File Title
1 Two New York Democrats ousted from US House in primary losses
2 Six months of Putin's war unravels Russia's superpower image
3 Migrants crossing the English Channel hit new 24-hour record
4 A week of controversy for Finnish PM Sanna Marin: What has happened so far
5 Twenty-five years since Paris death, Princess Diana still captivates
6 Korea shatters its own record for world's lowest fertility rate
7 China's fragile economy is being hammered by driest riverbeds since 1865
8 An exotic bird lures trappers to Gaza's tense frontier
9 Ukraine envoy criticises pope over comments on Russian killed by car bomb
10 Biden to cancel $10,000 in student loan debt for borrowers earning less than $125,000
11 California to ban the sale of new gasoline cars
12 Vanessa Bryant awarded $16 million over Kobe Bryant helicopter crash site photos
13 Texas massacre: Uvalde school board fires police chief after mass shooting
14 Russian attack kills 22 civilians on Ukraine's Independence Day, Kyiv officials say
15 US sees India as its indispensable partner: White House
16 In a first, India votes against Russia in UNSC during procedural vote on Ukraine
17 What you need to know about Biden's student loan forgiveness plan
18 UN rights chief hopes finally to release report on China's Uyghurs in coming week
19 US police arrests woman for assault on Indian Americans: 'I hate you Indians...'
20 Japan's ex-PM Shinzo Abe murder suspect says life destroyed by mother's religion
21 Moderna sues Pfizer/BioNTech for patent infringement over COVID-19 vaccine
22 US Justice Department releases redacted Mar-a-Lago search affidavit
23 Year later, Afghan media struggles to survive: 'no law, only restrictions'
24 Indian Americans condemn racist attack in Texas: 'Alarming, but not uncommon...'
25 Inside the 20-month fight to get Trump to return Presidential material
26 Flood-ravaged Pakistan to deploy Army to assist in rescue and relief work
27 Pakistan floods force tens of thousands from homes overnight
28 US warships carrying out Taiwan Strait passage, first since Nancy Pelosi visit, say officials
29 Diana's car auctioned as 25th anniversary of her death nears
30 In Finland, a partying Prime Minister draws tuts, and cheers
31 Taliban accuses Pakistan of allowing U.S. drones to use its airspace
32 UN warns 6 million Afghans at risk of famine as crises grow
33 As Rome burns (or at least its garbage), a Mayor dares to dream
34 Iran closes border to Iraq, flights stop amid violent unrest
35 Japanese business pioneer, philanthropist Inamori dies at 90
36 What is the environmental cost of gas flaring?
37 Secret data, tiny islands and a quest for treasure on the ocean floor
38 Tomatoes spill onto Interstate, causing crashes, quips and confusion
39 UN issues flash appeal for $160 million to help Pakistan with floods
40 Death in Navy SEAL training exposes a culture of brutality, cheating and drugs
41 Last handful of fish: Crisis pushes more Sri Lankans into poverty
42 Heavy gunfire rocks Iraq's Green Zone amid violent protests
43 Iraqi cleric calls on loyalists to withdraw after clashes
44 Attacks on major Iraqi gasfield drive out U.S. contractors
45 Meghan speaks about her efforts 'forgiving' royal family
46 Danube drought reveals parts of hidden World War II history
47 US asks farmers: Can you plant 2 crops instead of 1?
48 Last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who ended the Cold War, dies aged 91
49 Pakistan floods: US announces 30 million dollars aid
50 Much like his legacy, reaction to Gorbachev's death is sharply divided
51 S. Korea to end pre-departure COVID test requirement for international arrivals
52 China sets October start for congress seen as Xi coronation
53 The seminal year of 1991: A failed coup followed by Gorbachev's resignation
54 One man dies, and an entire uncontacted tribe vanishes in Brazil
55 US Army grounds its entire fleet of Chinook helicopters: Report
56 Body of German man missing for 32 years found on Swiss glacier
57 UN rights chief's tenure ends in disappointment for China activists
58 US Navy says Iran seized, later let go of American sea drone
59 Diana's death stunned the world--and changed the royals
60 For Singapore's gay men, repeal of sex ban brings hope after years of pain
61 'Not my choice.' A TV anchor in Canada is ousted, and viewers ask: was sexism to blame?
