File Title
1 China's mass testing mantra is building a waste mountain
2 Biden tries to heal Kentucky flood victims--and country
3 ASEAN ministers warn Taiwan tensions could spark 'open conflicts'
4 China's Taiwan war games threaten more global supply chain disruption
5 Macau to open bidding for six casino licences
6 UK PM rivals spar over tax, China in first head-to-head TV debate
7 Heat, drought rekindle huge wildfire in southwest France
8 South Korea flooding death toll rises to nine
9 Record rainfall, flooding in Seoul kill seven
10 Scores dead in floods in Uganda, Iran and UAE
11 Eight dead in 'devastating' Kentucky flooding
12 Misery for millions as monsoon pounds Pakistan port city
13 C. Africa floods kill 13, leave over 1,000 homeless
14 15 dead, 23,000 affected by rainy-season floods in Niger
15 UK meteorologists, water firms issue warnings as extreme heatwave looms
16 Climate change made Britain heatwave 10 times more likely: study
17 China swelters under record heat
18 France to order air-conditioned shops to keep doors shut
19 Researchers ID the high-efficiency hacks cannabis cells use to make cannabinoids
20 Balloon fleet senses earthquakes from the stratosphere
21 Airbus to deliver connectivity services using its leading Zephyr High Altitude Platform Station
22 US not trying to 'outdo' world powers in Africa, says Blinken
23 US says new Africa strategy will engage leaders, rethink military role
24 Burkina army says civilians killed in air raid
25 Nigeria's army orders reshuffle as insecurity grows
26 Togo mediates in Mali, iCoast soldiers dispute
27 Burundi secretly sent troops to DR Congo: rights group
28 After 'historic' US climate bill, scientists urge global action
29 Cambodian PM scraps development project threatening wildlife sanctuary
30 Iguanas reproducing on Galapagos island century after disappearing
31 Nepal tiger population roars back after conservation drive
32 Deadly elephant virus stalks Zurich zoo
33 Climate, collectors blamed for S. Africa's succulents decline
34 The bigger the temperature change, the larger the extinction event
35 Storks give up migrating to live on landfill in Spain
36 Wild tiger numbers higher than previously thought
37 Climate patterns thousands of miles away affect US bird migration
38 Suspended sediment reduced by rapid revegetation after Fukushima decontamination
39 Japan regulator OKs release of treated Fukushima water
40 Former bosses of Fukushima operator ordered to pay $97 billion damages
41 Over 80,000 tourists trapped in 'China's Hawaii' after COVID outbreak
42 Friendly skies? Study charts COVID-19 odds for plane flights
43 Deal reached for generic drug to prevent HIV infection
44 Botswana hits 'historic' UN goal against HIV: report
45 China confirms top officials vaccinated as it seeks to reassure vaccine-sceptic
46 Macau to reopen casinos as COVID lockdown eases at weekend
47 Second mRNA booster significantly effective against Omicron variants
48 Microparticles could be used to deliver "self-boosting" vaccines
49 Climate, poverty collude to torment Central America
50 Mexico unveils drought plan for industrial hub
51 'Life-saving' peanut paste unlikely victim of Ukraine war
52 Natural disaster losses hit $72 billion. in first half 2022: Swiss Re
53 SpaceWorks RED-Rescue delivers goods key to survival in wartime
54 Ancient ice ages shapes how seagrasses respond to environmental threats
55 Mountain melt shutters classic Alpine routes
56 Thaw and redraw: melting glacier moves Italian-Swiss border
57 Human food waste 'threat' to polar bears: report
58 Air samples from Arctic region show how fast Earth is warming
59 More Ukraine grain sets sail as new strike hits nuclear site
60 Driest July in memory imperils Europe's crops
61 UK's Waitrose to scrap 'best before' date on fresh products
62 Yemen's ancient honey production a victim of war, climate change
63 Turf wars stall Ireland's green agenda
64 Dutch farmer protests reap populist support
65 Dutch PM slams 'life-threatening' farmer protests
66 Drought threatens Spain's 'green gold' harvest
67 Sustainable practices linked to farm size in organic farming
68 South Korea flooding death toll rises to nine
69 'Indescribable': the heat and roar of Iceland's volcano as spectators flock to watch
70 Tonga eruption blasted unprecedented amount of water into stratosphere
71 New method can improve explosion detection
72 Evacuations after volcano erupts in southern Japan
73 'Fire of Love' charts romance and death of volcano-chasing scientists
74 Canadian woman dies in avalanche on Ecuador volcano: officials
75 Jihadist-hit Mali receives six more warplanes from Russia
76 From coffee to toothpaste, Nigerians buy small as hardships bite
77 Communication makes hunting easier for chimpanzees
78 China population to begin shrinking by 2025: officials
79 White children are more likely to be overdiagnosed and overtreated for ADHD
80 Why it is so hard for women to have a baby
81 Experts developing wearable technology to support women to remain active as they age
82 Rainforest chimpanzees are digging wells for cleaner water
83 Fossils found in the 'Cradle of Humankind' may be over a million years older
84 Famous Sterkfontein Caves deposit 1 million years older than previously thought
85 Population bottlenecks that reduced genetic diversity were common throughout human history
86 How humans evolved to get along
87 Healthy human brains are hotter than previously thought, exceeding 40 degrees
88 Are we born with a moral compass
89 China faces new demographic challenges
90 Taking your time makes a difference in Neanderthal times
91 Connectivity of language areas unique in the human brain
92 US Senate adopts sweeping climate and health plan, in major victory for Biden
93 Dutch declare shortage in 'land of water'
94 France struggles with drought over punishing summer of heat
95 Millions hungry but drought overlooked as Kenya prepares to vote
96 France orders crisis task force over 'historic' drought
97 Dutch declare shortage in 'land of water'
98 Trilobites' growth may have resembled that of modern marine crustaceans
99 How did Earth avoid a Mars-like fate? Ancient rocks hold clues
100 Feathery insulation helped dinosaurs survive and thrive: Study
101 New insights into the Earth's formation
102 How placentas evolved in mammals
103 Researchers: Earlier study breaking T. rex into 3 different species was wrong
104 Ancient fossilized brains of stanleycaris prompts rethink on evolution of insects
105 Australia backs law to speed carbon emission cuts
106 Spanish PM calls on nation to go tie-less
107 Solar Energy--It's Time to Harness the Sun's Energy
108 Debunking the myths that discourage public funding of clean energy
109 Smart thermostats inadvertently strain electric power grids
110 Surrey's prototype battery only needs seconds of sunlight to keep smart wearables charged