File Title
1 Highest coral cover in central, northern Great Barrier Reef in 36 years
2 Neural networks and 'ghost' electrons accurately reconstruct behavior of quantum systems
3 EPA announces flights to look for methane in Permian Basin
4 A shot of immune proteins may protect against malaria for months
5 Does China's research and development funding reach the right firms?
6 Future-proofing the Great Lakes region through climate research
7 Space Junk from A SpaceX Capsule Found in Australian Farmer's Field
8 As reflective satellites fill the skies, students are making sure astronomers can adapt
9 Physicists make major gains in race for room-temperature superconductivity
10 Understanding cooperation and conflict in plant symbionts
11 New study reveals that climate change will severely impact bird species by 2080
12 Newly developed COVID-19 test detects and identifies specific variants with 100% accuracy
13 NASA's PUNCH mission announces rideshare with SPHEREx and new launch date
14 Scientists identify key mechanism controlling skin regeneration
15 Government 'not on course' to turn UK into 'science superpower' by 2030, peers say
16 Dutch government declares water shortage
17 Deja vu as volcano erupts again near Iceland capital
18 Record amount of seaweed is choking shores in the Caribbean
19 Why You Should Shun Next Week's Powerful Annual Event and See this Instead
20 Scientists revive pigs' organs using 'artificial blood' over hour after its death
21 Kids' noses can better fight COVID-19
22 400-year-old Ecuadoran beer resurrected from yeast
23 Heavy rain hits northern Japan, 200,000 urged to evacuate
24 Great Barrier Reef sees fragile coral comeback
25 SpaceX debris discovered in Australian sheep paddock
26 Study decodes how children's noses help them better fight COVID
27 Scientists turned dead spiders into robots
28 Climate change makes some volcanic plumes less effective at reducing global temperatures
29 Genetically increasing wheat yield potential for food security
30 New crystal engineering strategy to design ultrabright fluorescent solid dyes
31 Our kids are no longer 'free range'
32 A Psychologist Offers Advice on How to Overcome Frequent Bad Dreams
33 Below-average Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone' measured
34 Fiber optics open new frontier for landslide monitoring
35 Endogenous ceramide phosphoethanolamine modulates circadian rhythm and longevity in Drosophila
36 New method enables efficient sample preparation for single-cell proteomics
37 Beluga whale spotted in France's Seine river
38 Spectators flock to Iceland volcano
39 Borrowers in urban areas struggle the most to meet their mortgage, study shows
40 Science and practice work together to develop insect protection measures
41 It's hard to challenge someone's false beliefs because their ideas come from social networks, not facts
42 Astronomy data and the search for habitable worlds
43 How COVID-19 lockdown measures, and their outcomes, varied in cities around the world
44 First Child Death from Marburg Virus in Ghana, Brings Outbreak Death Toll to 3
45 Unlocking the recipe for designer magnetic particles for next generation computing technologies
46 To protect our planet, they need to be exposed
47 Bacterial membrane transporter helps pathogens to hide from immune system
48 Development of a new method of synthesizing dialkyl ethers using three catalysts that hydroxylate alkenes
49 Ultrathin 2D cuprate with active periodic copper single sites, a new catalyst for Chan-lam coupling
50 New spider genus named after David Bowie
51 In search of universal laws of diffusion with resetting
52 Microbes emit nitrogen oxides--perhaps more than you think
53 How do plants regulate their sugar metabolism?
54 Exceeding 100 percent quantum efficiency in the photocurrent of a hybrid inorganic-organic semiconductor
55 'Windchime' detector could use gravity to hunt for dark matter 'wind'
56 Plant-based 'beef' reduces carbon dioxide but threatens agriculture jobs
57 Speeding up evolution at the genome level by alternative chromosome configuration
58 How do PA, ABA, and CBF pathways synergistically regulate melon cold tolerance?
59 41 large polluters to get free passes in Washington state carbon trading market
60 Blue Origin sends first Egyptian and Portugese nationals to space
61 Why You Don't Need the Gift of Gab to Be A Great Conversationalist
62 Half of species not assessed for endangered list risk extinction: study
63 Firefighters battle blaze in northwestern Spain
64 These baboons borrowed a third of their genes from their cousins
65 Drosophila embryonic development at single-cell resolution
66 Great white sharks are thriving in Monterey Bay thanks to warming waters, study shows
67 Scientist studies how torrential rainfall will change our rivers
68 Team discovers new plant gene reprogramming mechanism
69 Researchers explore how floods and droughts are challenging science and society globally
70 The heat and roar of Iceland's volcano
71 Researchers trace the source of nitrogen pollution affecting the world's second largest barrier reef
72 San Diego to ban natural gas in new homes and businesses as part of climate fight
73 Extreme heat waves may be our new normal, thanks to climate change. Is the globe prepared?
74 How year-round crops could reduce farm pollution in the Mississippi River
75 Five of the top discoveries aboard NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars
76 Up a creek without paddle? Researchers suggest 'gunwale bobbing'
77 Data on plant 'sweating' could help predict wildfire severity
78 Researchers harness the power of carbenes to fabricate drugs more easily and more safely
79 Complex coacervate droplets as a model material for studying the electrodynamic response of biological materials
80 Oft-overlooked grasslands build biodiversity, resilience over centuries
81 Summer pests or scientific marvel?
82 Molecular mechanisms of water homeostasis
83 Researchers document 'infodemic' of false information on COVID-19 in first year of pandemic
84 Fossils of 30-foot prehistoric marine lizard unearthed in Texas
85 First studies with Quantum Machine Learning at LHCb
86 Beyond Artemis I--NASA plots cheaper rocket rollout while Congress calls for more flights
87 Can environmental violations define oil and gas companies as bad actors? A judgment awaits
88 New, More Powerful Volcanic Eruption in Iceland Draws Risk-Taking Tourists
89 How Climate Change Could Accelerate Corrosion
90 A simple, cheap material for carbon capture, perhaps from tailpipes
91 Worrying finding in California's climate initiative reveals problem with using forests to offset CO2 emissions
92 Bonobos receive consolation from bystanders when producing 'baby-like' signals to express their emotional distress
93 4 critically injured in lightning strike near White House
94 California crews make fire gains; Washington town evacuated
95 South Korean spacecraft launched to the moon, country's 1st
96 Experts warn that climate change, increasing populations are threatening the resilience of UK wastewater infrastructure
97 New study calculates retreat of glacier edges in Alaska's Kenai Fjords National Park
98 Irreplaceable roles of crocodiles and relatives are at risk of being lost
99 Large-scale study of Brazilian wetlands shows biodiversity loss undermines ecosystem functioning
100 Simultaneous multi-gas detection needs only sub-microliters analyte
101 A year in the life of the mouse lemur
102 Self-censoring divisive language at work can deplete employees, with spillover effects at home
103 Massachusetts legalizing sports betting brings more harm than good, experts say
104 NOAA still expects above-normal Atlantic hurricane season
105 Earth's lakes emit less methane than previously thought
106 Business can no longer ignore extreme heat events. It's becoming a danger to the bottom line
107 Is There Science Behind Why Teens Wear Hoodies in Summer Heat?
108 Should we be worried about our pet cats and dogs getting COVID?
109 Five areas where the hard work starts now
110 New research reveals 'shameful' extent of child poverty in New Zealand
111 Changing lifestyles in response to the effects of climate change