File Title
1 Another SSLV flight soon: Space Commission member
2 'Will I be illiterate?': In Taliban's Afghanistan, girls fight back--attend secret classes, refuse to disappear
3 Bees have a secret survival weapon that might surprise you
4 Russia launches Iranian satellite into space under shadow of Western concerns
5 Northrop taps rocket startup Firefly to replace Antares' Russian engines
6 'The Sacrifice Zone': Myanmar bears cost of green energy
7 Perseid meteor shower 2022: How to live stream the 'shooting stars,' what to expect
8 Dark matter: An invisible glue that may not even exist
9 Satellite imagery shows Antarctic ice shelf crumbling faster than thought
10 Scientists use NASA's Fermi data to find source of extreme high-energy cosmic particles
11 Digging Deep: Deltas losing land due to rising sea levels and rivers changing course
12 Europe eyes Musk's SpaceX to bridge launch gap left by Russia tensions
13 Pivotal evolutionary change helped pave the way for human speech
14 High salinity found in European river after fish die-off
15 Watch China's Tiangong space station's solar arrays in motion
16 Space news weekly recap: SSLV maiden flight troubles to SpaceX replacing Russia
17 Gemini North telescope captures brilliant image of two galaxies merging
18 NASA's Artemis I mission will send yeast to deep space with BioSentinel
19 Scientists plan to use colliding black holes to measure how fast universe is expanding
20 How chewing shaped human evolution
21 NASA research suggests 'planetary photobombers' could prevent discovery of habitable exoplanets
22 ESO image captures galaxy with closest discovered pair of supermassive black holes
23 Giant sharks once roamed the seas, feasting on huge meals
24 Russian spacewalk cut short by bad battery in cosmonaut suit
25 Rainwater globally is too contaminated for human consumption: Study
26 Digging Deep: Multiple comparisons exist between modern and ancient human genomes, reveals study
27 Hawaii seeks end to strife over astronomy on sacred mountain
28 NASA selects potential regions to land crew for Artemis III mission
29 India's first hydrogen fuel cell bus: What is hydrogen fuel cell technology, how will work?
30 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter turns 'winter warrior' for next flight
