File Title
1 Microplastics' impact on ocean floor even greater than assumed
2 Oldest European salamander fossil, discovered in Scotland, informs amphibian origins
3 Above-ground microbial communities that quell plant diseases can be developed
4 Molecule from ancient bacteria-like cells may shed new light on sexual reproduction
5 Don't Wait Until the Fall to Get Boosted Against COVID, CDC Says
6 Vacation time! New research uses characteristics of consumers to segment buyers and offer personalized prices and perks
7 See All of the Webb Telescope's Jaw-Dropping New Images Including A Giant Nebula and Its First 'Deep Field'
8 Soil quality critical to help some US crops weather heat stress from climate change
9 NASA Releases Vivid First Image of Space from James Webb Telescope
10 Scientists uncover why urchins are mowing down California's kelp forests
11 How Many Variants and Deaths Are We Willing to Accept, Before We Protect the Whole World?
12 University can continue barn owl testing after permit battle with PETA
13 Here's How California Is Protecting Yosemite's Famous Sequoia Trees from Wildfires
14 Researchers find nutrient imbalance in Flathead Lake
15 Astronomers are helping find elusive atoms across the universe
16 New study finds increase in anti-Hindu disinformation
17 Social-sexual education for individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities
18 How an Ancient Volcano Helps the James Webb Space Telescope See the Farthest Stars
19 Mistakes and rethinking behavioral economics
20 NASA Releases First Breathtaking Images Taken by James Webb Space Telescope / Science
21 California cities ban new gas stations in battle to combat climate change
22 Current uncertainty could affect economy for nearly two years
23 Study shows personalized fonts speed up reading, maintain comprehension
24 Haiti's 1860 Jour de Paques earthquakes may have released strain in key fault zone
25 Saving Guatemala's poisonous 'Sleeping Child' lizard
26 Two pig hearts were successfully transplanted into brain-dead people
27 How do cells react to micro- and nanoplastics?
28 Gender bias in search algorithms has effect on users, new study finds
29 Discovering unsuspected hurdle for stellarator fusion facilities
30 Research partnership launches new, improved Alien Forest Pest Explorer
31 NASA shows new cosmic views
32 Protein folding in times of oxygen deficiency
33 The pace of the transition to an environmentally sustainable economy
34 Webb reveals cosmic cliffs, glittering landscape of star birth
35 James Webb Space Telescope sheds light on galaxy evolution, black holes
36 Universal UK school-based mindfulness training to boost teen mental health probably not warranted
37 This Seabird Species Dives Deeper When the Water is Clearer / Science
38 Webb Telescope: What will scientists learn?
39 Research team identifies a molecular code embedded in protein for regulating its glycosylation
40 Pacific looks to international court for help on climate
41 Record temperatures in Shanghai as heatwave bakes China
42 What makes tardigrades so tough?
43 Two gene-edited pig hearts successfully transplanted into brain-dead humans
44 Turning white blood cells into medicinal microrobots with light
45 A boost in performance in fiber-integrated quantum memories
46 Researchers observe fast-evolving transient MUSSES2020J early in its evolution
47 Is organic farming always good for the environment? Researchers create strategy to help decide
48 'Super-spuds' to the rescue as typical tubers feel the heat
49 Activation mechanism of flaviviruses identified
50 Why does love feel magical? It's an evolutionary advantage
51 We studied how the Antarctic ice sheet advanced and retreated over 10,000 years. It holds warnings for the future
52 New research reveals how gig economy platforms are transforming our cities
53 Tropical storms trigger Antarctic ice melt
54 New Psychological Research Advises Us to Tame Our 'YOLO' Mindset
55 How water fleas defend themselves against carnivorous plants
56 Physicist defends validity of Stokes-Einstein equation in living systems
57 The most distant rotating galaxy hails from 13.3 billion years ago
58 New research into a microrobot powered by urea for E. coli biofilm eradication
59 'Future-proof' method using bacteria to remove phosphorus from wastewater
60 Researcher examines how two volcanic eruptions forever changed flightless brown kiwi
61 Profits caused wages in the financial sector to rise
62 New high-throughput array greatly accelerates mouse DNA methylation characterization
63 Mexico declares drought emergency
64 How do children react to waiting in different cultures?
65 Urban environments with more vegetation are associated with better health behaviors in children
66 What happened at Arthur's Stone? 5,000-year-old monument connected to King Arthur excavated
67 Chimpanzee mothers may grieve loss of their young
68 SIRI-2 to qualify technologies for radiation detection in space
69 Atomically-smooth gold crystals help to compress light for nanophotonic applications
70 Research supports recognizing new scrub jay species in Texas and Mexico
71 Delays on the railways could be caused by solar storms, say scientists
72 NASA's new mineral dust detector readies for launch
73 Urgent need for the UK and its allies to clarify how they will respond militarily to imminent armed attacks, study says
74 Space weather will delay your trains
75 Rewinding a supernova with machine learning
76 Activity patterns saw dramatic shifts during and beyond COVID-19 pandemic in UK
77 Researchers develop new chemical biological tools to monitor Parkinson's disease
78 Researchers develop computer model to predict whether a pesticide will harm bees
79 Research aims to optimize MXene in complex 3D device architectures
80 An ocean of galaxies awaits: New COMAP radio survey
81 [Humor in the Classroom]: What does and does not work
82 Martens, wolverines, skunks and red pandas--Germany was once a paradise for small carnivorans
83 Spain sounds high alert for scorching heatwave
84 Race to find Brazil Amazon species before they disappear
85 [Comet K2]: Here's when to see it
86 Researchers use lasers to get a new view on Oregon's glaciers
87 New study provides framework for prioritizing investment in drinking water systems
88 Producing COVID-19 antibodies in hen eggs
89 Scientists propose solution to long-puzzling fusion problem
90 Tiny motors take a big step forward
91 When, Where and How to See the Giant 'K2' Comet Now at Its Biggest, Brightest and Best After A Three Million Year Journey
92 Feral honeybees key to controlling deadly parasite
93 How Wildfires Impact Our Health, as Well as the Environment
94 Spider venom could be key to stopping devastating honeybee mite
95 Researchers use quantum-inspired approach to increase LiDAR resolution
96 Engaging the 'unreachable' on social media
97 CDC Issues Parechovirus Alert, Here's How PeV Can Be Dangerous to Infants
98 'Math' genes used by fish to count may help us treat human neurodevelopmental diseases
99 Western Europe heatwave to peak in Spain
100 Vulnerable Pacific islands call for 'urgent, immediate' action on climate
101 In the battle of human vs. water, 'Water Always Wins'
102 Huge Growth in Fusion Energy Industry, Shows New Report
103 Villages battle wildfires in Portugal; Europe swelters
104 Why Exactly Did the First Human Patient to Receive a Pig Heart Die? / Science
105 Baby elephant pulled from Thailand manhole in dramatic rescue
106 Research brings better understanding of the stability of very old groundwater
107 Reality and illusion in magpie-lark song-and-dance duets
108 Modeling the merger of a black hole with a neutron star and the subsequent process in a single simulation
109 How do plants adapt to aquatic environments?
110 How animals use the Earth's magnetic field for orientation
111 Importance of the science of measurement in the quantum revolution
112 Using salutary delay in the reaction of crystal atoms to an avalanche of photons
113 Botanists are disappearing, just when the world needs them most
114 Banned flame retardants continue to accumulate in the St. Lawrence River and the whales and fish that live there
115 Woodpeckers' heads act more like stiff hammers than safety helmets
116 Researchers learn to control electron spin at room temperature to make devices more efficient and faster
117 Why locking in subscribers can hurt businesses in the long run