File Title
1 New Research Shows that Probiotics Can Help Alleviate Depression
2 Satellite Imagery Shows 16 Mile Line of Destruction from EF-3 Tornado Ripping Through Gaylord
3 Astrophysicists Predict Gravitational Wave Strength from Merging Supermassive Black Holes
4 Special Ointments Can Remove Large Birthmarks and Prevent Skin Cancer
5 Are You at Risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest? Condition Kills 9 Out of 10 Victims
6 Europe's Largest Predatory Dinosaur Unearthed on the Isle of Wight
7 Scientists Create Cement Entirely Out of Waste Material
8 Exploring Earth from Space: City-Island-Nation of Singapore [Video]
9 A New Technique Can Predict Pregnancy Success and Timing
10 Infectious Disease Expert: What You Should Know About the New Monkeypox Outbreak
11 Scientists Discover an Alarming Rise in a Certain Cancer Variant
12 Real Telekinesis: Chinese Scientists Advance Toward Moving Things with Our Thoughts
13 Don't Miss: The Strawberry Supermoon
14 5 Surprising Benefits of Your Morning Cup of Coffee
15 Lights, Catalyst, Reaction! Photoreduction of CO2 into Transportable Fuel
16 This Week @NASA: Artemis I Mega Rocket, Europa Clipper Spacecraft, VIPER Moon Rover
17 Plastic Pollution in the Ocean May Harbor Novel Antibiotics
18 Harvard Scientists Have Developed a Revolutionary New Treatment for Diabetes
19 NASA Loses Two TROPICS Satellites in Astra Rocket Failure
20 Neuroscientists Discover New Factors Behind Better Vision
21 Hubble Space Telescope Captures a Stunning Cosmic Treasure Chest
22 Above Average Blood Sugar Can Put You at Risk of a Heart Attack
23 New Medication Shrinks Cancer in 80% of Patients
24 Research Shows that Robotic Surgery Is Safer and Improves Patient Recovery Time by 20%
25 Viral Dark Matter Could Help Mitigate Climate Change--Here's How
26 Transparency on Demand: New Process Can Render Artificial Materials Entirely Invisible
27 Starquakes! Gaia Spacecraft Sees Strange Stars in Most Detailed Milky Way Survey to Date
28 New Hope for Hearing Loss Treatment: Researchers Identify 48 Genes Linked to Hearing Loss
29 Mastodon Killed in Bloody Battle 13,200 Years Ago--Reveals Extinct Animal's Annual Migration
30 Gaining Weight While Pregnant Can Raise Your Risk of Heart Disease
31 With a Twist: New Composite Materials with Highly Tunable Electrical and Physical Properties
32 Stress Accelerates Aging of the Immune System
33 CBD Might Not Be as Safe as You Believe
34 Used Beer Yeast Could Be Simple Solution to Heavy Metal Contamination in Water
35 Hubble Finds Phantom Imprint in Space Revealing Black Hole Roaming Our Milky Way Galaxy
36 New Clues to Mysterious Formation of Hot Jupiter Exoplanets
37 Ocean of Storms--China's Lunar Lander Finds Source of Water on Moon
38 E-Cigarettes About Twice as Effective as Nicotine Patches in Helping Pregnant Women Quit Smoking
39 In a Flash: Weird Star Produces the Fastest Nova on Record
40 Scientists Discover "Superworms" Capable of Munching Through Plastic Waste
41 NASA's NuSTAR Mission Celebrates 10 Years Studying the X-Ray Universe
42 Genetic Study Shows Cholesterol-Lowering Statins May Increase the Risk of Cataracts
43 Scientists Develop "Nanomachines" that Can Penetrate and Kill Cancer Cells
44 Solar Powered Medical Devices: Sponge-Like Solar Cells for Better Pacemakers
45 Cheers! Lager Beer Could Help Men's Gut Microbes, Reduce Risk of Disease
46 New Research Shows Vitamin D Deficiency Leads to Dementia
47 6 Ways to Make Pizza Healthier
