File Title
1 4 STEM Tips from A Scientist as K-12 Schools Begin
2 Asia-Pacific heritage conservation benefits from 'cultural landscape' approach
3 Is It Love or Toxic? A Psychologist Helps You Decipher the Hidden Meanings in Your Relationship
4 Ancient melon genome from Libya yields surprising insights into watermelon relative
5 How some children prospered in pandemic online learning
6 Bringing consistency to methods of 2D material analysis
7 Recovering biodiversity in Brazil's pioneering Atlantic Forest through conservation and ecological restoration
8 Bringing Science and Transparency to the Supplement Industry
9 Have the past misdeeds of John James Audubon come home to roost?
10 Formation of dwarf galaxy observed using India's AstroSat
11 Rockfalls, gaping crevices put Mont Blanc out of reach for many
12 New Mexico mammoths among best evidence for early humans in North America
13 Mindful employees find their jobs less boring and are less likely to quit
14 New dog food? Study shows your dog's gut bacteria could turn over within week
15 Paid migrant live-in care workers in London at risk of modern slavery
16 Whale sharks may be the world's largest omnivores
17 The many versions of a female scientist
18 Enzyme, proteins work together to tidy up tail ends of DNA in dividing cells
19 Fires increase in Brazilian Amazon in July
20 France and parts of England see driest July on record
21 Study finds nickelate superconductors are intrinsically magnetic
22 Shining light on how bacteria interact
23 Researchers develop miniature lens for trapping atoms
24 Automating neutron experiments with AI
25 Potential to end humanity is 'dangerously underexplored' say experts
26 Legacy of ancient ice ages shapes how seagrasses respond to environmental threats today
27 Most but not all Texas coaches say they'll plan for climate change
28 Signaling 'stressed-out' plants
29 VegSense makes sense for forest studies
30 Asexual reproduction leads to harmful genetic mutations
31 Successful women make the best advocates to help other women rise up in the ranks
32 AI can reveal new cell biology just by looking at images
33 Scientists offer new theory on how plants can orchestrate the rhythms of light
34 Study finds cable news networks have grown more polarized
35 Engineers repurpose 19th-century photography technique to make stretchy, color-changing films
36 Profits over planet? Experts eye companies at crucial moment for climate change fight
37 New York onion growers can keep yields while cutting chemical use
38 Eating more foods like crisps and cookies 'linked to increased risk of dementia'
39 Research reveals the chemical underpinnings of how benign water can transform into harsh hydrogen peroxide
40 Iguanas reproducing on Galapagos island century after disappearing
41 The endangered wildlife revival at Cambodia's Angkor Wat
42 Greenland Shark Discovered in Belize
43 Two black holes merged despite being born far apart in space
44 Small pterosaurs 'pole vaulted' to flight from water, study suggests
45 The World Needs to Start Preparing for the Worst
46 When Will the Next Supernova in Our Galaxy Occur? / Science
47 Remote surgery robot to be tested aboard International Space Station
48 The Sun Is Now More Active than NASA Predicted. It Could Be in Its Strongest Cycle Since Records Began
49 Synthetic mouse embryos with brains and beating hearts grown using only skin cells
50 Researchers find new species of Nemacheilidae fish in Putao, Northern Myanmar
51 How Health Systems Can Reduce Gun Violence, Here's What Kaiser Permanente Is Doing
52 Limb muscle regeneration needs metamorphosis and body growth
53 What's Wrong with the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season?
54 Women are turning the tide on climate policy worldwide, and may launch a new era for Australia
55 Tepary beans offer producers a low-input, climate-resilient legume alternative
56 Study reveals key genes involved in production of industrial enzymes and biomass recycling
57 See and Download the Webb Telescope's Latest Images of A Rare 'Ring Galaxy' in Jaw-Dropping 4K Detail
58 Flood risk is rising across the St. Louis region. Who will solve the problem?
59 How a mollusk found in the Florida Keys can put you in jail
60 Researchers create biosensor by turning spider silk into optical fiber
61 Agri-environment measures boost wildlife populations in long-term farm study
62 The psychological challenges contestants, and viewers, could face after the show is over
63 Novel non-contact oxygen concentration measurement technique developed
64 Students from poorer regions rate Sustainable Development Goals as more important than those from richer regions do
65 Vaquita porpoises escape extinction longer than expected
66 Hessian remains unearthed at Revolutionary War battle site
67 Firefighters race to protect California town threatened by wildfire
68 Webb telescope captures colorful Cartwheel Galaxy
69 World's toughest turtle? Survivor among 8 returned to ocean
70 Researchers identify the high-efficiency hacks cannabis cells use to make cannabinoids
71 Researchers discover one of the largest known bacteria-to-animal gene transfers inside a fruit fly
72 Computer modelling aims to inform restoration, conservation of coral reefs
73 Nanoscale observations simplify how scientists describe earthquake movement
74 Developing a new approach for building quantum computers
75 Earlier wheat planting will boost yields in eastern India
76 Using light to restore cell function
77 Tarsiers push virtuoso singing to their physiological limits
78 In DNA, scientists find solution to building superconductor that could transform technology
79 What Exactly Are All Those Electrical Impulses in Your Brain?
80 Wildfires disproportionately affect the poor
81 A new study has used a marine monitor radar system to monitor California marine protected areas
82 Researchers launch global dashboard to track invasive mosquitoes carrying deadly diseases
83 Research confirms new baiting regime is effective for mouse management in agriculture
84 How slow and steady lionfish win the race against fast prey
85 Do winners cheat more? New research refutes previous high-profile study
86 Researchers reveal how an insect-eating plant uses rain energy to power its traps
87 A deep dive into the relationship between cohesion and erosion
88 Sinkhole larger than tennis court has Chile perplexed
89 Rare white elephant born in Myanmar: state media
90 The strength of the strong force
91 Smart lighting system based on quantum dots more accurately reproduces daylight
92 New 'physics-defying' radio bursts in space leave astronomers stunned
93 Spinal stimulation gives some people with paralysis more freedom
94 New skills are the high road to higher salaries, study finds
95 Research shows oilseeds' potential for bioproduct creation
96 The Secret World of Wasps by Seirian Sumner--Review
97 Detecting paranoia among social media users
98 Can Teamwork Help Save Sharks? This New Initiative Believes So.
99 Stickers and a smartphone for easy nitrite detection on foods
100 France's 2nd heat wave of the year leaves Paris sweltering
101 Pacific nations are extraordinarily rich in critical minerals. But mining them may take a terrible toll
102 Health care is responsible for 7% of carbon emissions, and there are safe and easy ways to reduce it
103 Does Taylor Swift deserve criticism over her private jet habits?
104 Explosive neutron star merger captured for the first time in millimeter light
105 Astronomers discover 21 new extremely low-mass white dwarf candidates
106 Investigatings drivers of Antarctic ice retreat
107 Perfectionism Is A Pathology, Not A Character Strength
108 Researchers crack 30-year-old mystery of odor switching in worms
109 Large Sinkhole Appears in Atacama Desert
110 Scaling up cell imaging
111 Habitat survey sheds light on survival of mule deer
112 Salt in sea spray found to be the reason for less lightning over tropical oceans