File Title
1 Sulfur Shortage: A Potential Resource Crisis that Could Have Disastrous Consequences
2 Brand New Paradigm--Scientists Discover How Human Eggs Remain Healthy for Decades
3 New Experimental Drug Protects Against Sudden Death
4 Ultra-Processed Foods Linked with Heart Disease, Bowel Cancer and Death
5 More Effective Cancer Immunotherapy: Stanford's New Method to Find Antigens that Trigger Specific Immune Cells
6 Previously Unknown Loss of Antarctic Ice Discovered by NASA--"Antarctica Is Crumbling at Its Edges"
7 Researchers Discover a Material with Brain-Like Learning Capabilities
8 Twelve Foods that Help Fight Depression
9 New Device Can Detect Alzheimer's 17 Years in Advance
10 Powerful New Antibody Neutralizes All Known COVID Variants
11 Researchers Demonstrate Brainwave Synchronization Without Physical Presence
12 New Dynamical Framework for Turbulence Uncovered by Physicists
13 People Who Snore May Be at Increased Risk of Cancer and a Decline in Mental Processing Powers
14 Extending EV Driving Range with Diamond Quantum Sensors
15 The Geysers of California: The World's Largest Complex of Power Plants Capturing Subterranean Heat
16 7 Signs You May Need More Vitamin C
17 Researchers Demonstrate Brainwave Synchronization Without Physical Presence
18 New Dynamical Framework for Turbulence Uncovered by Physicists
19 Unlimited Possibilities--New Law of Physics Could Predict Genetic Mutations
20 Skipping Breakfast May Increase a Child's Risk of Psychosocial Health Problems
21 Using Viruses to Turbocharge the Immune System Against Cancer
22 Rewriting Our Understanding of Epigenetics: Scientists Reveal We Inherit More than Previously Thought
23 How a Certain Animal Can Regenerate a Broken Heart
24 Coronal Mass Ejection Hits Solar Orbiter Spacecraft Before Venus Gravity-Assist Flyby
25 Fixing Knee Pain: New Cartilage Substitute Is Better than the Real Thing
26 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Spies Powerful Vortices Near Jupiter's North Pole
27 Popular Medicines Including Ibuprofen Have Been Linked to Heart Failure in Diabetics
28 Gen Z and Millennials Twice as Likely to Develop Hypertension in Pregnancy
29 Doomsday Glacier "Holding On by Its Fingernails"--Spine-Chilling Retreat Could Raise Sea Levels by 10 Feet
30 Ultra-Processed "Gateway" Foods May Lead to Unhealthy Teen Eating
31 Scientists Discover How Cells Repair Longevity-Promoting "Recycling System"
32 Availability of Vital Renewable Energy Source at Risk from Climate Change
33 Study Finds that Testosterone Promotes "Cuddling"
34 1,400,000 Times Stronger than Earth's: New Record for Strongest Steady Magnetic Field
35 5 of the Best Types of Exercise for Anxiety Relief
36 Decrease Your Risk of Dementia: Avoid this Type of Activity While Sitting
37 Parkinson's Breakthrough: A Recent Discovery Could Lead to New Treatments
38 NASA's DART Spacecraft Sets Sights on Asteroid Target
39 New AI Algorithm Could Lead to an Epilepsy Cure
40 Scientific Breakthrough Against COVID-19: Antibodies Identified that May Make Coronavirus Vaccines Unnecessary
41 Lake Manchar Is Overflowing--Extreme Monsoon Flooding
42 Potentially Hazardous: CRISPR Therapeutics Could Promote Cancer
43 Three Amazing Caffeine Alternatives for Quick, Clean Energy--And the Science Behind Them
44 Crystal Structure of Key SARS-CoV-2 Enzyme Unraveled--Paving the Way for New COVID Antivirals
45 NASA Reviews Options for Next Artemis I Launch Attempt, Prepares to Replace Seal
46 Efficient and Controllable Emission of Circularly Polarized Light from Resonant Metasurfaces
47 It's Only Going to Get Hotter: Scientists Forecast Rising Temperatures and More Frequent Heatwaves
48 Crystal Structure of Key SARS-CoV-2 Enzyme Unraveled--Paving the Way for New COVID Antivirals
49 NASA Reviews Options for Next Artemis I Launch Attempt, Prepares to Replace Seal
50 Efficient and Controllable Emission of Circularly Polarized Light from Resonant Metasurfaces
51 It's Only Going to Get Hotter: Scientists Forecast Rising Temperatures and More Frequent Heatwaves
52 Cosmic Explosions: New Way to Measure the Distant Universe
53 Evolution and Diversity of Reptiles Driven by 60 Million Years of Climate Change
