File Title
1 Solar Orbiter solves magnetic switchback mystery
2 Scientists reveal magnetic reconnection details triggering filament eruption
3 PCX Aerosystems Announces Acquisition of NuSpace
4 Scotland's space sector set to become greenest on Earth
5 Mu Space reveals a 10-Year Plan to build a Space Supply Chain in Thailand and Southeast Asia
6 Thales Alenia Space Partners with Kythera Space Solutions for Advanced Space Inspire Mission Segment Software
7 Europe's tallest ever communications satellite launched
8 A thousand days of CHEOPS
9 SPECULOOS discovers a potentially habitable super-Earth
10 Two new rocky worlds around an ultra-cool star
11 Astronomers show massive stars can steal Jupiter-sized planets
12 RIT scientists to study molecular makeup of planetary nebulae using radio telescopes
13 Webb takes its first exoplanet image
14 Could more of Earth's surface host life?
15 S. Africa's Kruger Park sees drop in rhino numbers
16 The evolution of mucus: How did we get all this slime?
17 How light and temperature work together to affect plant growth
18 Scientists in Israel dig up large tusk that came from extinct elephant species
19 Giant 200-year-old cactus toppled by heavy rain in US
20 Ecuador investigates killing of four Galapagos giant tortoises
21 Living LEGOs
22 Hunting pythons in Florida, for profit and therapy
23 Climate change causes wonky bumblebee wings: scientists
24 LeoLabs awarded contract from US Dept of Commerce to support space traffic management prototype
25 Why go back to the Moon?
26 NASA may attempt Moon launch on September 23: official
27 NASA taps Axiom Space for first Artemis lunar spacesuits
28 Study of Sample Brought Back by Chang'e-5 Unveils Formation of Nanophase Iron on the Moon
29 Where to land on the Moon?
30 New mineral found by Chinese scientists
31 SpaceX launches 34 more Starlink satellites, AST SpaceMobile satellite
32 SpaceX wins another $1.4 billion from NASA to fly missions to ISS
33 Could Ukraine become a strong ally ESA has been looking for
34 MEASAT signs multiyear Managed Bandwidth Services contract with Reach Ten
35 Forsway introduces latest satellite terminals, Forsway Odin F-60 and Odin F-60 Pro
36 Kacific supports Vodafone PNG for new mobile network into rural areas
37 Iridium announces 9th SpaceX launch
38 Is over-eating to blame for bulges in Milky Way bar
39 As early Sun moved through Milky Way Earth's first continents formed
40 OneWeb and HD Hyundai Avikus to advance marine technology by unlocking the potential of LEO connectivity
41 Sidus Space executes multiple launch agreement with SpaceX
42 LEO satellite cluster to provide secure digital military intelligence from 2024
43 MTG-I1 weather satellite shows off
44 Harris talks with space station astronauts, introduces new initiatives
45 Chinese Gaofen satellites deployed for quake-hit Sichuan
46 Space Compass and Skyloom sign term sheet to bring optical data relay services to EO market
47 Accenture invests in hyperspectral satellite company Pixxel to monitor Earth's health
48 Foundation model improves accuracy for remote sensing image interpretation
49 Circalunar clocks: Using the right light
50 Momentus First Demonstration Mission Status Update #5
51 Surrey Satellite opens new Australian office
52 Skyroot Aerospace raises $51 Million led by GIC to propel the new future of small satellite launches
53 Why do we always need to wait for launch windows to get a rocket to space
54 Space launch from Australia to use satellite tracking from Inmarsat
55 NASA Moon rocket ready for second attempt at liftoff
56 Hubble finds spiraling stars, providing window into early universe
57 ALMA witnesses deadly star-slinging tug-of-war between merging galaxies
58 Red Giant Betelgeuse was yellow some 2,000 years ago
59 Unraveling the mysteries of the night sky with Artificial Intelligence
60 Discovery of the oldest visible planetary nebula hosted by a 500 million year old galactic cluster
61 DART sets sights on asteroid target
62 After NASA's asteroid impact, ESA's Hera comes next
63 NASA-funded technology helps relieve symptoms of menopause
64 Boeing eyes February for space capsule's first crewed flight
65 Teams continue to review options for next Artemis I launch attempt
66 ISRO demonstrates new technology with Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator
67 Rocket Lab completes first test fire of reused Rutherford Engine
68 Ariane 5 launches EUTELSAT KONNECT VHTS satellite
69 NASA unsure next Moon rocket launch attempt possible this month
70 Glaciers flowed on ancient Mars, but slowly
71 Perseverance rover retrieves key rocky clues to Mars' geologic and water history
72 Martian rock-metal composite shows potential of 3D printing on Mars
73 MIT's MOXIE experiment reliably produces oxygen on Mars
74 Everything is Dust in the Wind
75 MAVEN and EMM make first observations of patchy proton aurora at Mars
76 A vast and mysterious valley system in the southern Martian highlands
77 Rocket to carry Mengtian space lab module arrives at launch site
78 China's Shenzhou-14 astronauts carry out spacewalk
79 Plant growth in China's space lab in good condition
80 Energy particle detector helps Shenzhou-14 crew conduct EVAs
81 Antenna enables advanced satellite communications testing
82 Ocean lidar remote sensing technology based on Brillouin scattering spectrum
83 NASA awards LISA mission laser instrument contract
84 Recycling firm battles Jakarta's plastic waste emergency
85 Steel sector cracks on Ukraine, energy price spikes
86 Selfridges targets 'circular' sales for almost half its goods
87 Digging through patents to make mining greener
88 Porosity in metals additively manufactured by laser powder bed fusion
89 Northrop Grumman reduces manufacturing time and cost with high-temperature materials
90 Game on at Gamescom
91 Google's immersive Street View could be glimpse of metaverse
92 Surprise finding suggests 'water worlds' are more common than we thought
93 NASA's Juno Mission Reveals Jupiter's Complex Colors
94 Fears for rule of law in Kiribati as top judges suspended
95 Australia, New Zealand exempt from Solomons naval ban
96 Biden announces Pacific Island summit date amid China competition
97 Is climate change disrupting maritime boundaries
98 American woman killed by shark while snorkeling in Bahamas
99 Noise affects life on the seafloor
100 Greenpeace drops boulders on UK seabed to curb bottom-trawling fishing
101 Iran says 25 were arrested during water protests last month
102 Drought causes Yangtze to shrink
103 Mississippi capital struggles without running water
104 Preparing for water scarcity using hybrid desalination technologies
105 Homes 'swept away' in deadly S. Africa mine dam collapse
106 Hydropower dams induce widespread species extinctions across Amazonian forest islands
107 Global fish stocks can't rebuild if nothing done to halt climate change and overfishing
108 Latest Galileo satellites join constellation with enhanced, faster fix
109 Black Summer wildfires in Australia impacted climate and high altitude winds across the southern hemisphere
110 Far-infrared detector KID reaches highest possible sensitivity
111 Astronomers obtain sky's large-field X-ray maps
112 Massive stars' blasts hitting Orion's sword mapped in unprecedented detail
113 Why do galaxies stop making stars
114 Gamma rays from neighboring galaxy related to millisecond pulsars
115 Unraveling a mystery surrounding cosmic matter