File Title
1 Study examines the impact of fake online reviews on sales
2 A breakthrough discovery in carbon capture conversion for ethylene production
3 Firefighters brace for mudslides as storm moves into California
4 Beautiful dunes on Mars, sculpted by swirling winds
5 Wildfire poses greater threat to cannabis than other California crops
6 Swapping meat for seafood could improve nutrition and reduce emissions
7 Flood-hit Pakistan faces spread of infectious diseases
8 'A trump card for the energy transition process'
9 Walking robots could aid research on other planets
10 Jaw-Dropping 'Blood Moon Rescue' Among Winning Images in 'Capture the Dark' Contest
11 Strong earthquakes shake part of Indonesia's West Papua
12 Why go back to the Moon?
13 Artificial ocean cooling to weaken hurricanes is futile, study finds
14 New study on financial management in higher ed shows that budgeting flexibility is the key to security
15 Intimate partner violence among some LGBT couples increased during pandemic
16 How brands can benefit consumer well-being
17 Life on Earth Is Good, but It Can Be Better
18 NASA's Webb catches Tarantula Nebula
19 Donkey domestication happened 7,000 years ago in Africa: DNA study
20 New Research Reveals Why Moving On from A Psychopathic Ex Is So Difficult
21 How you sleep could be 'strongest predictor' of when you will die, study says
22 Will New NYC Transit Face Mask Graphic Send Wrong COVID-19 Messages?
23 4 Ways to Tell if You're in A Hopeless Relationship, According to A Psychologist
24 When curved materials flatten, simple geometry can predict the wrinkle patterns that emerge
25 Researchers find source of gamma rays in small neighboring galaxy
26 Ancient skeleton reveals amputation surgery 31,000 years ago
27 Four major climate tipping points close to triggering
28 Massive California fire eases with rains
29 Huge quake hits Papua New Guinea, extent of damage unclear
30 Loud thunder from small Oregon storm shakes Portland
31 White House Inks Strategy to Grow Trillion Dollar US Bioeconomy
32 First-time fathers may experience brain shrinkage, study suggests
33 Can't comb your kid's hair? This gene may be to blame
34 How a Giant Eagle Once Came to Dominate New Zealand / Science
35 Researchers devise a theoretical description of light-induced topological states
36 How living in a pandemic distorts our sense of time
37 Using 'chemical fingerprinting' to fight seafood fraud and illegal fishing
38 The climate crisis is real, but overusing terms like 'crisis' and 'emergency' comes with risk
39 4 Common Misconceptions About Clouds Clarified
40 Liquid-interface assisted SERS could see earlier detection of Alzheimer's disease
41 Water Crisis Continues After 'Weak Coffee' Stream in Jackson, Miss., Goes Viral
42 A single protein controls aging signals more effectively than in a team
43 Fossil Fuel Pollution Likely Accelerates Lung Cancer in Non-Smokers, Study Finds
44 Is job insecurity really the great motivator some managers believe it is? We crunched the numbers to find out
45 New technique improves proteoform imaging in human tissue
46 Economic freedom in the US drops to its lowest point in four decades
47 Need to keep cockatoos out of your trash? Try bricks, sticks or shoes
48 World's lakes experience excess warming
49 Political research benefits from AI methodology
50 Jackson water issues result of environmental racism, expert says
51 Research reveals remarkable variability in coral heat tolerance
52 Nanotubes illuminate the way to living photovoltaics
53 3D shaping of microscopic membranes that underlie cellular processes
54 Government workers in Australia prioritize well-being over pay
55 Birds teaching each other how to open rubbish bins, scientists learn
56 Research of a wild primate shows maternal effects key to gut microbial development
57 Who flirts to get ahead at work? Study finds it's most often subordinate men
58 Scientists sleuth out an elusive plant pathogen in Mexico
59 Envisioning net-zero food systems
60 Eco-friendly credentials not benefiting hotels financially, study says
61 Contrasting reproductive phenological strategies among temperate woody species discovered
62 Hurricane Harvey's hardest hit survivors five times as likely to experience anxiety from COVID-19 pandemic
63 Racial biases seen when white teachers hear low-quality stories
64 Exploring bioresponsive polymers for nanomedicine
65 Scientists develop a method to turn hazardous acidic industrial wastewater into valuable resources
66 Webb telescope captures 'breathtaking' images of Orion Nebula
67 Soil disturbance reduces resilience of rangelands to climate change
68 Newly developed ice-shedding coating is 100 times stronger than others
69 Examining what killed the dinosaurs in depth
70 Researchers explore enzymes that use a cation, not oxygen-addition, to drive reactions
71 More than half of all tropical deforestation directly attributable to industrial mining takes place in Indonesia
72 Why are dark matter halos of ultra-diffuse galaxies so odd?
73 What is the smallest planet? (It's not Pluto.) Taking a closer look at planet sizes.
74 Most US states don't have universal air conditioning in prisons. Climate change, heat waves are making it 'torture'
75 Scientists might have discovered an Earth-like planet. Let one of them tell you about it.
76 Baby Kinda baboons become independent faster if moms are social, dominant
77 Astronomers wind back the clock to determine the timeline of a stellar explosion
78 New technique to measure temperatures in combustion flames could lead to cleaner biofuels
79 Doctors and lawyers less likely to live in prosperous areas if from working class families, says research
80 In a warmer world, half of all species are on the move. Where are they going?
81 The strange behavior of sound through solids
82 Tidal marsh or 'fake habitat'? California environmental project draws criticism
83 Mysterious diamonds came from outer space, scientists say
84 Forests' carbon uptake will be compromised by climate change, leaf temperature study suggests
85 Passionate football fans 'likely to be hostile to rival fans but also more kind'
86 CHEOPS space telescope celebrates first thousand days in orbit
87 Economists find that vaccine companies influence each others' stock prices
88 Researchers model benefits of riverfront forest restoration
89 Report lays out future scenarios for global chemical industry
90 Webb Telescope Captures the Most Beautiful Object in the Night Sky in Jaw-Dropping New Release
91 A Bronze Age food vessel unearthed during a high street demolition 42 years ago has gone on display at a nearby museum
92 Have the New Bivalent COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters Been Tested on Humans?
93 Keeping to a beat is linked to reproductive success in male rock hyraxes
94 Pet neuter surgeries fall off during pandemic, driving shelter overpopulation
95 A new standard to identify important habitats
96 Ultra-processed foods linked to higher risk of developing dementia, study warns
97 Uncrewed Blue Origin rocket crashes in setback for space tourism
98 In Nigeria, finding value in waste recycling
99 Hong Kong September heat record broken twice
100 Oregon blaze latest major wildfire to engulf US West
101 NASA's Moon mission pushed back, again
102 The 'majestic' Singapore orchid named in honor of Queen Elizabeth
103 'Clairvoyant' 2012 climate report warned of extreme weather
104 Training programs for community supervision benefit probation officers and their clients
105 How the Milky Way's arms may have helped form Earth's solid ground
106 A window into the fruit fly's nervous system
107 Genomes of wild tomatoes offer valuable resource for tomato improvement
108 Searching the skies for the building blocks of life in the universe
109 Researchers find new way to extract high-purity silver from used solar panels
110 Bullying, harassment and exploitation are all in a day's work in hospitality
111 Brain organoids provide insights into the evolution of the human brain
112 How you can help protect sharks, and what doesn't work
113 Genes responsible for red coloration in birds found
114 How to get a crying baby to sleep in bed in 13 minutes, according to scientists