File Title
1 Buzz Aldrin's Apollo 11 jacket sold for $2.7 million.
2 3 in Blue Origin crew set new world records aboard New Shepard spaceflight
3 Blue Origin to launch space tourist flight next week
4 NASA Goddard's 'Web Around Asteroid Bennu' Shows in SIGGRAPH Film Fest
5 NewSpace may eliminate sun-synchronous orbits
6 One Hundred days of Minerva
7 Russia launches Iranian satellite amid Ukraine war concerns
8 Iran says will control Russia-launched satellite 'from day one'
9 Russia to put Iran satellite into orbit next week
10 Northrop Grumman to lead Homeland Missile Defense Program for MDA
11 Taking space-augmented JADO from concept to orbit in 2023
12 Russia says it will abandon ISS in 2024, build its own space station
13 J-Space partners with Virgin Orbit to bring sovereign air-launch capability to South Korea
14 Northrop Grumman teams with Firefly to further develop Antares launcher
15 The space economy gets major tech advancement with hybrid mobility packages
16 Northrop Grumman and NASA test SLS booster
17 Private rocket company completes third orbital mission
18 NASA's Perseverance cores 12th sample, team assessing rover's coring bit
19 Images of EDL Debris
20 NASA adds 2 helicopters to mission to bring Mars samples back to Earth
21 Rocky road ahead still not the good kind: Sols 3548-3550
22 Wentian's small mechanical arm completes in-orbit tests
23 Reusable experimental spacecraft put into orbit
24 China's Tianzhou-3 cargo craft re-enters atmosphere under control
25 China successfully launches lab to Tiangong space station
26 China's space station expanding nation technology base
27 Chinese astronauts set up new lab on space station
28 China launches six new satellites
29 New Chinese rocket makes debut flight
30 China's space tracking ship Yuanwang-3 back from missions
31 China releases images of Martian satellite
32 A better way to quantify radiation damage in materials
33 A cosmic tango points to a violent and chaotic past for distant exoplanet
34 Super-earth skimming habitable zone of red dwarf
35 How do collisions of rocks with planets help the planets evolve?
36 New research on the emergence of the first complex cells challenges orthodoxy
37 Lava caves of Hawaii Island contain thousands of unknown bacterial species
38 Why Jupiter doesn't have rings like Saturn
39 You can help scientists study the atmosphere on Jupiter
40 US warns Pacific islands of struggle against coercive regimes
41 Biden to host White House Pacific island summit
42 High-level US delegation heads to Solomons to mark WWII amid China moves
43 Making hydropower plants more sustainable
44 China vlogger who ate great white shark under investigation
45 UK sea levels rising quicker than century ago: study
46 Seaweed onslaught disrupts S. Leone fishing and tourism
47 Brussels urges EU members to reuse city water in farms
48 Utah's Great Salt Lake is disappearing
49 France and parts of England see driest July on record
50 French regions face record water restrictions; English households urged to save water
51 US-European satellite will make world's first global freshwater survey
52 Satellite images show dramatic water level change at Lake Mead
53 'Water police' patrol drought-hit Los Angeles streets
54 Mexico wants to reduce beer production in drought-hit areas
55 Brussels urges EU members to reuse city water in farms
56 Researchers surprised by Greenland shark found in Caribbean off Belize
57 Artemis 1 becomes cultural, educational time capsule for trip around moon
58 Additional Artemis I test objectives to provide added confidence in capabilities
59 NASA's VIPER prototype motors through Moon-like obstacle course
60 NASA's LRO finds Lunar pits harbor comfortable temperatures
61 NASA team troubleshoots asteroid-bound Lucy across the solar system
62 Modeling reveals how dwarf planet Ceres powers unexpected geologic activity
63 The plan to unlock the biggest wealth through asteroid mining
64 Some asteroids aged early by Sun
65 DLR to investigate dust from asteroid Ryugu
66 Cloud study demystifies impact of aerosols
67 How different parts of mixed convective-stratiform clouds respond to cloud seeding
68 Predicting equatorial plasma bubbles with SWARM
69 Great Air Quality for the Great Lakes Region
70 Fleet Space' Exosphere Earth Scanning Technology tested at lithium exploration site
71 Mission ends for Copernicus Sentinel-1B satellite
72 Using satellite imagery to protect the environment and assist humanitarian aid
73 China launches two more remote sensing satellites into orbit
74 Tap into Europe in motion
75 NASA's mineral dust detector on ISS starts gathering data with EMIT
76 Solar storm expected to hit Earth, but likely 'weak,' forecasters say
77 Why Does the Inside of the Solar System Not Spin Faster
78 A new method for predicting the 11-year solar cycle strength
79 When particles move
80 The strength of the strong force
81 A molecule of light and matter
82 Earth spun faster June 29, causing shortest day since 1960s
83 Unravel the mystery of the quasar's "anisotropic" effects on surrounding gas
84 Photonic spin hall effect: Fundamentals and emergent applications
85 Scientists capture first-ever view of a hidden quantum phase in a 2D crystal
86 Physicist defends validity of Stokes-Einstein equation in living systems
87 Physicists see electron whirlpools for the first time
88 Physicists confront the neutron lifetime puzzle
89 Rainwater unsafe to drink due to chemicals: study
90 Lowest July Antarctic sea ice on record: monitor
91 Climate deniers use past heat records to sow doubt online
92 US Senate adopts sweeping climate and health plan, in major victory for Biden
93 Kurdish Iraqi farmer sprouts online advice, green awareness
94 Iraq Kurd protesters tear-gassed, MPs detained: AFP, official
95 More than 200,000 Yazidis still displaced in Iraq: UN
96 HRW calls for UN probe into 'abuses' in China's Xinjiang
97 Top army commander among six killed in Pakistan chopper crash
98 Rocket fire targets Turkish consulate in Iraq's Mosul
99 Angry Iraq buries dead from shelling blamed on Turkey
100 Study shows environmental impact of 57,000 products sold in supermarkets
101 First global map of cargo ship pollution reveals effects of fuel regulations
102 It's raining PFAS
103 Ultra-fast fashion charms young despite damaging environment
104 Silk offers an alternative to some microplastics
105 Kyiv sounds alarm over war-ravaged nature, EU vows aid
106 'They're everywhere': microplastics in oceans, air and human body
107 Plans to rebuild Ukraine should address environment, EU commissioner says
108 India bans many single-use plastics to tackle waste
109 Pollution linked to 10% of cancer cases in Europe: report
110 Ancient Afghan Buddhist city threatened by Chinese copper mine