File Title
1 Eight tips to make diet healthier and budget-friendly
2 Keratoconus: Know all about the eye condition in which the cornea starts thinning and bending
3 What is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, the condition which paralysed half of Justin Bieber's face?
4 'Ramsay Hunt syndrome is treatable but consult a doctor early enough,' says neurologist
5 Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf suffers from Amyloidosis: Know more about the rare disease
6 'Lancet study on mRNA vaccines upping heart risk is not alarmist'
7 US FDA staff says Moderna COVID vaccine effective and safe for children
8 Can drinking a glass of beetroot juice daily aid people with coronary heart disease?
9 Spiritual hibernation and the realisation that 'slowing down is not giving up'
10 Herd immunity was sold as the path out of the pandemic. Here's why we're not talking about it any more
11 Social media spreads rumours about COVID vaccine harms & but it doesn't always start them
12 Tips to maintain good dental health in the summer season
13 Justin Bieber is showing early signs of recovery, surgeon says
14 Quinoa or barley: Which is better for weight loss?
15 'Stop using laxatives to regulate bowel movements': Expert shares easy hack to relieve constipation
16 Six-step guide for mental health diagnosis
17 Do people drive differently in the rain? Here's what the research says
18 Six best foods for lactating mothers
19 'COVID-19 led to cardiac arrest in elderly, co-morbid patients'
20 'India's first mRNA COVID vaccine is a gamechanger, can be stored in medical refrigerator'
21 What are the health benefits of teas for women?
22 World Blood Donor Day: Things to keep in mind before and after donating blood
23 New FDA drug to regrow hair should be taken with caution
24 Is drinking coffee advisable while intermittent fasting?
25 Cutting Edge: Da Vinci wrists mean precise, safe surgeries and faster recovery
26 Did you know you had sleep apnea?
27 Is banana shake really healthy?
28 WHO calls monkeypox outbreak 'unusual, concerning'; know what qualifies as a public health emergency
29 'Don't pump up like Arnold, stay within limits'
30 Covaxin booster can protect against Omicron variants BA.1.1 and BA.2: ICMR-NIV study
31 New brain stroke map shows how people can give up smoking
32 Does green tea help lose weight?
33 Has COVID affected your sleep? Here's how viruses can change our sleeping patterns
34 Quick guide for travelling with diabetes
35 World Kidney Cancer Day 2022: Lifestyle changes that will help keep the disease at bay
36 'He's feeling a lot better': Hailey Bieber gives update on Justin Bieber's face paralysis
37 'Don't be lax about booster and revive old protocols'
38 Study urges people to stop buying pugs, English and French bull dogs; here's why
39 Six steps to eating right as it rains
40 Do women find it more difficult to lose weight as compared to men?
41 Plum: Here's why you must eat this 'nutrient-rich' sweet and tangy fruit
42 Bharat Biotech's Covaxin safe, highly immunogenic in children aged 2-18: Lancet study
43 Is intermittent fasting actually good for weight loss? Here's what the evidence says
44 Easy hacks to 'stay hydrated and support your gut microbiome' this summer
45 'Immunity conferred by Omicron is lower than Delta'
46 DIY 'healthy Coke' takes over the internet, but is it really beneficial?
47 Ayurveda suggests avoiding these 5 foods for dinner
48 Five reasons why breastfeeding mothers should meditate
49 Why you mustn't ignore pins and needles in hands and feet
50 Early Omicron infection unlikely to protect against current variants
51 Take a week-long break from social media to reduce anxiety and depression, study says
52 COVID-19 Breakthrough Infections: Why we should not bother
53 At Westminster dog show, new focus on veterinarians' welfare
54 Vaccines for young children are coming, but many parents have tough questions
55 What Is Sickle Cell Disease?
56 Expert nutrition tips for children
57 Are your eyes tired? These essential nutrients can help you find relief
58 A pharmaceutical scientist explains why some medications are swallowed while others are injected
59 'Sickle cell disease needs to be notified'
60 Four steps to come out of domestic violence trauma
61 How to prioritise mental health by giving your mind some rest
62 Robotic surgery saves 15-year-old with single kidney and cyst
63 BA.2.38 has become prevailing sub-variant of Omicron strain in Mumbai, Pune: Officials
64 Say goodbye to nasal congestion, throat pain with this 'magical ayurvedic concoction'
65 International Day of Yoga: Why yoga should be a part of your fitness regime
66 Five or 80, there's a yoga for every age group
67 The Monday to Saturday yoga guide
68 Cutting Edge: New TB test kit can detect latent infection
69 How angioplasty saved a 96-year-old
70 How mindfulness and dance can stimulate a part of the brain that can improve mental health
71 Two doses of Covishield effectively protected above-45 population from infection: Study
72 Some lifestyle changes women in their 40s should incorporate
73 Why women must not ignore burning sensation in the groin, lower belly pain
74 Should you not consume fruits after 2pm? Here's what a nutritionist says
75 Can coffee indeed reduce kidney injury risk?
76 What are the advantages and disadvantages of drinking too much water during pregnancy?
77 Are there pressure points in the body that can help you sleep better? Here's what a doctor says
78 Can diabetes-prone children have fun during vacations? Yes
79 Proven: Yoga is good for heart health
80 Psychosis, addiction, chronic vomiting: As weed becomes more potent, teens are getting sick
81 Ayurvedic remedies to soothe dry cough naturally
82 Billie Eilish opens up about separation anxiety during childhood; know more about the condition
83 Is it normal to have bumps around the nipple?
84 Brad Pitt opens up about 'face blindness'; know more about the condition and what causes it
85 Can having certain combination of foods worsen vitiligo? Expert busts some common myths
86 Top six nutrients to enhance the longevity of your brain
87 Sleep tight to keep dementia at bay
88 'Sugar coating on our cells may hold key to better vaccines, immunity'
89 Understanding COVID surge: 'None of the newer Omicron sub-variants appears to be more virulent'
90 Pet health: Ten foods that you must never give to your dog
91 You absorb less protein from plant-based meat than from chicken: Research
92 10 Ayurvedic remedies to 'heal sore throat without antibiotics'
93 Five foods that will help you 'beat insomnia' and sleep like a baby
94 Nutritionist suggests ways to 'reverse insulin resistance'
95 Why you must not ignore unexplained weight gain, brittle nails, mood swings
96 Five-step guide to digital detox
97 Can you be immune to COVID-19 virus?
98 Haunted by the idea of success, I found self-therapy through writing
99 This common kitchen ingredient can help keep your gut healthy
100 Women are at greater risk of stroke, the more miscarriages or stillbirths they've had
101 Is there a link between natural disasters and mental health? Experts decode
102 Why post-menopausal women face sleep issues
103 Healthy eating: Unmissable snacking options to try
104 Alzheimer's detection now easier at one shot
105 How long COVID impacts your menstrual health
106 Monkeypox: WHO issues recommendations to keep yourself safe from the zoonotic disease
107 Exipure Reviews--Tropical Loophole Weight Loss Pills or Scam?
108 Migraine Awareness Day: Are patients with chronic headaches often misdiagnosed?
109 Why you shouldn't ignore face blindness that Brad Pitt & Shenaz Treasury suffer from
110 Healthy eating: Here's what makes arbi [taro root] a 'wonderful gift of nature'
111 At what point is a disease deemed to be a global threat? Here's the answer
112 Why India needs to up guard on monkeypox