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1 W. Mediterranean hit by 'exceptional' heatwave: experts
2 Gorgosaurus sells for $6.1 million. at New York auction
3 New bioremediation material can clean 'forever chemicals'
4 This ultrasound patch could let you watch your own heart beat
5 Crustaceans help to fertilize seaweeds, study finds
6 Scientists saw crustaceans 'pollinate' seaweed for the first time
7 A new study gives an important understanding of how molecular motor proteins are involved in malaria transmission
8 Reconstructing volcanic eruptions to help scientists predict climate risks
9 Climate change exposes growing gap between weather we've planned for--and what's coming
10 C-level executives can advance job prospects through personal branding on social media, study shows
11 Researchers take first-ever cryo-EM images of nitrogenase in action
12 A novel permeable reactive barrier for in-situ groundwater remediation
13 New copper coating could be the next superbug fighter
14 Changing the perspective on the origin of enzymatic catalytic power
15 Researchers track movement of charred detritus dispersed from Goleta Beach after 2018 debris flow in California
16 Data from elephant seals reveal new features of 'the Blob' marine heatwave
17 Inefficient building electrification risks prolonging fossil fuel use
18 No 'safe space' for 12 key ocean species on North American West Coast
19 Balloon fleet senses earthquakes from stratosphere
20 Bumblebees appear to feel pain
21 Examination of recently discovered wreck from the 17th century
22 Earth Is Suddenly Spinning Faster. Why Our Planet Just Recorded Its Shortest Day Since Records Began
23 Google's DeepMind AI cracks 3D structure of nearly all proteins known to science in major breakthrough
24 Octopus lures from the Mariana Islands found to be oldest in the world
25 Tiny 'bees of the sea' crustaceans found 'pollinating' Gracilaria gracilis seaweed
26 Climate change made UK heat wave hotter, more likely
27 Deadly elephant virus stalks Zurich zoo
28 When Russia leaves, what's next for the International Space Station?
29 Ultra-fast fashion charms young despite damaging environment
30 Climate change killed 40 million Australian mangroves in 2015. Here's why they'll probably never grow back
31 Astronauts might be able to use asteroid soil to grow crops
32 Using quantum technology to constrain new particles
33 Monkeypox Symptoms Are Different from Previous Outbreaks, Doctors Warn
34 Regenerating the poor soils of the southern EU countries and the Mediterranean
35 Microrobots in swarms for medical embolization
36 4 Things You May Have Missed
37 Statistics expert says consider the odds ahead of Friday's Mega Millions lottery
38 Methanol biotransformation enables efficient production of fatty acid from yeast
39 Researchers cook up new recipe for pretzel-shaped peptides
40 Helium-ion-beam nanofabrication: Extreme processes and applications
41 Effects of day and night temperatures on vegetation productivity in marshes of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
42 No date yet for space station pullout
43 Using sap flow to infer plant hydraulic properties
44 Electrical bacteria may help clean oil spills and curb emissions
45 It Is Time You Get to Know Kalina
46 Difficulty remembering faces of different ethnicities not down to racism--study
47 Why we can't rely on regrowing coastal habitats to offset carbon emissions
48 What you need to know about major effort to fight climate change
49 Extreme weather caused $65 billion in losses in first half of 2022
50 Researchers successfully execute experiment to support U.S. stockpile modernization efforts
51 Consumers adjust to inflation as labor market expectations worsen
52 I think I have long COVID. What does that mean?
53 New framework for measuring stability during walking
54 15 dead in 'devastating' Kentucky flooding, toll expected to rise
55 During low-ice seasons, some polar bears are turning to glacier ice
56 A fast-moving star is colliding with interstellar gas, creating a spectacular bow shock
57 The Anger We See in Sports Is More Strategy than Passion
58 How social protection systems facilitate demographic change in Sub-Saharan Africa
59 A roadmap for the future of quantum simulation
60 Communication makes hunting easier for chimpanzees
61 Chimpanzees produce 'hunting bark' to co-ordinate group members--study
62 Brain development differs between Neanderthals and modern humans
63 Discovery of metamorphic diamonds in northeast Queensland could provide clues about how Australia was formed
64 Protecting 30% of Australia's land and sea by 2030 sounds great, but it's not what it seems
65 The Economic Realities of Heat Waves
66 Women are better at statistics than they think
67 It's big, but it's not a 'murder hornet'
68 Scientists reveal source of internal mildew in sunflower seeds
69 High performance waveguide devices for next generation photonic chips
70 Coral reproductive capacity decreases with water depth
71 Common table sugar key to allaying safety concern in aqueous zinc batteries
72 Why keeping warming under 1.5íC is a life-or-death matter for tidal marshes
73 Analyzing sediments to investigate global warming that occurred 56 million years ago
74 Schoolchildren who lack sleep 'may experience negative impact on their brains'
75 NASA's mineral dust detector starts gathering data
76 Hubble images a complex galactic trio
77 An Idea Is Not A Plan
78 Should You Chase Happiness? A Psychologist Breaks It Down
79 Faster growth may help bacteria remove lake plastic waste: study
80 Monkeypox Outbreak Declared Disaster Emergency by Governor Kathy Hochul
81 Huge Chinese Rocket Booster Spotted Breaking Up During Uncontrolled Re-Entry
82 Mountain melt shutters classic Alpine routes
83 Chinese booster rocket makes uncontrolled return to Earth
84 5 Management Lessons from an Apollo 13 Astronaut, Part 5: Growth and the Unexpected
85 Biden COVID-19 Positive Again, Is Paxlovid Rebound More Common than Claimed?
86 Two Signs that Your Diet May Be Mentally Unhealthy
87 Views from Inside California's McKinney Wildfire and A Daring Evacuation
88 Climbing Mont Blanc a tall order as Europe swelters
89 California not counting methane leaks from idle wells
90 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
91 Disease and the Course of Human History by Kyle Harper--Review
92 Researchers hope graphene foam sensors can give prosthetics 'human touch'
93 Portugal, France battle big forest fires as mercury soars
94 Year's largest fire burns through dry terrain to destroy California homes
95 As species recover, some threaten others in more dire shape
96 Scientists discover Europe's 'last known' giant panda species
97 New study finds global forest area per capita has decreased by over 60%
98 No reported damage in Philippines from Chinese rocket debris
99 New discovery of panda species which may have been Europe's last
100 Diabetes: Scientists unravel 'mysteries' of rare form of disease that affects millions
101 New optical switch could lead to ultrafast all-optical signal processing
102 New method to promote biofilm formation and increase efficiency of biocatalysis
103 Tiny amoebas move faster when carrying cargo than without
104 New telescope to detect gravitational wave events
105 Human Pathogens Are Hitching a Ride on Floating Plastic / Science
106 Planet 9 is running out of places to hide
107 When stars eat their planets, the carnage can be seen billions of years later
108 Releasing non-native fish to control mosquitoes is often ineffective and harmful to environment
109 Volunteering encourages employees to connect with each other, and their jobs
110 Super-Earth Ross 508b skims habitable zone of red dwarf
111 Fusion simulation code developed to project fusion instabilities in TAE
112 Discovery of rare snail species in Wyoming