File Title
1 Exploring arcobacter risk to the food industry and human health
2 Why early Romans used lopsided dice
3 Beating the heat becoming more difficult, science says
4 AI helps discover new space anomalies
5 History of DDT ocean dumping off LA coast even worse than expected, EPA finds
6 No trace of dark matter halos
7 Researchers unveil key processes in marine microbial evolution
8 For advance drought warning, look to the plants
9 Gases from Iceland's volcano threaten nearby village
10 Oregon's wildfire risk map emerges as new climate flashpoint
11 How Mars rovers have evolved in 25 years of exploring the Red Planet
12 Hubble gazes at a star-studded skyfield
13 10 years since landing, NASA's Curiosity Mars rover still has drive
14 NASA Goddard's 'Web Around Asteroid Bennu' shows in SIGGRAPH film fest
15 Scientists characterize the potato L-type lectin StLecRK-IV.1, which negatively regulates late blight resistance
16 New research on the emergence of the first complex cells challenges orthodoxy
17 New at-home, saliva-based COVID test as effective as PCR in preliminary analysis
18 That's how close the Inflation Reduction Act would get US to its climate goals
19 Researchers show that locusts can 'sniff' out human cancer
20 Dual-plasmid editing system improves DNA digital storage potential
21 The many ways nature nurtures human well-being
22 Common weed may be 'super plant' that holds key to drought-resistant crops
23 Seeing cell secretion like never before
24 Tijuana sewage spill shutters Imperial Beach and Coronado shorelines, yet again
25 Machine learning reveals hidden components of X-ray pulses
26 Ultrasensitive optical sensing instrument has broad medical, science uses
27 'Synthetic embryo' breakthrough but growing human organs far off
28 Reinforcement learning-based simulations show human desire to always want more may speed up learning
29 Homogenized global food system puts people and planet at risk
30 New, enhanced provides transparency and insights on digital political spending
31 Portugal sets new July heat record, worsening severe drought
32 Growing cereal crops with less fertilizer
33 No, the human brain did not shrink 3,000 years ago: research
34 Ecological continuity between orangutans and extinct ancestors highlights their dependence on intact rainforests
35 Research team first to develop 3D structure of twinkle protein
36 Rare flooding traps 1,000 people in US Death Valley
37 Going once, going twice...Pakistan lions up for auction
38 How You Can Positively Influence Others and the World to Create Lasting Happiness
39 Chances of climate catastrophe are ignored, scientists say
40 Hundreds May Be Infected, Based on Wastewater Findings in 2 Counties
41 New Pompeii finds highlight middle-class life in doomed city
42 Receding floodwater lets police evacuate people trapped in US Death Valley
43 Some mini-Neptune exoplanets may evolve into super-Earths
44 Brass Players Most Likely to Spread COVID-19 with Their Instruments
45 Drought forces water use rethink in Spain
46 Stranded Beluga whale is now stationary in Seine: NGO
47 Simulations provide map to treasure trove of fluorinated compounds
48 Enhancers cooperate to regulate master transcription factors for sound receptor hair cell development
49 Women are too tired and time-strapped for board games due to shrinking leisure time
50 New-to-nature yeast chromosome could be game changer for industry
51 Stop the endless expansion and work with what our cities already have
52 Study reveals how lncRNAs modulate balance between plant immunity and growth
53 New information on 'gigantic jet' lightning bursts that reach toward space
54 Scientists mapped dark matter around galaxies in the early universe
55 Building human muscle genes in the DNA of baker's yeast
56 Exploring how stars determine their own masses
57 More than half of UK households to be in fuel poverty by the new year, according to new report
58 Justice system unsafe for the gender diverse, Australian study finds
59 Dry lightning sparks some of the most destructive and costly wildfires in California, study finds
60 Lime shows promise for controlling clubroot in canola crops
61 Climate deniers use past heat records to sow doubt online
62 Why interseeding might be the boost cover crops need
63 Cleaner air as a result of pandemic lockdown
64 Robotic motion in curved space defies standard laws of physics
65 Building better gas-phase biosensors for fight against diseases
66 Graphite changes to hexagonal diamond in picoseconds
67 Northern English dialects are holding their own, study shows
68 Commercial satellite race raises calls for more regulations
69 Figuring out how wild wheat protects itself from insects
70 Environmental impact of 57,000 multi-ingredient processed foods revealed
71 Artificial intelligence tools predict DNA's regulatory role and 3D structure
72 Biden's COVID-19 Experience Raises Questions About CDC's Isolation Guidelines
73 What part of a space rock survives all the way to the ground?
74 Researchers develop framework for modeling post-earthquake infrastructure resilience
75 Conservation survey finds native New York state pollinators at risk
76 Climate change predicts southerly shift of great whale species in New Zealand
77 Study could lead to new treatments for swallowing disorders
78 Layered limestone deposits give unique insight to Roman aqueducts
79 Apple trees' natural response to virus mirrors genetic modification mechanism, study shows
80 Do spiders sleep? Study suggests they may snooze like humans
81 NASA's moon-observing CubeSat is ready for Artemis launch
82 Innovation language benefits female entrepreneurs in reward-based crowdfunding
83 139 new species named in Australia
84 Researchers show potential for improved water-use efficiency in field-grown plants
85 Teachers are critical to detecting and reporting child maltreatment
86 Is brain fog limited to humans?
87 Ridge-to-reef ecosystem census reveals hidden reservoir for microbiomes
88 In simulation of how water freezes, artificial intelligence breaks the ice
89 Rotting fish help solve mystery of how soft tissue fossils form
90 After 'historic' US climate bill, scientists urge global action
91 How calcium ions get into the cellular power stations of plants
92 Multi-channel approach to extension reaps benefits for farmers fighting fall armyworm pest in Eastern Rwanda
93 Traces of 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill are still detectable in 2020
94 The World's Largest Shark Is also the World's Largest Omnivore
95 Robot helps reveal how ants pass on knowledge
96 Relocated beavers helped mitigate some effects of climate change
97 France readies 'exceptional' rescue of beluga astray in Seine
98 What Can Dancing Cockatoos Teach Us About Ourselves? / Science
99 Bats communicate and work together for more efficient foraging
100 Creating more environmentally friendly, heat resistant and transparent plastics
101 How balloons could one day detect quakes on Venus
102 New LED technology surpasses the lifetime milestone
103 The Secret to Better Fisheries Management Is Hidden in Their DNA
104 Analysis of global tree population explains baffling trends in species richness
105 Novel approach for generating coherent and ultrashort soft X-ray pulses
106 3D printing of short-carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoset polymer composites
107 Lowest July Antarctic sea ice on record: monitor
108 Data suggests social media has important role to play in raising the profile of women's sports
109 An upgrade for magnetic resonance methods with a 1,000-fold amplifier
110 The most experienced cat owners are giving their pets unwelcome affection, study suggests
111 Twisted-graphene model exhibits complex electronic behavior