File Title
1 Fish 'chock-full' of antifreeze protein found in iceberg habitats off Greenland
2 Refugees in Australia resilient during pandemic, but digital inclusion and family separation remain problems
3 Expert discusses why gas prices still high despite oil getting cheaper--and what will happen next
4 Identifying a new, cleaner source for white light
5 Researchers gain new insights into a dynamic protein targeted in cancer therapy
6 New modeling approach helps advance cryopreservation
7 Microneedles unlock curcumin's therapeutic potential
8 Study supports a return to Indigenous-led solutions to reverse plastics pollution
9 Fossil provides earliest evidence of fruit-eating by any animal
10 Wobbling droplets in space confirm late professor's theory
11 Pulsed light technology effectively kills harmful pathogens in new study
12 ESO telescope images a spectacular cosmic dance
13 Superstorms and Megafloods--How Concerned Should California Be?
14 Differences found in antioxidant activities of astaxanthin isomers against singlet oxygen
15 Air-stability of sodium-based layered-oxide cathode materials
16 Highly insulating alkane rings with destructive [sigma]-interference
17 Boomerangs used to retouch lithic tools
18 Pre-fertilization DNA transfer to avoid mitochondrial disease inheritance appears safe
19 Transition milk improves health in neonatal calves
20 Water levels on Italy's Lake Garda drop to 15-year low
21 Chicken bones and snail shells help archaeologists to date ancient town's destruction
22 Protection sought for rare butterflies at Nevada site
23 Discovering the reason for year-round abundance of marine predators in the Great Australian Bight
24 Sapphire femtosecond laser filamentation in argon at 1 kHz repetition rate
25 Study shows cryopreserved mussel larvae can survive and develop into adult mussels
26 Modern pesticides damage the brain of bees so they can't move in a straight line
27 Mars model provides method for landing humans on Red Planet
28 First structure of key COVID enzyme at human body temperature
29 Despite fears, 3D printing has positive effects on global trade
30 Despite fears, 3D printing has positive effects on global trade
31 Polio has been silently spreading in New York since April, CDC study suggests
32 Preschoolers with larger vocabulary before they begin education, perform better in class--study shows
33 Machine translation could make English-only science accessible to all
34 How the Earth is changing across different ecosystems
35 Individuals value information as they do material objects
36 NASA's Lucy team discovers moon around asteroid Polymele
37 Scientists say new climate law is likely to reduce warming
38 US cuts water supply for some states, Mexico as drought bites
39 China heat wave pushes up prices as hens lay fewer eggs
40 Tech bid to crack tiger trade
41 Wind energy boom and golden eagles collide in the US West
42 Two new books show how sexism still pervades astronomy
43 The Most Jaw-Dropping Rocket Launch Since 1973 Is Now Just 12 Days Away as NASA Reveals New 'Mega Moon Rocket'
44 Study identifies mechanism holding electron pairs together in unconventional superconductors
45 Scientists unravel biotic colonization history of subtropical East Asian caves
46 New rare 'hot sub-Neptune' exoplanet discovered
47 What the Results of 32 Studies Teach Us About Parenting in the Age of Social Media
48 New clues to how plants retain healthy genomes, avoid mitochondrial disease
49 Leveraging the structure of bacterial host cell receptors to detect cancer
50 Graphene as 'the philosopher's stone': Turning waste into gold
51 Researchers realize two coherently convertible qubit types using a single ion species
52 It's Time to Retire the Terms 'Hard' and 'Soft' Science
53 Sage genome provides insight into evolution of diterpenoids of medicinal interest
54 U.S. Announces Major Colorado River Water Cuts Amid Historic Western Drought
55 Gallium oxide crystal complexity tamed by machine learning
56 Could shipworms be destroying the wreck of Captain Cook's Endeavour?
57 Ancient creature with no anus is not earliest human ancestor, research suggests
58 Protons contain intrinsic charm quarks, a new study suggests
59 The mission to make longer-lasting space drugs