62 When Gorbachev lifted the iron curtain, western businesses rushed in
63 Lockdowns in China, and North Korea, deal double blow to bridge city
64 How Reagan and Bush overcame skepticism to collaborate with Gorbachev
65 A reporter's Siberian memories of Gorbachev, and that Pizza Hut commercial
66 The Mikhail Gorbachev era and the collapse of the Soviet Union: Key events of a long career
67 How German companies are staring down Putin's threat to cut off gas
68 In Pakistan, fears of waterborne diseases as floods recede
69 Cambodian, Japanese among winners of Magsaysay Awards 2022
70 Super typhoon near Japan's Okinawa is year's strongest storm
71 Japan PM apologises for party's church links, will cut ties
72 Mississippi capital: Water everywhere, not a drop to drink
73 FDA authorizes two COVID boosters targeted at Omicron subvariants
74 Britain, US hold talks on price cap on Russian oil to cut global energy prices
75 Oil leaking from bulk carrier off Gibraltar after tanker collision
76 UN rights office publishes Xinjiang report opposed by China
77 Reported sexual assaults across US military increase by 13%
78 Saddened by loss of lives due to severe floods in Pakistan: White House
79 Fans of Princess Diana gather to mark her death 25 years ago
80 A timeline of the investigation into Trump's Mar-a-Lago docs
81 Indian-American racially abused in California: 'Dirty Hindu & this ain't India'
82 Tech tool offers US police 'mass surveillance on a budget'
83 After long drought, China plots ambitious water infrastructure push
84 China may have committed crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, says UN
85 Pakistan: WHO warns of health crisis after floods
86 China rejects UN report on Uyghur rights abuses in Xinjiang
87 Do Black lives matter in Italy?
88 Taiwan shoots down drone for first time off Chinese coast
89 How the Ukraine war has pushed Taiwan to better prepare for crises
90 Chairman of Russian oil producer Lukoil dies after falling from hospital window: Source
91 Poland to demand WWII reparations from Germany
92 Woman arrested after accusing Taliban official of rape
93 To China's fury, UN accuses Beijing of Uyghur rights abuses
94 US to revise Afghan resettlement policy, says official
95 Putin denies Gorbachev a state funeral and will stay away
96 Joe Biden at Independence Hall: Trump, allies threaten democracy
97 China could use US oil to support Russian invasion of Ukraine, say GOP lawmakers
98 Australia increases permanent immigration quota to compete with Canada, Germany
99 In US, COVID erased two decades of progress in math and reading
100 Argentina: Attempt to kill VP fails when handgun misfires
101 Watch: Narrow escape for Argentina Vice President after man points gun at her
102 Myanmar court sentences Suu Kyi to 3 years for voting fraud
103 Chengdu locks down 21.2 million as Chinese cities battle COVID
104 In a Japanese nursing home, some workers are babies
105 Top climate stories of this week: Aid pours into flood-hit Pakistan, Hawaii quits coal in bid to fight climate change, and more
106 North Korea calls UN monitor on its rights issue 'puppet' of US
107 Afghan mosque blast kills 18, including pro-Taliban cleric
108 Protesting environment activists superglue themselves in UK Parliament
109 G7 finance chiefs agree on Russian oil price cap but level not yet set
110 Record-setting Sherpa guide has a new journey in mind: retirement
111 India soars ahead of UK to become world's fifth biggest economy
112 US angers China with potential $1.1 billion arms sale to Taiwan
113 UN chief: Former Kyrgyzstan president to head Afghan mission
114 In a surprise, Russia says the gas pipeline to Germany will remain closed
115 Indian man racially abused in Poland, called 'parasite' and told 'go back to your country'
116 Russia alarmed at no US visas to attend UN leaders meeting
117 A volcano erupted without warning. Now, scientists know why.
118 How a 92-year-old cleric silently halted Iraq's slide back into war
119 Hundreds line up to say farewell to Gorbachev; Putin absent
120 Pakistan appeals for more aid for 33M affected by flooding