File Title
1 Bidder pays $2.8 million for jacket worn in space by Buzz Aldrin
2 The World's Most Distinct Birds Are Going Extinct Fastest
3 Climate disinformation leaves lasting mark as world heats
4 Novel method examines the gas-liquid interface in new detail
5 Rare plants attract rare bees and birds in urban gardens
6 Microchips headed to space on NASA's Artemis I moon mission
7 Study shows that marmosets practice calling their mothers in the womb
8 'ZIP' codes tell RNA molecules how to get to their designated locations
9 Hot on trail of causes of rapid ice sheet instabilities in climate history
10 For the first time, scientists have systematized all the halos discovered over thousands of years of observations
11 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter finds lunar pits harbor comfortable temperatures
12 Existence of loch ness monster 'plausible,' scientists say after fossil discovery
13 New studies find more evidence of COVID's wildlife origin from Chinese seafood market
14 How digital religion is shaping spirituality among millennials
15 Demystifying DNA hybridization kinetics
16 Reef fish evolution driven by biting
17 New studies bolster theory coronavirus emerged from the wild
18 NASA'S LRO Spacecraft Detects A Lunar Lava Pit that Promises Room Temperatures
19 Miners unearth pink diamond believed to be largest seen in 300 years
20 Drought threatens Spain's 'green gold' harvest
21 Scientists find mysterious 'perfectly aligned' holes on Atlantic ocean floor that look 'human made'
22 Japan beachgoers warned over biting dolphin
23 Climate change and vanishing islands threaten brown pelicans
24 Strong quake kills 4, injures dozens in northern Philippines
25 Humans may not be able to handle as much heat as scientists thought
26 Some don't like it hot: Thermal conductivity-switching bottleneck resolved
27 Enabling Australia's transition to a fair and just low carbon future
28 New insights into the regulation of intuitive and reflexive body perception in insects
29 New class of nanoparticle-based vaccines could help immunize against cancer
30 Switch to a circular economy could protect the environment while generating more value
31 Earth's ancient water cycle was key to making continents, study shows
32 Why ethnic minorities in the UK are more vulnerable, and what to do about it
33 We analysed NZ Twitter users' language during lockdown, with surprising results
34 Why does my cat kick litter all over the place? Four tips from cat experts
35 Simulate with What You've Got
36 Moths are major pollinators for clover
37 France on course for driest July on record: weather office
38 Femtosecond laser bionic fabrication enabling bubble manipulation
39 Team scripts breakthrough quantum algorithm
40 Why some firms beat the post-IPO innovation slump
41 New research proposes local Biological Control Agent hubs to fight fall armyworm in Bangladesh
42 Famine and disease may have driven ancient Europeans' lactose tolerance
43 Scientists develop greener, more efficient method for producing next-generation antibiotics
44 Quantum entanglement makes quantum communication even more secure
45 Researchers use science of light to reduce pesticides used to protect crops from pests and diseases
46 Why Did Europeans Evolve into Becoming Lactose Tolerant? / Science
47 To tax or not to tax, is that even a question?
48 Here Are the National Parks at Risk of Burning as Climate Change Drives Wildfires
49 Prehistoric Europeans drank milk long before humans could digest lactose--study
50 Using nanodiamonds to monitor the temperature inside cells
51 Artificial skin sweats on command
52 James Lovelock, creator of Gaia ecology theory, dies at 103
53 Advanced pure copper 3D printing with sub-micron resolution
54 Researchers give 2D electronics a performance boost
55 Western wildfire smoke plumes are getting taller
56 Small molecule prevents tumour cells from spreading
57 New technique could accelerate DNA synthesis
58 NASA will inspire the world when it returns Mars samples to Earth in 2033
59 New catalyst leads to more efficient butadiene production
60 A study raises questions about using drone images for environmental monitoring
61 Conserving critical habitat in face of climate change in Midwestern lakes by managing watershed land use
62 Prehistoric roots of 'cold sore' virus traced through ancient herpes DNA
63 Oldest DNA from domesticated American horse lends credence to shipwreck folklore
64 Adding one more layer of metal fluoride can enhance performance of solar cells
65 NASA to launch 2 more choppers to Mars to help return rocks
66 Exploring factors that may underlie how domestic cats can live in groups
67 Chores, exercise and social visits linked to lower risk of dementia--study
68 Cash transfers more effective than workforce training in improving lives of Rwandans
69 Spread of cold sores traced back to Bronze Age boom in kissing
70 Scientists use copper nanowires to combat the spread of diseases
71 Graphene scientists capture first images of atoms 'swimming' in liquid
72 NASA marks 25 years since Pathfinder touched down on Mars
73 Parasites may take a heavier toll on the health of mammal populations than previously thought, study suggests
74 Magnetic quantum material broadens platform for probing next-gen information technologies
75 'Murder hornets' have a new common name: Northern giant hornet
76 Smoke from Western wildfires can influence Arctic sea ice, researchers find
77 Study provides safety guidelines for diving
78 High-status Danish Vikings wore exotic beaver furs
79 Single-shot rabies vaccine shows promising immune response, researchers say
80 Complex modeling by researchers predicts wildfires may decline, eventually
81 Researchers develop new method for analysing genetic admixture of populations
82 City life or farm life? When elephants adapt to different human development
83 Carbon removal using 'blue carbon' habitats may be 'uncertain and unreliable'
84 Drought and disease exposure led to Europeans adapting to milk consumption, study suggests
85 Introduced donkeys and indigenous pumas are helping to resurrect extinct food webs in Death Valley
86 Massive methane leaks speed up climate change
87 Alarm as Earth hits 'Overshoot Day' Thursday: NGOs
88 Years of progress made in global Aids fight set back by COVID pandemic, UN report says
89 Hundreds of aftershocks shake earthquake-hit northern Philippines
90 New report reveals Universal Credit prevents recipients from accessing training to improve employment opportunities
91 UK sea levels rising quicker than century ago: study
92 CDC Warns of Potentially Deadly Bacteria Found in U.S. Soil and Water for First Time
93 A 'nano-robot' built entirely from DNA to explore cell processes
94 Soil abounds with life and supports all life above it. But Australian soils need urgent repair
95 How Do Students Decide When to Submit SAT Scores to Colleges?
96 'Mapping' the body with single-cell RNA sequencing
97 How to fight Fido's boredom when it's too hot for walks
98 How forests lost 8,000 years of stored carbon in a few generations
99 Climate change could be making it harder for seabirds to feed, study finds
100 New research shows the link between opening schools and falling murder rates
101 Spix's Little Blue Macaws Fly Free Again After Decades in Cages
102 AlphaFold predicts structure of almost every catalogued protein known to science
103 Costs of amphibian and reptile invasions exceeded US$17 billion between 1986 and 2020
104 Promising evidence of deuterium forming into a metallic state at high pressure
105 Researchers discover sophisticated mechanism that bacteria use to resist antibiotics
106 Scientists discover new 'origins of life' chemical reactions
107 New method of controlling qubits could advance quantum computers
108 Moving sea otters up the Northern California and Oregon coast is feasible, federal government concludes
109 Asphalt identified as source for non-degradable carbon and sulfur compounds in the ocean
110 How Large Teams Solve Critical Problems
111 Russia says it is leaving the International Space Station program. What does that mean?
112 Americans' distrust in institutions and one another is fueling cynicism. Is it all bad?