File Title
1 Shocking Relationship Discovered Between Posture and Cognitive Decline
2 Avoid Surgery and Hospitalization: Study Finds that Antibiotics Can Treat Appendicitis
3 Newly Identified Enzyme Enables Lifelong Sperm Production
4 Why Does Love Feel Magical? Science Reveals an Evolutionary Advantage
5 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Red Giant
6 NASA's Space Launch System Rocket Ready for Moon Launch on Artemis I [Video]
7 NASA Artemis I Launch Countdown Commences, Team Assessing Lightning Strikes at Launch Pad
8 Cheaper and Safer: A New Effective Treatment for Abnormal Blood Vessel Formations
9 An Alzheimer's-Proof Brain: Ground-Breaking Case Provides Clues to Treatment and Prevention of Dementia
10 Lake Powell Still Shrinking--The Second Largest Reservoir in the US at Lowest Level Ever
11 The Science of Beards
12 Researchers Unravel the Secret of a 45 Million-Year-Old Death Trap
13 NASA Artemis I Launch Countdown Commences, Team Assessing Lightning Strikes at Launch Pad
14 Cheaper and Safer: A New Effective Treatment for Abnormal Blood Vessel Formations
15 Artemis I Path to the Pad: The Most Powerful Rocket NASA Has Ever Built
16 Limb Regeneration in Humans: New Research Challenges Long-Held Beliefs
17 Researchers Cook Up Mealworms into a Tasty, Protein-Rich, "Meat-Like" Seasoning
18 Male Contraception Pills Show Promise--And They Have No Major Side Effects
19 The Southern Arc: Vast Genetic Study Reveals Insights into Migration Patterns and Language Development
20 Boosting Neuron Formation to Restore Memory in Alzheimer's Disease
21 NASA's DART Confirmed on Target to Impact Asteroid Dimorphos
22 NASA Artemis I Path to the Pad: The Orion Spacecraft
23 A Neuroscientist Explains How Diet Can Influence Mood, Behavior and More
24 NASA Artemis I Path to the Pad: Roll to the Pad
25 A Mystery Solved: Why Does Coral Glow?
26 8 Ways to Curb Cravings During Intermittent Fasting
27 Researchers Reveal that These 6 Types of People Are Least Likely to Be Prepared for Disaster
28 Yale Study Suggests that Evolution Can Be Predicted
29 Thought to Be Impossible--New Method Could Diagnose Early-Stage Parkinson's Disease
30 Spectacular Image of Heart of Phantom Galaxy Showcases Webb's Power
31 Tiny, Touch-Based Sensor Could Help Patients Stay on Top of Their Medications
32 NASA Engineers Assess Data After Artemis I Launch Scrub
33 Remarkable Anti-Aging Drug Delivers Positive Effects on Health and Lifespan with Brief Exposure
34 Scientists Have Created Microrobots that Can Automatically Brush and Floss Your Teeth
35 Good News: Cooperation Among Strangers Has Increased for the Past 60 Years
36 Astonishing Effects of Grape Consumption and "Remarkable" Impacts on Health and Lifespans
37 How a Certain Protein Can Cause Deadly Cancers
38 New Study Reveals How to Get Children to Stop Eating Unhealthy Snacks
39 500,000 American Men Get Vasectomies Every Year--a Specialist Explains the Quick and Simple Procedure