60 Teens' Protection from Pfizer's COVID Shot Fades Weeks After Vaccination--But Shot Still Wards Off Serious Illness, Study Finds
61 Social and communication skills co-evolve, study finds
62 Engineering a symbiotic relationship between E. coli and stinkbugs reveals clues about how symbiosis develops
63 Predicting a region's likelihood of having fish with toxic levels of methylmercury
64 Can water quality trading effectively reduce water pollution?
65 Online teaching triggers a different response in the body
66 Test chamber for NASA's new cosmic mapmaker makes dramatic entrance
67 Study reveals what causes 'outliers' track in black hole X-ray binaries
68 Precipitation underlies longitudinal variation cline in seed size across sand rice natural populations
69 How two different species of dolphins coexist in Australia
70 How do horticultural crops defend themselves against fungal pathogens?
71 Facilitating the development of LEO mega constellations
72 Fast-growing poplars can release land for food production
73 Lungless salamanders develop lungs as embryos despite lung loss in adults for millions of years
74 Working to heal homelessness, fix broken aid industry
75 Particles from everyday wall paints can harm living organisms, but a novel membrane shows high filtering effects
76 Researchers boost sensitivity and speed of Raman microscopy technique
77 Sailing drones to capture ecosystem data from Lake Superior
78 Climate change driving unprecedented forest fire loss
79 NASA scientists study how to remove planetary 'photobombers'
80 UK disputes lack of access to EU science research programmes
81 Fruit fly study reveals a thermometer brain circuit promoting midday siesta on hot days
82 Russian spacewalk cut short by bad battery in cosmonaut suit
83 3D-Models Show that 540-Million-Year Old Bag-Like Creature Is Not Earliest Human Ancestor
84 Scientists seek to develop hybrid coral reef off of Miami
85 Astronauts Might Be Able to Farm on Mars One Day Thanks to A Secret Ingredient: Alfalfa
86 Monkeypox infected a dog. Which animals may be next?
87 NASA's moon rocket moved to launch pad for 1st test flight
88 Snow research fills gap in understanding Arctic climate
89 France braces for violent storms after weeks of drought
90 New quantum technology combines free electrons and photons
91 Researchers explore how impacts 'break in' a new planet
92 New model developed to predict landslides along wildfire burn scars
93 Stone Age discovery shows Homo sapiens survived in the Kalahari
94 Climate researchers correct faulty rainfall predictions for China's breadbasket
95 Indigenous youth film project turns the lens on nutrition and food security
96 COVID Increases Risk of Mental Illness and Brain Disease Up to Two Years After Infection, Study Suggests
97 Geological carbon sequestration in mantle rocks prevents large earthquakes in parts of the San Andreas Fault
98 Why mastication played a crucial role in evolution
99 Climate-resilient breadfruit might be the food of the future
100 Study fails to show that dogs or wolves can understand a human's reputation
101 Megalodon could eat prey the size of entire killer whales
102 New research model illuminates how organs communicate with each other
103 Museum collections indicate bees increasingly stressed by changes in climate over the past 100 years
104 Study confirms that speculation taxes are not an effective tool in curbing house prices
105 Burying short sections of power lines would drastically reduce hurricanes' future impact on coastal residents
106 What Exactly Are All Those Electrical Impulses in Your Brain?
107 Hunting pythons in Florida, for profit and therapy
108 Canada's Hudson Bay a summer refuge for thousands of belugas
109 US communities are mapping heat islands to boost climate resilience
110 Hundreds evacuated as 'frightening' floods hit New Zealand
111 Dutch anglers save fish as Rhine drought bites
112 Vets tackle jumbo tusk task on Pakistan zoo elephants
113 What Killed the Dinosaurs? New Discovery in Africa Hints at Multiple Asteroid Strikes, Say Scientists
114 Saccorhytus: Strange creature with large mouth but no anus is not earliest human ancestor, study finds
115 Oort cloud comets may spin themselves to death