File Title
1 Tailoring the particle sizes of Pt 4e alloy nanoparticles for the oxygen reduction reaction
2 Palm oil's implications on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
3 Microbially induced carbonate precipitation can improve coarse-grained, salty soil
4 Simulations show increased jet stream waviness due to asymmetric rise in global temperatures
5 Study finds one in four adults experience transportation insecurity
6 We may be underestimating just how bad carbon-belching SUVs are for the climate, and for our health
7 Direct democracy can force governments to better represent the people--but it doesn't always work out
8 A fossil baby helped scientists explain how mammals thrived after the dinosaur extinction
9 Record of Antarctic ice sheet response to climate cycles found in rock samples
10 Climate takes backseat in Italy vote despite extreme events
11 Ecuador launches floating islands to save stinky Guayaquil estuary
12 Oldest vertebrate fossil heart ever found tells a 380 million-year-old story of evolution
13 Humans evolved with their microbiomes. Like genes, your gut microbes pass from one generation to the next
14 Sydney cockatoos are still opening curbside bins, despite our best efforts to stop them
15 Psychological Research Shows Us How to 'YOLO' the Right Way
16 Mars rover sees hints of past life in latest rock samples
17 Bin-opening cockatoos enter 'arms race' with humans
18 Early Puberty Resulting from Excessive Smartphone Screen Time? Here's What this Study Found
19 WHO raises alarm on disease in flood-hit areas of Pakistan
20 A Psychologist Offers Advice on How to Overcome Shopping Addiction
21 Indonesian helps orchids bloom again
22 Psychological Research Offers 3 Strategies to Strengthen Your Ethical Code
23 Chinese astronauts go on spacewalk from new station
24 Tunisian 'hanging garden' farms cling on despite drought
25 Alaskans assess damage as powerful storm rumbles north
26 September 22 D.C. March Will Urge Senate to Pass Assault Weapon Ban
27 'Extremely rare' Rameses II-era burial cave found in Israel
28 Rattled Taiwan hit by more aftershocks
29 Three new species of ground snakes discovered under graveyards and churches in Ecuador
30 First public global database of fossil fuels launches
31 Power out in Puerto Rico, 'catastrophic' damage in several areas from Fiona
32 This environmentally friendly quantum sensor runs on sunlight
33 Valery Polyakov, took longest single trip to space, dies
34 United Arab Emirates to launch first lunar rover in November
35 'Silent' mutations help bacteria to evade antibiotics
36 Video shows the first fox known to fish for food
37 Radio halo in galaxy cluster Abell 2256 investigated in detail
38 Picotesla magnetometry of microwave fields with diamond sensors
39 Compact electron accelerator reaches new speeds with nothing but light
40 Researchers measure the link between unemployment and crime
41 The secrets of embracing change in work and life
42 Is a biofuel mandate the worst option for cutting transport emissions?
43 For some students with disabilities, full inclusion may not be the answer
44 How antimicrobial-resistant microbes journey from environment to humans
45 What constitutes a mind? Researcher challenges perceptions of sentience with the smallest of creatures
46 Temperature contributes most to geographical distribution of two giant honeybees
47 Hubble captures a starry scene
48 The building blocks for exploring new exotic states of matter
49 What are meteorologists thinking? They can tell us about the weather, but also worry about the climate emergency
50 Its habitat decimated, this charismatic Minnesota bird is dancing on the edge of oblivion
51 Joint children may strengthen stepfamily ties to older parents
52 How do woodlice mate when predators lurk nearby? Impact of predators on male-female pairing
53 NASA's InSight hears its first meteoroid impacts on Mars
54 Exploring the synergy of westerlies and the monsoon on Mt. Everest, as well as their climatic and environmental effects
