File Title
1 Worms as a model for personalized medicine
2 Aluminum alloy manufacturing now 50% more energy efficient
3 Bold, sustained action can revitalize wild Pacific salmon in the Fraser
4 Did our ancestors have better microbiomes? For maize, maybe!
5 Rising numbers of exotic snakebites reported in the UK
6 US environmental study launched for Thirty Meter Telescope
7 Elevator project in Old Jerusalem leads to surprising finds
8 SpaceX Will Launch the New $3.2 Billion 'Roman' Space Telescope, Says NASA
9 Sea turtle released in Florida to compete in Tour de Turtles
10 Most major nations lag in acting on climate-fighting goals
11 Hundreds evacuated as blaze engulfs Athens suburbs
12 In search of the lost city of Natounia
13 China speeding up approvals for new coal plants: Greenpeace
14 Changes in menstrual bleeding after COVID vaccination could happen, study suggests
15 Buzz Aldrin's Historic Apollo 11 'Moon Jacket' with an NFT Could Fetch $2 Million at 'Geek Week'
16 The DNA of Hundreds of Insect Species Is in Your Tea / Science
17 A new technology uses human teardrops to spot disease
18 Fossil Named After Ukraine's President Zelenskyy
19 Climate change linked to civil unrest and eventual collapse of ancient Mayan city, study confirms
20 New map shows where fracking-induced earthquakes could hit in Canada
21 Sun, sea, sustainability--could your next European holiday be a greener one?
22 Ill-fated 'Into the Wild' adventurer was victim of unfortunate timing, study suggests
23 Texans still sharply divided on new abortion law, survey finds
24 Why it's more important than ever for workplaces to have staff well-being plans
25 Formation mechanism of solar double-decker filament
26 How not to solve the climate change problem
27 Researchers build a durable molecular encryption key from sequence-defined polymers
28 Great White Sharks Are Scared of South African Orcas
29 New study highlights impact of remote and hybrid learning
30 New Research Examines the Reluctance We Feel Before Offering Support to Someone in Need
31 Ultrasonic detectors reveal the detrimental effect of wind turbines on bats
32 Mammal ancestors' inner ears may reveal when warm-bloodedness arose
33 Engineers develop new tool that will allow for more personalized cell therapies
34 A new method to detect exoplanets
35 Law school experts on how we define pregnancy threat amid emerging state-federal conflict in post-Roe U.S.
36 'Fishapod' rejected life on land to return to water 375 million years ago
37 'Hascherkeller' reveals its secrets
38 Climate patterns thousands of miles away affect US bird migration
39 Tunable single-mode lasing on a high-Q resonator
40 Mars Express peers into Mars' 'Grand Canyon'
41 Designer materials to keep plastic out of landfills
42 UK weather turmoil spurs calls to adapt to climate change
43 Researchers create nanoparticle-vaccine combination to target melanoma
44 Praise for Australia's economic policy response to COVID-19
45 Estimation for ammonia emissions at county level in China from 2013 to 2018
46 New physics law could predict genetic mutations
47 Using holograms to illuminate de Sitter space
48 Benchmarking eight software tools for de novo genome assembly, including for SARS-CoV-2
49 Chemists create artificial protein that peers into Earth's chemical past
50 Zooming across the political divide
51 Assembling the first global map of lunar hydrogen
52 Idea of ice age 'species pump' in the Philippines boosted by new way of drawing evolutionary trees
53 Does family matter in business? Study evaluates family ownership on firms' environmental strategies
54 Gemini South telescope's GHOST spectrograph captures first light observations of a bright, chemically rich star
55 Diagnosis of prostate cancer from blood samples
56 Professional athletes perform better against their former clubs, according to research
57 Search for best strategy to control COVID-19 outbreaks without hurting tourism leads to one key policy
58 Phosphate biosensors could lead to more efficient fertilizer usage
59 Biden to announce climate action as heatwave hits Europe
60 Ant colonies behave like neural networks when making decisions
61 NASA's new Moon rocket to launch as soon as August 29
62 Europe counts cost of heatwave as Spain PM says more than 500 died
63 New study affirms environmental justice communities in RGGI states don't equitably benefit from emissions reductions
64 Beliefs in conspiracy theories may not be increasing
65 Feeding dogs raw meat associated with increased presence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
66 Scientists reveal garden eels' unique way of feeding
67 Circle August 29 in Your Calendar. That's When NASA Now Wants to Launch Its New 'Mega Moon Rocket' Mission
68 Mass spectrometry imaging makes ingredients, additives and contaminants of food visible
69 Earth Is Safe. The Planets (And Pluto) Won't Change Orbits and Cause Havoc for at Least 100,000 Years, Say Scientists
70 A New Map Is Out that Could Change the Way We Look at the Night Sky Forever
71 Survey finds alarming trend toward political violence in the US
72 Bioinspired whisker arrays can work as antennae to detect sources of flow disturbances under water or in air
73 Webb telescope may have already found most distant known galaxy
74 Drinking coffee before shopping linked to people spending more money, study finds
75 France plans fashion revolution with climate-impact labels
76 Science behind Doctor Who to be revealed at Edinburgh exhibition
77 How James Webb Space Telescope data have already revealed surprises
78 Valentia Island transatlantic cable closer to becoming world heritage nominee
79 7 ways to reduce the learning loss caused by the pandemic
80 Adventurer Chris McCandless of 'Into the Wild' Fame Was Victim of Freak Hydrological Event, Study Suggests
81 Meet Qikiqtania, a fossil fish with the good sense to stay in the water while others ventured onto land
82 Herminia Pasantes revealed one of taurine's big roles in the brain
83 Here's the evidence for why you should use it up--and how to make the most of it
84 Investigators explore cellular response to stress
85 3 types of denial that allow Australians to feel OK about how we treat refugees
86 Solar storm to hit Earth's magnetic field on July 21
87 Metabolic protein explains how flies choose 'healthy' food
88 Physiological features of Japanese black cattle with high methane production
89 New device design brings unparalleled confidence to cell measurements
90 Novel method to accelerate neutron transport calculations
91 Centuries-old lava caves of Hawai'i Island contain thousands of unknown bacterial species
92 A simpler way to differentiate B cells and T cells
93 Exploring why cells form regular geometric patterns
94 Astronomers develop way to see the first stars through fog of the early universe
95 NOAA shares first imagery from GOES-18 SUVI instrument
96 Not only are bird species going extinct, but they might also lose the features that make each species unique
97 Most countries 'woefully unprepared' for changing climate: analysis
98 Natural systems in Australia are unraveling. If they collapse, human society could too
99 The role of unobservable subjective factors in the experience of happiness
100 Critically endangered tree gets frisky in 'desperate' attempt for survival
101 Sustainable practices linked to farm size in organic farming
102 Big south swell could produce 10 foot waves at San Diego beaches
103 Amazon's Rivian-made electric vans are now delivering in some US cities
104 More people than ever get news from YouTube and TikTok, yet still don't trust it
105 Activision Blizzard employees walk out again, this time for reproductive protections
106 Facebook listened to you! Best upgrade ever comes to iPhone and Android
107 Arc Alchemist still needs some work, but Intel has a plan
108 Twitch creators can share their banned user lists
109 Our favorite free video editor is now even more powerful
110 Amazon Fire 7 (2022) review: You don't get much for $60
111 IBM claims to have mapped out a route to quantum advantage
112 Government Blocked 94 YouTube Channels, 19 Social Media Accounts in 2021-22 for Spreading Fake News
113 President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19
114 Samsung's upcoming foldables are the ultimate tools for productivity and self-expression, exec says