File Title
1 How Animals Survive in a Savanna Full of Predators / Science
2 Liquid cell transmission electron microscopy analysis of semiconductor nanocrystals
3 New reaction facilitates drug discovery
4 Archaeologists discover monumental evidence of prehistoric hunting across Arabian desert
5 Meet the fungal friends and foes that surround us
6 Primate behavior changed as zoos closed for pandemic, research suggests
7 Chinese astronauts successfully grow rice in space
8 Researchers identify virus resistance gene from wild grass for cereal crop improvement
9 This is what happens when you die, according to people who died
10 Ancient DNA brings us closer to unlocking secrets of how modern humans evolved
11 Antarctic stations are plagued by sexual harassment. It's time for things to change
12 It's not just vehicles and factories, what we eat can pollute the environment
13 In Its First Year Exploring Rocks on Mars, What Did Perseverance Find?
14 A protein's new role upends thinking about its impact on cancer
15 A Psychologist Breaks Down Your Love for Game of Thrones
16 Earliest known mammal identified using fossil tooth records
17 Bees use patterns, not just colors, to find flowers
18 Water Restored in Jackson After Nearly A Week
19 Environmental scientists explain why so many tree species going extinct is so bad for the planet
20 'Worst' Western U.S. Heatwave Fuels Deadly Wildfire as Californians Brace for Power Outages
21 Researchers uncover Neolithic culinary traditions
22 Researchers discover toxin that kills bacteria in unprecedented ways
23 2 Tropical Storms Form in 2 Days as Atlantic Lull Hits Abrupt End
24 Novel technique helps discover whether bacteria that cause meningitis are resistant to antibiotics
25 NASA Cancels Artemis Launch Over Fuel Leak
26 The worldwide water-lifting power of plants is enormous
27 Chimpanzees drum to their own signature beats
28 As bats mature their immune cells differ
29 Impacts of floods and droughts increasing worldwide
30 Researchers construct most complex, complete synthetic microbiome
31 Scientists design and synthesize a new layered air-stable topological crystalline insulator candidate
32 How long does it take for seagrass to recover? What more swans could mean for estuary ecosystems
33 Discovering the whereabouts of the inclusive southern right whale during the warmer months
34 Dental evidence challenges origin time of mammals
35 California takes action to cut more plastics waste, including grocery produce bags
36 How our understanding of employee innovation is outdated
37 North America's rarest snake found biting off more than it could chew
38 Do masculine leadership titles undermine women's leadership?
39 Researchers develop new technique to keep drinking water safe using machine learning
40 G7 corporate climate plans spell 2.7íC heating: analysis
41 Astronomers capture most detailed images yet of radiation region in Orion's 'sword'
42 What Happened to the Grandchildren of Those Persecuted During the Cultural Revolution?
43 Using science to solve a 1,300-year-old art mystery
44 Study finds inland water carbon emissions are being undercounted
45 Risk of rejecting conspiracy theories could play key role in their propagation in Western society
46 Local food boon spurred by pandemic may be short-lived, new research reports
47 Understanding the full picture of child poverty
48 Technology that simulates complex molecular interactions could lead to better treatments for cancer and COVID-19
49 Researchers analyze price ranges from fed cattle negotiated cash sales
50 Can fungi help the grasses of Texas cope with climate change?
51 Using math to predict SARS-CoV-2 protein mutations
52 Using science to solve a 1,300-year-old art mystery
53 Two dead, thousands told to flee California wildfire
54 Wildfire hits Brasilia National Park amid drought
55 Pioneering mathematical formula paves way for exciting advances in health, energy, and food industry
56 Fervent fans keep faith with heroes even after 'immoral acts,' study finds
57 Gradual global warming culminated at the end of the Permian Period in a gigantic extinction event, study finds
58 New research shows how COVID-19 altered Americans' intentions to move
59 Seasonal regulation in the bean bug brain's biological clock
60 Largest Aggregation of Adult Tiger Sharks in the World Found
61 Woman who can smell Parkinson's disease helps scientists develop test
62 Jaw-Dropping New 122 Megapixel Webb Telescope Images Reveal Hottest, Most Massive Stars Known
63 Fossil fuel investment in Africa dwarfs clean air funding
64 Mercury pollution makes ducks more likely to get bird flu: study
65 Light accelerates conductivity in nature's 'electric grid'
66 Heatwaves and wildfires to worsen air pollution: UN
67 Scientists fight to protect DR Congo rainforest as threats increase
68 Rescued Irrawaddy dolphin calf dies despite weeks of care
69 California and the West broil in record heat wave
70 More than 1.1 million sea turtles poached over last three decades: study
71 How a coral pollution study helped explain Hurricane Maria's fury
72 Birmingham telescope discovers two new temperate rocky worlds
73 Magnetic skyrmions: Two methods for creating them and guiding their motion
74 A fresh look at metals reveals a 'strange' similarity
75 The birth of a younger sibling activates long-lasting stress reactions in young bonobos
76 How mythology could help demystify dog domestication
77 How caregivers can help build children's emerging language skills
78 Why Hurricane Kay Won't Make Landfall in California
79 Could Liz Truss allow new drilling for oil and gas and still strengthen the UK's net zero target?
80 Studying stem cells in zero gravity may determine whether it's safe
81 Researchers develop higher frame rate scanning tunneling microscopy
82 New book explores crisis of early childhood expulsion, suspension practices
83 Black children with complex communication needs face instructional deficits
84 Scientists find complex terrain aggravates haze formation and its meteorological feedback
85 Advanced microscope techniques could pave way for improved computer memories
86 Study develops new way of identifying cancer cells
87 The oldest known surgical amputation occurred 31,000 years ago
88 Scientists discover how cells repair longevity-promoting 'recycling system'
89 Researchers create new materials that might increase the stability of perovskite solar cells
90 Review of evaluations of Project Safe Neighborhoods programs identifies gaps in literature, generally favorable outcomes
91 4 Startling Aspects of the Heatwave in the Western U.S.
92 Prospects for an all-optical remote magnetic field sensor
93 When it comes to fighting climate change, California says consider the beaver
94 Dutch city to ban meat ads in world first claim
95 New liana species reported from Tibet
96 Why the way you talk to your child about math matters
97 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs Are Still Selling...And Being Stolen
98 Photo-induced ion displacement in mixed-halide perovskites for a battery directly chargeable by light
99 How does light impact kids in school?
100 Study of fraternity hazing reveals little connection to group solidarity
101 Mexico's Baja California braces for Hurricane Kay
102 What is the best way to group students?
103 Once-in-a-century flowering and seeding of dwarf bamboo boosts mice populations
104 New insight into selecting appropriate primers and databases when sequencing soil nematode DNA
105 Simple animal model reveals how environment and state are integrated to control behavior
106 Scientists see spins in a 2D magnet
107 New practical method of producing Airy beams could enhance ultrasound
108 Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Triggered Continent-Wide Firestorm Within Minutes of Impact
109 New on-chip laser frequency comb is 100 times more efficient than previous versions
110 Taking solar-powered lasers to new heights with four-mirror pumping
111 What's next for Artemis I after 2nd scrub?
112 New study finds racial and ethnic differences in perception and use of 'red flag' laws
113 Researchers quantify the amount of energy that plants use to lift water on a global scale
114 Neighborhoods aren't made for childfree people or single parents
115 Biodiversity is critical to ecosystems
116 Research team confirms icy conditions existed in South Pole region during Late Cretaceous period
117 Research team discovers how to convert 3D-printed polymer to stronger, ductile hybrid carbon microlattice material