54 NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Finds Window into Early Universe
55 Gene Therapy Successfully Restores Cone Function in Colorblind Children
56 Coherent Quantum Beating Induced by Lattice Distortion of Perovskite Quantum Dots
57 Key Differences Revealed Between Brains of Modern Humans and Neanderthals
58 Artemis I Moon Rocket Repair Work Underway, Preparations Continue for Next Launch Opportunity
59 Rapid Eye Movements During REM Sleep Represent Gaze Shifts in the Dream World
60 Sun's Chromosphere Revealed in Stunning Inaugural Images from World's Most Powerful Solar Telescope
61 Western Diets Can Cause Scarring and Blood Vessel Damage in Scleroderma
62 Scientists Solve Century-Old Supergene Mystery
63 7 Common Symptoms of Iron Deficiency
64 Researchers Discover a Gene that Makes Your Muscles Significantly Stronger
65 Surprising Discovery Shows How Slowing of Continental Plate Movement Controlled Earth's Largest Volcanic Events
66 Up to 72% More Likely: New Study Links Insufficient Sleep to Teenage Obesity
67 Scientists Solve Mount Everest Wildlife Mysteries Through the Use of eDNA
68 Relieve Headaches Faster: Scientists Reveal the Best Way to Swallow Pills
69 Quantum Breakthrough: Researchers Demonstrate Full Control of a Three-Qubit System
70 The Secret to Exercise: Research Shows It's How Often You Do It, Not How Much
71 NASA Teams Replace Seals on Artemis I Moon Rocket, Prepare for Tanking Test
72 Treating Cancer and Heart Disease Simultaneously: Key Cancer Metastasis Molecule Identified
73 5 Ways to Heal Gut Health Naturally
74 Parched Poyang Lake--China's Largest Freshwater Lake Dries Out
75 Researchers Find Link Between Artificial Sweeteners and Heart Disease
76 Over 60 Feet Long--Scientists Discover the New World's Largest Omnivore
77 A Quick and Easy Test Could Signal if You Have Serious Health Issues and a Shortened Lifespan
78 7 Million Years Old--New Secrets of the Oldest Representative of Humanity Revealed
79 More Potent, Less Toxic: Scientists Develop a Better Type of Chemotherapy
80 Reduce Your Risk of Death by Up to 31%: New Study Examines the Impact of Exercise
81 Herbal Extract Shows Promise in Treating Diabetes
82 This Week @NASA: Next Artemis I Launch Attempt, Webb Captures Cosmic Tarantula
83 8 Proven Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting
84 Making Hacking Futile--Quantum Cryptography
85 Similar to a Near-Death Experience: New Effects of Psychedelics Discovered
86 Hubble Space Telescope: Starstruck in Terzan 4
87 New Game-Changing Obesity Drug Dramatically Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
88 CAPSTONE Spacecraft in Safe Mode After Trajectory Correction Maneuver
89 Less than Half of Children with Autism Receive Important Early Treatments
90 Blood Type Linked to Risk of Stroke Before Age 60
91 Strange Phenomenon on Sun Imaged by Solar Orbiter for First Time--Mystery Solved
92 7 Daily Habits for a Healthier Heart
93 Skull Bones Restricted the Evolution of Earth's Earliest Land Animals
94 Could the "Lost" Islands of Ancient Welsh Folklore Really Have Existed? Scientists Say Yes
95 Ultra-Processed Foods Linked to a Dramatically Increased Risk of Dementia
96 Normally Taking a Million Years: Scientists Successfully Fuse Chromosomes in Mammals
97 Scientists Link "Cheat Meals" to Eating Disorders
98 New DNA Evidence Rewrites Ancient American History
99 CAPSTONE Spacecraft Tumbling Through Space--Latest Work to Resolve Issue
100 Scientists "See" Spinning Quasiparticles in a 2D Magnet
101 NASA Sets New Dates for Artemis I Cryogenic Demonstration Test and Launch
102 Researchers Uncover a New Gene Variant that Can Protect Against Heart Disease
103 How Does Your Brain Decide Between Future Pain and Future Profit?
104 A Biodiversity Crisis: Food Webs Worldwide Are Collapsing
105 Research Shows All COVID-19 Infections Include a Wide Mix of SARS-CoV-2 Virus Variants
106 Could More of Earth's Surface Host Life? Jupiter's Orbit Is Key
107 Revealing the Hidden Genome: Unknown DNA Sequences Identified that May Be Critical to Human Health
108 Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss--What Science Says
109 Scientists Develop a New, Powerful Cancer-Fighting Weapon
110 One Sip of Alcohol Is Enough to Permanently Alter Your Brain