File Title
1 A new space race? China adds urgency to US return to moon
2 Scientists claim discovery of rare and well preserved 'dinosaur mummy' of hardosaur in Alberta, Canada
3 New atlas of bird migration shows extraordinary journeys
4 Unwed couples grew, US was more wired in COVID's 1st years
5 No sighting in northern Philippines of Chinese rocket debris
6 Global warming doubled the risk for Copenhagen's historic 2011 cloudburst
7 Small proteins play big role in cellular energy balance
8 Path to the brown coloration of diatoms discovered
9 Byzantine solar eclipse records illuminate obscure history of Earth's rotation
10 Researchers prepare nacre-inspired underwater superoleophobic films
11 Lessons from A Mermaid About Representation in Science and Engineering
12 Can we live longer? Physicist makes discovery about telomeres
13 Keeping trees near farmland pays environmental dividends
14 'People in their 30s could be developing diabetes and should cut carbs'
15 Observing the difference in structural dynamics of 1 nm single-molecules at room temperature for the first time
16 Increasing minimum wage may lead businesses to reduce their capital expenditures
17 New Psychological Research Teaches Us How to Avoid Being 'Infected' with Infidelity
18 Understanding how a cell becomes a person, with math
19 Conversion to LED lighting brings new kind of light pollution to Europe
20 The direct observation of highly nonlinear plasma waves
21 Scientists Discover Bug-Eating Reptile that Lived Among Dinosaurs / Science
22 Why it's not anti-environmental to be in favor of economic growth
23 What must be done to prevent another disaster
24 Should we really believe scientific facts will last forever when history is full of revolutions in thinking?
25 Impact of heavy metal pollution on health risks in oasis groundwater in northwest China
26 Strawberries are smaller when bees ingest pesticides, study finds
27 Thousands of Australian lives could be lost without rapid adoption of electric vehicles
28 How to keep kids curious: Five questions answered
29 Inhibitor of lipid kinase PI3KC2a identified as potential new treatment of thrombosis
30 A Psychologist Teaches You How to Tap into an 'Endless Possibilities' State of Mind
31 Solvent effect on film formation and device performance for 2D Dion-Jacobson perovskite solar cells
32 The Defense Innovation Unit's 'Private Money' Approach Aims to Produce Reusable Hypersonic Test Aircraft Fast
33 Study shows flerovium is the most volatile metal in the periodic table
34 Researchers discover new signal for triggering human immune response
35 High efficiency and low noise amplification of ultrashort pulses by quasi-parametric amplification
36 Frequency-modulated continuous waves controlled by space-time-coding metasurface with nonlinearly periodic phases
37 380m-year-old 'beautifully preserved' fish heart is oldest ever found
38 Saturn's rings and tilt might have come from one missing moon
39 PDGFR kinase inhibitor found to protect against septic death via regulation of BTLA
40 Four Big Questions About the New COVID-19 Boosters, Answered / Science
41 Looking for a job? Lean more on weak ties than strong relationships
42 Communities of color at greatest risk of pesticide exposure in Ventura County, California
43 RiverProAnalysis, an open-source set of Matlab scripts for river longitudinal profile analysis
44 Warmer Earth could see smaller butterflies that struggle to fly, affecting food systems
45 Greener and more 'walkable' urban areas encourage physical activity
46 Researchers pave the way for large-scale, efficient organic solar cells with water treatment
47 Genetically modified immune cells put 5 people's lupus in remission
48 Double-transmon coupler will realize faster, more accurate superconducting quantum computers
49 Honeybees are less likely to sting in larger groups
50 Researchers discover expanding and intensifying low-oxygen zone in the Arabian gulf
51 Cracking the secrets to earthquake safety, one shake simulation at a time
52 'Beautifully preserved' 380-million-year-old fish heart fossil found in reef
53 Recent findings from Iceland's Fagradalsfjall eruptions change what we know about how volcanoes work
54 Pollutants from burning structures linger in waterways post-wildfire
55 Study shows potential of Southern cattail for phytoremediation of areas contaminated by mine tailings
56 High school students with disabilities achieve better outcomes in inclusive academic settings
57 Researchers attempt to print thin-film transistors with metal oxides onto heat-sensitive materials
