is so dry, China digs deep to water crops
81 Revelations from 17-million-year-old ape teeth could lead to new insights on early human evolution
82 Why we must act on the reasons some communities are facing higher risks
83 First Lear's Indigo Macaw Hatched in the Wild by Captive-Bred Parents
84 How festivals transform lives--and landscapes
85 Spatial-temporal patterns of hydroclimate change on the Chinese Loess Plateau
86 Novel smart material enables high-performance and reliable light control of droplets
87 U.K. Team Launches First Trial of Monkeypox Antiviral Drug
88 Ancient frogs in mass grave died from too much sex, new research says
89 How to 'Rejection-Proof' Your Mental Outlook
90 Algal toxin produced by brackish water species detected in Oder water, natural causes unlikely
91 Revealed missing step in lipid formation could enable detection of past climates
92 Detailed record of ancient British birds reveals potential rewilding candidates
93 Study reveals how hunting hawks home in on prey inside a chaotic swarm
94 Baby Sloths Are About as Cute as You Would Expect / Science
95 Saturn V was loud but didn't melt concrete
96 Why Does Sunshine in France Matter to Farmers in Iowa?
97 Study finds that ocean cooling over millennia led to larger fish
98 High levels of toxic mercury in some species of shark meat, fins pose dangers to human health
99 Fundamental effect of superconductor physics observed 30 years after it was predicted
100 A superfast process for nanoscale machining
101 Urban crops can have higher yields than conventional farming
102 Mysterious Canine Parvovirus-like Illness Has Left Over 30 Dogs Dead in Michigan
103 COVID-19 pandemic fallout worse for women
104 Quake shakes west Indonesia; no immediate reports of damage
105 Unrelated people with similar faces likely to have comparable DNA--study
106 Researchers complete first comprehensive threat assessment of all US trees
107 Researchers develop blood-brain-barrier-permeable nanoparticles for Alzheimer's disease treatment
108 Sleep deprivation may make people less generous
109 New routes for the construction of strong metal-support interactions
110 NASA 'go for launch' for planned Artemis I moon mission
111 NASA schedules PUNCH mission to launch in 2025; will study the sun
112 Scientists have calculated what can unbalance El Nino
113 Scientists evaluate Earth-cooling strategies with geoengineering simulations
114 Worms elevate phosphate levels in grass