File Title
1 Research team discovers how to convert 3D-printed polymer to stronger, ductile hybrid carbon microlattice material
2 Fall is the best time to clean nest boxes for barn owls
3 New lensless camera creates 3D images from a single exposure
4 Understanding the effects of wildfires on air quality
5 Manuka honey could help to clear deadly drug-resistant lung infection, research suggests
6 Growing number of Native American households in Nevada face plumbing poverty, water quality problems
7 Turning carbon dioxide into valuable products
8 Microalgae purify water and produce valuable compounds
9 Study finds there is no silver bullet for strengthening regional propensity to start a business
10 Glaciers flowed on ancient Mars, but slowly
11 Is Your Perfectionism Making You A Bad Parent?
12 Examining how urbanization induces changes in invasive toad populations
13 Study unearths ancient reef structure high and dry on the Nullarbor Plain
14 Billionaire-Backed Group Steps Up Hunt for Long COVID Treatment
15 Replacing 30 minutes of social media use daily with exercise found to significantly improve mental health
16 How you sleep could be 'strongest predictor' of when you will die, study says
17 Once-in-a-century dwarf bamboo flowering / the Independent
18 Are 'green' household consumer products less toxic than traditional products?
19 Residential exposure to petroleum refining could be related to strokes in the southern US
20 Changes to Toronto's public transit system would eliminate barriers, retain riders
21 Human development set back 5 years by COVID, other crises: UN report
22 Countries growing 70% of world's food face 'extreme' heat risk by 2045
23 Energy majors exaggerating green performance: analysis
24 The hungry bugs fighting Uganda's fertiliser crisis
25 Living fast may have helped mammals like 'ManBearPig' dominate
26 Steve Forbes Blasts FDA Vaping Rule
27 2022 Europe's hottest summer on record: EU monitor
28 Never Stop Challenging the Conventional Wisdom, and this Nobel Prize Winner Shows Why
29 Climate change threatens ice caves in Austria
30 How the COVID-19 pandemic may leave a long-term imprint on our health
31 Ecosystem restoration is integral to humanity's recovery from COVID-19
32 How fruit flies sniff out their environments
33 Biologists discover genetic pathways linking the immune and circulatory systems of mosquitoes during infection
34 America's aging infrastructure sags under the pressure of climate change
35 Why Do Our Minds Wander? / Science
36 New in-silico-designed protein 'probes' could pave the way to early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases
37 How community organizing helps people thrive in challenging times
38 Soil microbiota can boost the growth of invasive plant species and provide defense against herbivores
39 Dog urine to the rescue of threatened hooded plovers
40 Thriving underwater 'gardens' found off Wellington's coast
41 Exploring radium's chemistry to advance cancer treatments using ionizing radiation
42 You've Heard Of the 7 Stages of Grief, but Do You Know the 4 Levels of Happiness?
43 A thermal insulation composite from hollow silica particles mixed with cellulose fibers
44 Link found between parenthood and social conservatism
45 Longer, hotter and more frequent heat waves in Swiss cities
46 Science uncovers the secret to superb shots in soccer
47 The energy transition needs to be climate-proofed
48 Models oversimplify how melting glaciers deform land
49 Researchers recommend teaching will-making in schools alongside financial literacy
50 Tropical soils highly sensitive to global warming, warn researchers
51 Researchers reveal stratospheric air intrusion process
52 An AI can decode speech from brain activity with surprising accuracy
53 A new road towards spin-polarized currents
54 Attitudes toward online learning improve post-pandemic, according to survey
55 Cloud over Mount Rainier stirs panic after people mistake it for sign of eruption
56 When it comes to military intervention, Americans prefer to 'give peace a chance'
57 DNA reveals donkeys were domesticated 7,000 years ago in East Africa
58 Unveiling how water and ions impact chemical reactivities at solid-aqueous interfaces
59 Borderline Personality Disorder Doesn't Have to Ruin Your Relationship
60 Stalled momentum in state efforts to decriminalize drug possession of controlled substances
61 Variable focus thin lens designed for augmented and virtual reality headsets
62 Brazil has two populations of American bullfrogs, an exotic species that transmits a deadly fungus
63 Greece ratifies deal to recoup 161 ancient treasures from US
64 Polytitanium chloride pre-coagulation for fouling control of ceramic membrane
65 COVID increased Latinas' responsibilities at home while limiting their ability to work: Report
66 Climate simulation reveals precipitation isotope changes in Asian monsoon and arid regions for the past 300,000 years
67 New approach more than doubles stem cell editing efficiency, researchers report
68 New study explores the nanoscale properties of the Gulong shale oil reservoir
69 Researchers report on live intracellular imaging with new, conditionally active immunofluorescence probe
70 New advances in stem-cell derived mouse embryo model
71 Researchers identify a potential path against inherited neurological disease
72 Ancient human bloodsucker? Skeleton of female 'vampire' unearthed in Europe during dig
73 Rising seas fueled by climate change to swamp $34 billion in US real estate in just 30 years, analysis finds
74 Diamonds reveal neural secrets
75 Forensic scientists are generally whiter, less diverse than US population they serve, study says
76 A deep dive into the interior of red dwarfs
77 Unraveling a mystery surrounding cosmic matter
78 Temperatures across the country are rising, and heat officers might be able to help
79 Researchers make strides in commercializing simplified dual-comb spectroscopy
80 Adding fungal enzymes to dairy cow rations boosts milk output and quality
81 Scientists use novel method to make promising battery material
82 Minority, immigrant populations faced misinformation, hostility when seeking COVID-19 information online
83 Changes in the tree canopy facilitated the evolution of the first-ever gliding reptile, new study suggests
84 Tiny biohybrid robots for intelligent drug delivery
85 Agriculture drives more than 90% of tropical deforestation
86 Surprise finding suggests 'water worlds' are more common than we thought
87 The origins of donkey domestication
88 How to make recyclable plastics out of CO2 to slow climate change
89 A carbon footprint life cycle assessment can cut down on greenwashing
90 Tropical rainforests show phosphorus key to understanding world's ecosystems
91 A warm intrusion in the Arctic causes extreme pollution levels
92 Simulation suggests gravitational interactions drive Milky Way's galactic bar bulges
93 Trace elements of early microbial life in rocks could help determine when life began on Earth
94 Unique ferroelectric microstructure revealed for first time
95 Lattice distortion of perovskite quantum dots induces coherent quantum beating
96 Research team succeeds in creating novel metal-organic frameworks
97 Spectroscopy used to look for life on Mars by rovers capable of probing deeper sediments
98 South African colonial diaries are helping climate scientists reconstruct weather patterns of the past
99 First discovery of microplastics from water trapped on plant leaves
100 What's Up with the 2022 Hurricane Season Forecast?
101 West Africa's fisher women cope with job insecurity, but policymakers are using their resilience against them
102 Newly identified genes may help protect crops against flooding
103 What the world can learn from the devastating floods in Pakistan
104 Two-headed snake a unique find for herpetology lab
105 Seven points about flooding, infrastructure and climate change
106 COVID-19 drugs persist in wastewater, may pose risk to aquatic organisms
107 Science is global, so our coverage should be too
108 Preparing the MTG-I1 weather satellite for launch
109 Researchers propose novel method to enhance electrocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide
110 Innovative liquid-lithium charge stripper boosts accelerator performance
111 New guidance published on how to best support qualitative researchers
112 How more female executives in the C-suite can spur improved customer orientation and financial performance
113 Anti-correlated plasma and THz pulse generation during two-color laser filamentation in air
114 Suppression of melatonin by blue light
115 How proteins differ across species
116 DART sets sights on asteroid target