55 Lanthanide doping could help with new imaging techniques
56 Understanding the new breach in the world's largest living thing
57 Quantum light source advances bio-imaging clarity
58 Genomic analysis reveals true origin of South America's canids
59 Mars is mighty in first Webb observations of Red Planet
60 Chinese fossil eggs show dinosaur decline before extinction
61 A new genetic sampling technique for salt marsh harvest mice and other small mammals
62 Student evaluations show bias against female professors
63 Heated plot experiments reveal link between warmer early winters and lower crop yields
64 NASA gears up for Artemis I tanking test for shot to launch next week
65 Undergrad publishes theory on immune dysfunction in space
66 Amino acid supplement is a key to reproductive health in dairy cows
67 Researchers transplant the RNA editing machine of moss into human cells
68 How many ants are there on Earth?
69 Wildfire smoke may have amplified Arctic phytoplankton bloom
70 Elusive atmospheric wave detected during Tonga volcanic eruption
71 Research team creates new magnetic quasiparticle
72 Researchers determine new method for measuring high energy density plasmas and facilitating inertial confinement fusion
73 Research team looks to past for insights on future of megafauna
74 A better understanding of crop yields under climate change
75 Researcher helps identify new evidence for habitability in ocean of Saturn's moon Enceladus
76 How much (DNA) damage can a cancer cell tolerate?
77 India's history of monsoon droughts revealed by stalagmites and historical documentary sources
78 Design evolution through the martial art of Capoeira
79 Surface defect engineering of nanowire arrays towards efficient nitrogen reduction for ammonia synthesis
80 President Biden Prematurely Saying COVID-19 'Pandemic Is Over' Is Called 'Reckless'
81 There are about 20,000 trillion ants on Earth, new study estimates
82 Geologists mapped how metal pollutants have traveled across the city
83 Iraq's mighty river drying up
84 Drought decimates Texas' key cotton crop
85 Fossil eggs unearthed in China suggest dinosaurs were already in decline before asteroid impact
86 Updated climate models are clouded by scientific biases, researchers find
87 Scientists develop mask that can detect COVID in 10 minutes
88 Fossil finds put gibbons in Asia as early as 8 million years ago
89 Fossil Eggs Show Dinosaur Decline Before End-Cretaceous Extinction
90 Mysterious soil virus gene seen for first time
91 Climate change may impact marine environments more than anything else
92 Importance of gender-affirming school culture to reduce peer victimization among gender-nonconforming youth
93 New type of investment could narrow funding gap for climate adaptation projects
94 Efficient species monitoring method proves its worth for conservation management
95 The growing awareness and prominence of environmental sustainability
96 South Africa's farm exports are an economic lifeline, with weak spots
97 Wolves show dog-like affection towards humans, research reveals
98 Scientists find that wolves can show attachment toward humans
99 Israeli researchers find opium residue in 3,500-year-old pottery
100 Earth harbours 20,000,000,000,000,000 ants. And they weigh more than wild birds and mammals combined
101 Mental Health Research Explores A Common but Underrated Couple's Problem: Relationship 'Jet Lag'
102 Young, cold-blooded animals are suffering the most as Earth heats up, research finds
103 Parts of many coastal cities are sinking faster than the sea is rising
104 Tracking a network of 100,000 mutants
105 Exploring how neurons in human skin affect pigmentation
106 Astronomers find a sun-like star orbiting a nearby black hole
107 Monkeypox Could Cause Neurological Issues like Nerve Pain and Brain Inflammation, Researchers Warn
108 Amphibian die-off leads to malaria spike in Latin America
109 Despite frequent sightings, red squirrel habitats in Berlin are small and fragmented
110 Geoengineering could destabilize tropical peat soils
111 Home ownership leads to less happiness than expected
112 Artificial intelligence spots pests in trail cams, and tracks indigenous plants from orbit
113 New chemistry happens when dust meets pollution
114 Earth-like exoplanets unlikely to be another 'pale blue dot'
115 How two isomers of [IrC4H2]+ independently react with either methane or water
116 The role of overconfidence and perceived ability in preferences for income equality
117 Multifunctional porous conductive membranes help microbes eat their way to a faster carbon dioxide conversion