40 Brain Fog--Can Animals Get It Too?
41 10 Things You Think You Know that Aren't Actually True
42 Researchers Discover that Japanese Children Walk Differently
43 Scientists Warn of Potential Threat to Heart Health from Extreme Weather
44 Engineers Solve Data Glitch on NASA's Voyager 1--But There's Still a Problem
45 Identical Twins Reveal Legalizing Recreational Cannabis Has Increased Frequency of Use by 20%
46 NASA Targets September 3 for Next Artemis I Moon Mission Launch Attempt
47 Wearable Activity-Trackers Could Provide an Early Warning of Dementia
48 5 Science-Backed Reasons Ultra-Processed Foods Are Damaging to Health
49 Researchers Discover How Plants Reprogram Their Cells to Fight Invaders
50 Scientists Boost Immune Response to COVID-19 Vaccine by 25 Times
51 Using AI to Quickly Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia from Voice Recordings
52 Particle Physics Surprise: Nucleons Pick Pair Partners Differently in Small Nuclei
53 Potential Long-Term Treatment for Asthma Discovered
54 Antipsychotic Drug Opens New Pathway to Beat Chronic Pain
55 Scientists Discover that this Type of Supplement Can Reduce Depression and Anxiety
56 Legalization of Marijuana Linked to an Increase in Traffic Crashes and Deaths
57 MOXIE Experiment Successfully Making Oxygen on Mars
58 Yale Researchers Discover a Lonely Giant Tortoise--Whose Species Was Last Seen Over 100 Years Ago
59 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Quasar
60 Your Blood Type May Predict Your Risk of Having a Stroke Before Age 60
61 Jupiter's Complex Colors Revealed in Stunning Images from NASA's Juno Spacecraft
62 NASA Pressing Ahead with Artmemis I Moon Rocket Launch--Weather Favorable
63 Accomplishing the Impossible: New, Simple Method Can Destroy "Forever" Chemicals
64 How Does Belly Fat Increase Your Risk of Metabolic Diseases?
65 Hear the Mesmerizing Sounds of the Universe Through the Webb Space Telescope
66 Physicists Reveal More Effective and Earth-Friendly Way to Clean Dishes
67 Scientists Discover a Simple Trick to Cut Down on Your Drinking
68 Limiting Salt Consumption--Can It Actually Hurt You?
69 Space Treasure--Webb Captures Its First-Ever Direct Image of a Distant World
70 MIT Chemists Discover How a Shape-Shifting Receptor Influences Cell Growth
71 NASA Artemis I Launch Update: Mission Management Team Gives "Go"
72 Resonant Metasurfaces Offer Exiciting New Possibilities for Quantum Research
73 SU(N) Matter Is About 3 Billion Times Colder than Deep Space--Opens Portal to High-Symmetry Quantum Realm
74 The 5 Most Nutrient-Dense Vegetables Based on Science
75 Researchers Discover a Key COVID "Weak Spot"
76 One of a Kind Massive Triple Star System Detected
77 Harvard Doctors Discover a Link Between a Certain Type of Diet, Depression, and Frailty
78 New DNA Research Unlocks Secrets of Native Rodents' Rat Race to New Lands
79 Protect Yourself Against Heart Attack and Stroke--Train Your Blood Vessels
80 Diamond Rain on Giant Icy Planets May Be More Common than Thought
81 Scientists Uncover a Surprising Connection Between Appetite and Sun Exposure
82 Single Cells Are More Intelligent than Scientists Previously Thought
83 Why Is COVID Worse for Some People than Others?
84 Scientists Unravel "Hall Effect" Physics Mystery
85 Scientists Find that the Loss of a "Youth" Protein Could Drive Aging
86 Mystery Solved: How Did Dinosaurs Support Their Gigantic Bodies?
87 Cosmonauts Complete Robotics Spacewalk at International Space Station
88 This Week @NASA: An Update on Artemis I Moon Mission, Webb Images Distant Planet
89 Anxiety: Practicing Failure in Your Mind and How to Stop
90 Solar Clock Can Predict Dangerous Solar Flares Years in Advance
91 New Compound Fights Off Over 300 Drug-Resistant Bacteria
92 3 Types of Leisure Activities that Can Lower Your Risk of Dementia
93 Astronomers Produce First Full 3D View of Binary Star-Planet System
94 Scientists Discover that a Certain Nutrient Promotes Anti-Aging
95 Researchers Discover the Secret to a Small Mammal's Exceptional Lifespan
96 Typhoon Hinnamnor: First Category 5 Cyclone on Earth in 2022
97 NASA to Stand Down on Artemis I Moon Rocket Launch Attempts for Now, Reviewing Options
98 Why Is Omicron More Infectious than Other COVID-19 Variants?
99 Explore the Solar System in 3D with NASA's New-and-Improved "Eyes on the Solar System"
100 Yale Scientists Discover Clues to What Makes the Human Brain Different
101 Research Shows that Artificial Sweeteners Can Have Unexpected Effects on the Body
102 9 Ways to Live a Happier, Healthier, and Possibly Longer Life
103 60 New Genes Linked to Autism Uncovered
104 A Promising Therapy for Hard-To-Treat Depression: Deep Brain Stimulation
105 Twice as Likely to Get Divorced: Could Bariatric Surgery Ruin Your Relationship?
106 Skywatching Highlights You Don't Want to Miss: Aldebaran, Betelgeuse, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter
107 A New, Non-Addictive Pain Killer with Fewer Side Effects
108 Hubble Space Telescope Spots Overlapping Spiral Galaxies
109 More Accurate than Test Scores: Scientists Discover a New Way to Measure Learning
110 Japanese Scientists Create Remote-Controlled Cyborg Cockroaches