58 Study finds stock values increase when firms appoint Black CEOs
59 Review of SERS-based sensors for agricultural applications
60 Identifying research priorities for security and safety threats in the Arctic and the North-Atlantic
61 Grimy windows could be harbouring toxic pollutants
62 Scientists fabricate acid/alkali dual pH-responsive smart pesticide delivery system
63 NASA's Perseverance rover investigates geologically rich Mars terrain
64 Scientists resolve the structure of the human bitter taste receptor TAS2R46
65 Millions of farmers 'replumb' the world's largest delta
66 380-million-year-old heart illuminates evolutionary history
67 Saturn's rings and tilt could be the product of an ancient, missing moon
68 See the Four Jaw-Dropping New 100-Megapixel Close-Ups of the Sun as New Era of Science Begins
69 AI excels at creating new proteins
70 Scientists find 'weaker ties' are more beneficial for job seekers on LinkedIn
71 Electrically controlled exchange-bias effect discovered in magnetic van der Waals heterostructures
72 Seismic device made for extraterrestrial research can help tackle climate change on Earth
73 Warming, other factors worsened Pakistan floods, study finds
74 Mexican government says train poses no threat to skeleton
75 Media-saturation challenges trust in European democracy
76 Climate-fueled hunger more than doubles in worst-hit countries: report
77 Plastic garbage covers Central American rivers, lakes and beaches
78 Ig Nobel 2022: Research on constipated scorpions, love at first sight awarded for making people 'laugh, then think'
79 Climate change jeopardizes health care services, report says
80 Spanish islanders struggle one year after volcanic eruption
81 Constipated scorpions, love at first sight inspire Ig Nobels
82 Mexican mangroves have been capturing carbon for 5,000 years
83 Here's what triggers giant honeybees to 'shimmer'
84 We've Finally Figured Out Why Saturn Is 'Lord of the Rings,' Say Scientists
85 Gut microbes and humans on a joint evolutionary journey
86 A novel theory for nonlinear dissipative phenomena
87 Switch on your favourite playlist to avoid overeating when stressed, experts say
88 Phase transitions in olivine may be the cause of deep seismic faulting
89 How you sleep could be 'strongest predictor' of when you will die, study says
90 Hubble captures galaxy NGC 1961
91 Super Typhoon Nanmadol Threatens Japan as Tropical Storm Fiona Lurks Closer to Home
92 Examining the individual signatures of the 'whoops' that hyenas make
93 A Dating Coach Reveals the Top Behaviors that Lead Women to View Men as 'Creepy'
94 Does exercise drive development? In the sea anemone, the way you move matters
95 How quantum physicists are looking for life on exoplanets
96 Training for Dixie Fire survivors sheds light on the long road to recovery
97 Report recommends policies, mechanisms for return, ethical uses for research of human remains in museums
98 The horseracing industry is ignoring what science says about whipping
99 When it's smart to be slow
100 Ever heard of ocean forests? They're larger than the Amazon and more productive than we thought
101 Parenting alone isn't to blame for gender inequality
102 Thinking about quiet quitting? Here's why--and how--you should talk to your boss instead
103 Examining the roots of great wine tourism
104 Decoupling engineering of formamidinium-cesium perovskites for efficient photovoltaics
105 A third of Aussies fear losing their homes to climate change
106 Support for art and other cultural objects can be strengthened by highlighting their collective value
107 Cutting edge science reveals Gribshunden's shipwrecked secrets
108 Beads show European trade in African interior used Indigenous routes
109 Size alone doesn't explain how they can eat such big prey
110 When did dinosaurs go extinct? The theories on how it happened and what survived
111 Recreating 'ghost neighborhoods' destroyed by highways
112 Namibian cheetahs head for India, 70 years after local extinction
113 Differential impacts of adult trees on offspring and non-offspring recruits in a subtropical forest
114 Genetically-modified purple tomatoes might be coming to a US grocery store near you
115 Machine learning gives glimpse of how a dog's brain represents what it sees
116 Did life ever exist on Mars? NASA's Perseverance rover finds organic matter in rock samples
117 Researchers reveal reactive gallium-hydride species on gallium oxide surface
118 A new strategy to speed up cold case investigations