31 Tasmanian tigers, mammoths: Are de-extinction projects human vanity?
32 Hubble telescope captures star-studded image of globular cluster
33 James Webb Space Telescope captures stunning new images of Jupiter
34 Cambridge researchers develop floating 'leaves' that produce clean fuel from sunlight
35 NASA's Voyager 2 continues its journey into interstellar space after 45 years
36 NASA audio of what a black hole sounds like is eerily unsettling
37 Its largest lake is so dry, China digs deep to water crops
38 Sharpest ever image of most massive known star suggests it may not be that massive
39 Dogs get teary-eyed when reunited with owner, says study
40 Our first steps? Fossil may boost case for earliest ancestor
41 NASA's latest study to test gravity confirms Einstein's theory, dark energy remains an enigma
42 India, a dairy titan, studies how to keep milk flowing in a hotter world
43 NASA's Webb telescope detects carbon dioxide in exoplanet's atmosphere
44 Fabric device that generates electricity using moisture in air could replace batteries
45 Digging Deep: The impact of climate change on boreal forests
46 Russia says it would be ready to extend spaceflight sharing deal with U.S.
47 Perseverance rover unearths clues about Martian geology and water history
48 Why NASA is going back to the Moon
49 Artemis I launch to pave way for future moon settlement
50 Texas drought reveals 113-million-year-old dinosaur footprints
51 NASA Artemis 1 launch aborted due to malfunctioning engine: What went wrong
52 Zombie ice from Greenland will raise sea level 10 inches
53 NASA delays debut Artemis flight of new moon rocket after engine cooling issue
54 NASA Artemis 1 launch aborted for now: What's next for the mission?
55 Parched UAE turns to science to squeeze more rainfall from clouds
56 Scientists find clues to what makes 'immortal jellyfish' immortal
57 Remains of large dinosaur skeleton unearthed in Portugal
58 NASA's Webb Telescope captures 'Phantom Galaxy' in unprecedented detail
59 NASA to make second attempt at debut moon rocket launch on Saturday
60 Scientists look to solve ozone threat to Africa's food security
61 Europe plan for floating gas terminals raises climate fears
62 NASA engineers fix 'data glitch' with Voyager 1
63 A long-lost branch of the Nile helped in building Egypt's pyramids
64 Astronomers discover 'cry from baby star' that could help understand star formation better
65 Fossilized tusk from giant ancient elephant found in Israel
66 NASA orders five more astronaut missions from Musk's SpaceX in $1.4 billion. deal
67 Listen to James Webb Space Telescope's first images translated into sound
68 IIT Guwahati researchers develop edible coating to extend fruits and vegetables' shelf life
69 Africa's oldest dinosaur discovered in Northern Zimbabwe
70 Russia calls aging space station 'dangerous' as it plans successor
71 NASA says it's a 'Go' for launch of Artemis moon rocket on September 3
72 How 3 NASA missions could send astronauts back to the Moon
73 Digging Deep: What the discovery of Ostrich fossils in Himalayas reveals about our climate
74 Artemis-1 launch aborted again after liquid hydrogen leak, new window now in October
75 Fuel leak ruins NASA's 2nd shot at launching moon rocket
76 NASA aborts second Artemis-I launch attempt: Next steps for the mission
77 Research transforming our knowledge of dementia wins science prize
78 Diamond rain on giant icy planets could be more common than previously thought: Research
79 MIT's new AI model can successfully detect Parkinson's disease
80 India to design, build reusable rocket for global market: ISRO
81 Frank Drake, who led search for life on other planets, dies at 92
82 Hubble captures remarkable images of two spiral galaxies 'overlapping'
83 Researchers in South Korea transmit power wirelessly using infrared light
84 James Webb Space Telescope captures image of near-perfect 'Einstein ring'
85 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Captures Tarantula Nebula
86 This jellyfish can live forever. Its genes may tell us how
87 NASA to replace faulty Artemis 1 hydrogen seal while rocket still at launch pad
88 Using citizen science and artificial intelligence to help conserve the Great Barrier Reef
89 Inouye Telescope shows the sun like we have never seen it before
90 Europe unveils hi-tech satellite to speed up extreme weather warnings
91 Stone Age skeleton missing foot may show oldest amputation
92 NASA picks Axiom Space to make Artemis III spacesuits
93 In Afghanistan, drought poses migration dilemma for villagers
94 Biden signs climate, health bill into law as other economic goals remain
95 Saudi woman sentenced to 34 years in prison for following, retweeting dissidents on Twitter
96 Blasts in Crimea underscore Russian forces' vulnerability
97 Salman Rushdie attacker 'surprised' the author survived
98 'Nowhere to hide' if war comes to Taiwan's front-line islands
99 US on reorienting India's foreign policy away from Russia: 'Not like flipping a light switch'
100 CVS, Walgreens and Walmart must pay $650.5 million in Ohio opioids case
101 Russia replaces Black Sea fleet chief after Crimea blasts
102 Contemporary slavery extensive globally, including China, India, says UN
103 Sleepy Greek port becomes US arms hub, as Ukraine war reshapes region
104 Behind enemy lines, Ukrainians tell Russians 'You are never safe'
105 Mexico Sees Its Energy Future in Fossil Fuels, Not Renewables
106 Salman Rushdie attack suspect pleads not guilty to attempted murder, assault
107 The bloody uprising against the Taliban led by one of their own
108 Japan's bid to get young to drink more meets online backlash
109 Top climate stories of this week: Designer flees Sicilian villa as wildfire nears, US passes landmark climate change law, and more
110 Finnish PM takes drugs test after party video causes stir
111 Russia's watchdog imposes measures against TikTok, Telegram, Zoom, Discord, Pinterest
112 US announces new military aid, drones for Ukraine
113 Mike Pence says he didn't leave office with classified material
114 'I'm carrying this baby just to bury it': the struggle to decode abortion laws
115 Europe's drought exposes ancient stones, World War Two ships as waters fall
116 Russia is China's top oil supplier for 3rd month in July
117 Russia accuses Kyiv of poisoning some of its soldiers in Ukraine
118 Finland asks: Does a prime minister have a right to party?
119 Workers at UK's largest container port to join rail strikes