File Title
1 Researchers identify how science can help cities and companies operate within Earth system limits
2 Why Focusing on Happiness Destroys It, and Two Other Psychological Paradoxes You Should Know About
3 Filling a vital gap in climate models
4 How to capture defunct satellites and other space junk and bring it back to Earth
5 Copenhagen's failure to meet its 2025 target casts doubt on other major climate plans
6 Six ways to avoid a staple food shortage
7 Eating insects can be good for the planet. Europeans should eat more of them
8 Study finds 'substantial' costs on workers with severe COVID-19 illnesses
9 The world is hungry for a solution
10 California becomes first US state to begin ranking extreme heat wave events
11 Up to a third of Shakespeare's plays 'may have been co-authored'
12 Studies in Bangladesh detail how e-waste recycling exposes workers to chemicals
13 New method to identify symmetries in data using Bayesian statistics
14 How to make kelp aquaculture a better carbon sink
15 Precisely determining the energy levels of different solar materials for high-performance devices
16 Newsletter research reveals the rate of unique baby names in Japan increased over the 40 years since the 1980s
17 Urban overheating risks are personal, study finds
18 Device could help stroke survivors to feel loved one's hand, researchers say
19 Air quality warning as Oregon wildfire grows
20 New laser-based instrument designed to boost hydrogen research
21 Researchers upgrade international nomenclature of landslide geometry
22 Researchers present new mathematical model for studying kidney cells
23 Scientists have created a mathematical model for the dynamics of nanoparticles and viruses in cells
24 Building better quantum sensors
25 Recruiting male allies boosts women at work
26 Interviewers show racial bias when reporting survey respondents' political knowledge
27 Bats' midnight snacks reveal clues for managing endangered species
28 Intriguing material property found in complex nanostructures could dissipate energy
29 High-performance 937-nm laser lets scientists see deeper with lower power
30 Biologists glean insight into repetitive protein sequences
31 Study quantifies impact of human activity on Atlantic Rainforest's carbon storage capacity
32 Millions of farmers put their faith in God when making decisions
33 'Glass bubble' nanocarrier boosts effects of combination therapy for pancreatic cancer
34 New animal tags with cameras and AI complete maiden flight
35 Study outlines steps to reduce 'cybervetting' bias in hiring
36 Store-bought milkweed plants can expose monarch caterpillars to harmful pesticides
37 Breakthrough reported in machine learning-enhanced quantum chemistry
38 Nanorattles shake up new possibilities for disease detection
39 Five minute walks best way to comfort crying babies, says study
40 Not all camouflage is equal. Here are prey animals' best options
41 Cowbird chicks do best with two warbler nest mates--not four, not zero, study finds
42 Ancient skeleton found in Mexico cave threatened by train
43 Fungal outbreak threatens tricolored bat with extinction
44 New computer simulation aids in the search for the origin of cosmic rays
45 A Newly Discovered Exoplanet Is Now Our Second-Best Target for Webb Telescope, Say Scientists
46 What causes this neglected snail-borne disease?
47 Health groups calls for fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty
48 Seeds of change for Dijon mustard amid shortage
49 Are we missing a crucial component of sea-level rise?
50 Earliest gibbon fossil found in southwest China
51 How you sleep could be 'strongest predictor' of when you will die, study says
52 Genetic discovery could lead to better treatments for common tumor in dogs
53 How Kenyans help themselves and the planet by saving mangrove trees
54 Engineering an enzyme against antibiotic-resistant anthrax
55 Renewable Energy Costs Have Dropped Much Faster than Expected, but There's A Catch
56 Astronomers discover two 'super-Earths' orbiting nearby star
57 Researchers collaborate to send manikins to measure radiation
58 Fungi and insect herbivores affect herb diversity depending on species traits of herbs and neighboring tree composition
59 Multiple-source characteristics of crop water use strategy in hyper-arid regions
60 Pet and medicine trades impacting resident tokay gecko populations, ecologists report
61 Prime Movers Lab Raises A $500 Million Early Growth Fund to Invest in Breakthrough Science
62 Can wild potato relatives help tame zebra chip disease?
63 Moral illusions may alter our behavior
64 Deep learning from a dynamical viewpoint
65 Falling objects in orbit show Einstein was right--again
66 Making and breaking of chemical bonds in single 'nanoconfined' molecules
67 How media coverage comparing politics to sports shapes political attitudes
68 Genomics study identifies unique set of proteins that restores hearing in zebrafish
69 Comparing effectiveness of camouflage in different animals
70 Molecular organization of tight junctions decoded
71 Employers are encouraged to embrace neurodiversity
72 New evidence of baby planet in the making
73 Finnish Radio Telescope Aims to Protect Satellites from Solar Storms
74 Climate change is making workers' lives more difficult
75 Kangaroos are 'vegetarian gladiators' with kicks that can kill. An expert explains why they attack
76 Why visit it, how could we get there and would it surprise us like Pluto?
77 Investigating better biotransformations
78 Reusing 1 kg of clothing saves 25 kg of CO2, study finds
79 Revisiting the adequacy of the economic policy narrative underpinning the Green Revolution
80 New study cracks the code to increasing grain size and reducing chalkiness in rice
81 Modeling antimicrobial use and resistance in Canadian turkey flocks
82 Humans may have started tending animals almost 13,000 years ago
83 What ancient dung reveals about Epipaleolithic animal tending
84 Ancient dung analysis suggests animals being farmed for food 13,000 years ago
85 Above and belowground traits vary in response to soil moisture availability and plant competition
86 University of Michigan's ZEUS will be most powerful laser in US
87 Using eyes in the sky to locate seals in a rapidly changing Arctic
88 Biomimetic dual-color domes programmable for encryption
89 Kebnekaise's southern peak once again lower than the northern peak
90 Researchers develop a new way to predict droughts
91 Red-eyed treefrogs use sound and vibration in calls for mates and aggression
92 Research finds educators need mental health support following hurricanes
93 Poliovirus is spreading in New York. Here's what you need to know
94 Typhoon Muifa makes second landfall on China's coast
95 The origin of life in an RNA pocket
96 DART spacecraft prepares to collide with asteroid target later this month
97 New multi-channel visible light communication system uses single optical path
98 Study tracks waterbird use of Chicago-area wetlands
99 Removing turf-grass saves water. But will it increase urban heat?
100 Researchers believe they've found one of the best preserved dinosaurs ever
101 Chemical additives improve stability of high-density lithium-ion batteries
102 Enabling precise control of catalytic reactions
103 How an extra-clock ultradian brain oscillator sustains circadian timekeeping
104 New study cracks the code for future exploration of oil and gas in the Jizhong depression
105 How devices shape our behavior when bargaining with strangers
106 Researchers complete the first UK study of synthetic chemicals found in food
107 Migrants' mental health can depend on the way they spend money, says new research
108 Rocky 'Water Worlds' Are Far More Common in Milky Way than We Thought, Say Scientists
109 Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus Type 2 Kills 14 Animals in Connecticut
110 Robot 'taught to laugh at jokes'
111 First Evidence of Oceanic Manta Rays in Fiji
112 How silent environmentalists could help protect biodiversity
113 Investigation examines fossil fuel industry influence at elite American universities
114 To study impacts of longer, hotter summers, ecologists haul 5,000 pounds of sand up a mountain
115 First light at the most powerful laser in the US
116 Increasing use of one type of lightbulb may disturb sleep and health across Europe, study warns
117 Scientists reveal the true identity of a Chinese octopus