File Title
1 The first spatiotemporal map of brain regeneration in the axolotl
2 Molecular atlas of an Australian dragon's brain sheds new light on more than 300 million years of brain evolution
3 Scientists sequence world's oldest plant genome from 6,000-year-old watermelon seeds
4 Entanglement of many atoms discovered for the first time
5 Feeling Uninspired? Here's What New Science Says About Breaking Through A Creative Block
6 New method to systematically find optimal quantum operation sequences for quantum computers
7 Hidden chemistry powers moon launches and sustains life in space
8 Using a bowl-structured active site design to break the scaling relations for nitrogen to ammonia conversion
9 Criticisms of academic freedom miss the mark and risk the integrity of scholarship
10 COVID rekindled an appreciation of nature for many
11 Jackson's Water Crisis--a Stark Warning About Extreme Weather, Infrastructure, and Justice
12 Dimensionality reduction as a general strategy for more precise luminescence thermometry
13 Here's the James Webb telescope's first direct image of an exoplanet
14 Study finds students self-sort in active learning spaces, with potential to push women out
15 'Plug-and-play' plasmonic metafibers for ultrafast fiber lasers
16 Research unlocks secrets of native rodents' rat race to new lands
17 Study reveals starring role for shape-shifting mitochondria in stem cell function
18 Hidden acid-base clusters drive rapid formation of atmospheric ultrafine particles
19 New data dashboard reporting street-level flooding in NYC gives real-time information on rising waters
20 Putting the food system in context
21 Motion of DNA linked to its damage response, ability to repair itself
22 Researchers study how urban trees affect environment
23 Uptick in East Coast shark sightings has lifeguards on alert and experts searching for answers
24 EU guidelines for procurement during the COVID-19 crisis may lead to increased corruption
25 Did primitive cetaceans feed like marine reptiles?
26 In 2021, a deadly volcano erupted with no warning. Here's why
27 African countries to stand by 1.5íC target at climate talks stall
28 What you need to know about the new omicron booster shots
29 A toxic algae bloom is the likely cause
30 Zapping plastic with a laser forged tiny diamonds
31 Investigating magnetic excitation-induced spin current in chromium trihalides
32 'Diamond rain' on giant icy planets could be more common than previously thought
33 New report on impact of pandemic on learning experiences of young people with disabilities
34 What's the future of work from home?
35 'Pharma Bro' Shkreli Plots Post-Jail NYC Return--Seeks Home in 'Dope Building with Sick Views'
36 Conflictive home-host country relations have a strong, negative effect on policy risk
37 Improving the detection of African swine fever virus antibodies in serum
38 Researcher says job licensing doesn't keep people from moving--community plays a bigger role
39 The scent that could save California's avocados
40 Boy's discovery reveals highly complex plant-insect interaction
41 Largest database on mammals in Portugal now available
42 Biochemists reveal how complex molecule moves iron through body
43 Physicists develop a linear response theory for open systems having exceptional points
44 Resolving the evolutionary history of the closest algal relatives of land plants
45 Israelis have a more positive view of Germany than Germans do of Israel
46 NASA ready for second attempt to launch Artemis 1 moon mission
47 Artificial intelligence can be used to better monitor Maine's forests, study finds
48 Californians asked to conserve power amid brutal heat wave
49 Oil slick from cargo ship off Gibraltar reaches shore
50 'Radical decentralisation' needed in Iran to allow Kurdish communities to benefit from natural resources, study argues
51 Dolphins use signature whistles to represent other dolphins, similar to how humans use names
52 Woman Says She's 'Allergic to Gravity,' What Is Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, POTS?
53 Climate change measures are a lot more popular than Americans think
54 Why do galaxies stop making stars? A huge collision in space provides new clues
55 NASA Battles Leak with Artemis 1 Launch Just Hours Away
56 Africa's oldest dinosaur found in Zimbabwe
57 Bodies in UK well killed in mediaeval anti-Semitic massacre: study
58 New Psychological Research Teaches Us How to Create Healthy Internet Boundaries
59 It's raining diamonds across the universe, research suggests
60 4 Common Mistakes People Make Using Weather Apps
61 Norway's future CO2 cemetery takes shape
62 COVID app tests people's voices for 'accurate' coronavirus infection detection, scientists say
63 Powerful quake shakes southwest China; damage not yet known
64 Chance of California power outages up as heat wave worsens
65 Simple measures can go a long way to combatting air pollution in schools, say experts
66 Is Your Shark Meal Poisoning You? Latest Research Says Yes.
67 An Insight into How Sharks Use Our Oceans
68 Australia's giant thunderbirds likely went extinct 40,000 years ago due to changing climate, study finds
69 New polar ring galaxy discovered
70 Can New Zealand coordinate national conservation efforts to control pest mammals?
71 Scientists develop direct measure for strength of skeletal muscle myotubes
72 Congo creates first Marine Protected Areas
73 Scientists study tourists to protect great apes
74 DNA in Viking poop sheds new light on 55,000-year-old relationship between gut companions
75 New model for analyzing color vision in aphids
76 Lightning strikes shape tropical forests
77 Male artists dominate galleries. Is it because 'women don't paint very well,' or just discrimination?
78 Making waste a climate champion
79 Why defusing 'carbon bombs' offers a promising new agenda for tackling climate change
80 Super-dense packing of hydrogen molecules on a surface
81 What would it take to find life on Venus?
82 A Portrait of the Scientist as a Young Woman
83 Majority of underrepresented early career scientists experience psychological distress; mentoring helps buffer impact
84 Neanderthals died out 40,000 years ago, but there has never been more of their DNA on Earth
85 A new test shows it's still working fine
86 Only South Africa's elite benefits from black economic empowerment--and COVID-19 proved it
87 Good loser messages support democracy
88 Researchers succeed in coupling two types of electron-hole pairs
89 Storms are getting worse. What does that mean for our health?
90 Physicists discover new rule for orbital formation in chemical reactions
91 Floodplains improve the water quality of rivers
92 What fossils reveal about hybridization of early humans
93 Exploiting the potential of social media and crowdsourcing for better disaster resilience in Europe
94 When Should You Get These BA.4, BA.5 Updated Vaccines
95 Soil temperature can predict pest spread in crops
96 Florida-Sized 'Doomsday Glacier' in Antarctica May Slip into the Ocean More Quickly
97 Does gene therapy provide an answer to ageing?
98 Dolphin health check shows state of our oceans
99 Professor Brian Cox sets new Guinness World Record with science tour
100 Organic thin-film sensors for light-source analysis and anti-counterfeiting applications
101 Discovery of new types of microfossils may answer age-old scientific question
102 Replicating mangosteen peel extract as a treatment for intestinal inflammation in humans and animals
103 Cross-species cell landscape constructed at single-cell level
104 New Types of Microfossils May Show How and When Complex Cells Evolved
105 Genomic attributes explained by certain life history traits in neoavian birds
106 What role did climate change play?
107 Novel isomeric vinylene-linked covalent organic frameworks developed with distinct photocatalytic properties
108 New method to more quickly and accurately find antigens that trigger specific immune cells
109 Another Stunning First for Webb Telescope as Its Detects 'Smoke Clouds' On A Planet Outside the Solar System
110 Far-infrared detector KID reaches highest possible sensitivity
111 Typhoon kills one, leaves several missing in South Korea
112 3 rescued dolphins swim free from Indonesia sanctuary
113 Analyzing the potential of AlphaFold in drug discovery
114 Indigenous Americans ruled democratically long before the U.S. did