File Title
1 What is New in ESA's Gaia's Third Data Release
2 Thousands of Asteroids Discovered in Hubble Images--Thanks to huge public participation
3 Decrease in Youth Substance Use During the Pandemic
4 New research strengthens understanding of how animals see, and in what colors
5 Dying Stars Could Enrich the Interstellar Medium with Carbon Nanotubes
6 Influenza Vaccine Shown to Decrease the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
7 Pain Medications with High Abuse Potential More Likely to Achieve Approval
8 Excess Sitting Is Bad for Your Health but Exercise Can Help with That
9 'Urban Canyons' within cities prolong sonic booms
10 Dead Star's Cannibalism Points to Future of Our Solar System
11 Similar 'Jumping Genes' are Active in Human and Octopus Brains
12 A Link Between Hair Growth and the Immune System is Revealed
13 'Feeling Younger' Boosts Rehabilitation Outcomes in Older Patients
14 Germs Lurking in Recreational Water and How to Avoid Them
15 New Perspective on the Link Between Social Media and Unhappiness
16 Scientists Discover an Exercise-Induced Anti-Hunger Molecule
17 Vitamin Supplements are a 'Waste of Money' for Healthy Americans
18 Humans, not nature, are responsible for over 90% of the world's oil spills
19 Poor Eyesight in Older Individuals Linked to Dementia
20 Acupuncture Alleviates Chronic Tension Headaches in Randomized Controlled Trial
21 A Genomic Scan Detects Cancer-Driving Mutations
22 Potential Gene Targets Identified for Treating Deafness
23 Developing a New Approach to Rabies Vaccination
24 New detection method can locate DNA markers in advanced breast cancer within five hours
25 Giant Bacterium Challenges Our View of Microbes
26 A Genetic Score Can Determine Who Needs Surgery for Varicose Veins
27 Machine Learning Predicts Which Genetic Mutations Drive Cancer Progression
28 Unvaccinated Heart Failure Patients Face Major Risks
29 Scientists Discover Viruses that Infect Archaea
30 Jupiter's icy moon Europa's sulfur residue is mapped
31 How the Thymus Trains the Immune System
32 Processing Sad Emotions
33 Unleashing the Genetic Power of Ocean Microbes
34 How the Brain Makes Sense of Self--Motion While Observing an Object in Motion
35 All-in-one 3D printing method used to make robot materials in a single step
36 New Study Shows Higher Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Adult Cancer Survivors
37 Differences between Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
38 Greenlanders Face Genetic Heart Risks
39 Zika- and Dengue-Infected Humans are More Attractive to Mosquitoes
40 A Greenland subpopulation of polar bears could shed light on the species' future as the Arctic continues to warm
41 Virtual reality training can reduce psychosocial stress and anxiety for individuals with limited mobility
42 Intermittent Fasting May Promote Recovery from Nerve Damage
43 When Weed Ages
44 Climate Change Could Drive Antarctica's Only Insect to Extinction
45 Discovery of the Fastest Nova Yet
46 Ancient Microbes Could Provide Clues to Finding Extraterrestrial Life
47 New Citizen Science Project to Identify Clouds on Jupiter
48 This Day in Science History--Edward Jenner & the Smallpox Vaccine
49 Cannabis and Aging
50 Paper-thin Device Treats Pain and then Dissolves in Body
51 Rocket Impact Spotted on the Moon!
52 Inflammatory Factor Triggers Insulin Release upon Seeing Food
53 Firefly Genes Provide Insights into Cannabis Biology
54 Why Do 1 in 15 Physicians Experience Suicidal Ideation?
55 Great Odin's Ravens! The Missing Link Between Single-Cell Organisms & Human Cells Named for the Old Norse Deity
56 Robotic Fish for Cleaning up Microplastics
57 Could Temperature Fight Obesity? Study in Mice Suggests Cold Exposure Could
58 Nanobodies Could Protect Us from Every Variant
59 Migration Among Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Colonization
60 How Healthy Is Your Diet?
61 Martian meteorite questions longstanding theory of planetary formation
62 HIV Infection Seems to Dramatically Accelerate the Aging Process
63 Canadian microbes could give scientists a blueprint for lifeforms on the Red Planet, and possibly elsewhere
64 Reversing the Spread of a Deadly Cancer
65 Highly Contagious Stomach Viruses may Spread Through Saliva
66 Loss of Smell Reduces Enjoyment When Eating and Cooking
67 Experimental Alopecia Treatment Regrows Hair from Dormant Follicles
68 This Day in Science History: The Original Radium Girl--The Death of Marie Curie
69 Caesar Rodney: A Founding Father Suffering from Facial Cancer
70 Study calls for Improved Cannabis Product Labeling Practices
71 Space tourism growth could lead to climate change effects greater than the aviation industry
72 Scientists Urge Study of Bacteria in Melting Glaciers
73 Some Neurodegenerative Diseases are More Likely After COVID-19
74 Study Investigates Infertility and Ovarian Fibrosis
75 A New Type of Universal Flu Vaccine
76 Certain Gut Bacteria Make Blood Pressure Drugs Less Effective
77 New research lets you see 3D images without 3D glasses!
78 Telehealth Reduced Need for Antibiotics in Rural, Underserved Nurseries
79 Powassan Virus: Lethal Tick-Borne Virus Continues Slow Spread in the United States
80 Second-born Infants Sleep 50 Minutes Longer with Responsive Parenting
81 Can liquid water exist for billions of years on non-Earth-like exoplanets?
82 New Prosthetic Provides Relief to Diabetic Amputees
83 Promising New Treatment Strategy for Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthrtis
84 The new amphibious origami millirobot can roll, flip, and spin for targeted drug delivery
85 Study Suggests Breast Cancer Spreads while Sleeping
86 Single supplier for research and diagnostics workflows
87 Reduce TV Viewing to Prevent Heart Disease
88 On ancient Earth, far-stretching continents caused increased temperatures
89 Mini-Kidneys Reveal New Insights, Treatments for Multiple Disorders
90 Do Ancient Wheat Products Impact the Diversity of Gut Microbiota?
91 Observing Gene Expression in Real-Time in Live Mouse Brains
92 HHC, the latest cannabinoid
93 Does Pot Make You More Creative?
94 Solving the Mystery of Failed Staph Vaccines Shows How to Make Them Effective
95 The Latest Research on Cannabis Social Equity Programs
96 $2 Million in NIH Awards go to Study Adolescent Cannabis Use
97 Self-driving cars can use 'memories' for future navigation in adverse conditions
98 Good Bacteria in the Urinary Tract Can Eliminate Pathogens
99 Oilseed Plant Camelina Has Potential as an Aviation Biofuel
100 Long COVID: New Hypothesis about the Cause Raises Questions for Science Community
101 The Future of Lunar Exploration Might Lie Underneath its Surface
102 34 Brown Dwarfs in Binary Systems Found via Citizen Science--Doubling What we Knew!
103 The Link Between Retinal Signals & Neurodevelopmental Disorders
104 Exotic Exoplanets where the Clouds are made of Sand
105 Universal Vaccine for Influenza B Shows Promise
106 Cancer Risk Increases When Certain Gut Microbes are Exposed to Western Diets
107 Dark Matter Gets New Light
108 Brain Injuries in Kids May Lead to Cognitive Problems
109 PFAS Are Everywhere, but There May be a Way to Break Them Down
110 How COVID Vaccine Mandates Worked Out for Countries