48 ESA's Comet Interceptor Approved for Construction
49 Wonder Drug Could Provide Protection Against Depression
50 Cosmic Cannibalism: Dead Star Caught Violently Tearing Up Planetary System
51 A High-Fat Diet Increases the Risk of Developing Cancer
52 Scientists Discover that Rocket Exhaust Pollution Lingers in the Earth's Atmosphere for a Disturbing Amount of Time
53 Drug Treatment for Cataracts Might Soon Become a Reality
54 Teaching Physics to AI Can Allow It to Make New Discoveries All on Its Own
55 A New Breakthrough Could Make It Possible to Harvest Solar Power at Night
56 Sponge-Like Material Can Absorb Toxic Chemicals from the Air
57 It's Spectacular--First Analysis of Rocks Plucked from Speeding Asteroid
58 A New Form of Therapy for Autistic Individuals Can Improve Overall Well-Being
59 Downward Spiral: Ruminating on Our Ruminations Causes More Depression
60 Eternal Matter Waves: Physicists Build Atom Laser that Can Stay on Forever
61 New Type Neutron Star Discovered in Unusual Galactic Graveyard
62 Largest-Ever Family Tree for Primates--Including Both Living and Extinct Species
63 Major Scientific Breakthrough Toward the Benefits of Exercise in a Pill
64 Demystifying the Dark Art of Electrolyte Design for Next-Generation Batteries
65 The James Webb Space Telescope: Prepare for a New Way to See the Universe
66 How to Boost Your Immune System with 5 Common Vitamins
67 Startling Finding: The Majority of Nigerian Drinking Water Is Contaminated with Microplastics
68 Scientists Find the Genetic Origin of Our Senses
69 Scientists Discover Largest Plant on Earth--Estimated to Be at Least 4,500 Years Old
70 To Infinity and Beyond: NASA Collaborates on New Pixar Buzz Lightyear Movie
71 Just One Week of Dieting Could Stop Chronic Inflammation in Obese Patients
72 Over a Million Miles per Hour: NASA's Chandra Catches Pulsar in X-Ray Speed Trap
73 Catching COVID-19 Could Increase Your Risk of Parkinson's Disease
74 Exploring Earth from Space: Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska
75 A Shortcut to Preventing Cancer
76 Deep Underground Experiment Results Confirm Anomaly: Possible New Fundamental Physics
77 Tropical Trees Are Dying Twice as Fast Due to Climate Change
78 New Photonic Materials Could Enable Ultra-Fast Light-Based Computing
79 Omicron Variant Less Likely to Cause Long COVID
80 Adjusting Diet Can Reduce ADHD Symptoms in Children
81 Prenatal Supplement Helps Body More Efficiently Use Key Nutrient for Fetal Brain Development
82 Eating Red Meat Associated with an Increased Risk of Death
83 Incredible New Maps of Asteroid Psyche Reveal an Ancient World of Metal and Rock
84 NASA Selects Two Astronaut Test Pilots for Boeing Starliner Flight to Space Station
85 A New Approach to Treating Heart Diseases
86 NASA Completes Critical Testing Milestone for NOAA's Joint Polar Satellite System-2
87 This Week @NASA: Artemis I Moon Mission, Cosmic Cannibalism, Hypersonic Inflatable Aeroshell
88 Economists Show International Trade Can Worsen Income Inequality
89 New Understanding of Earth's Architecture: Updated Maps of Tectonic Plates
90 Missing for Decades: Researchers Identify Over 500 Species as "Lost"
91 Hubble Captures Incredible Snapshot of a Massive Galaxy Cluster
92 Norepinephrine: How the Brain Responds to Surprising Events
93 Astronomers Discover Evidence for Most Powerful Pulsar in Distant Galaxy
94 A Common Medication Improves Survival for Heart Failure Patients
95 New Method Can Stop Cyberattacks in Less than a Second
96 8 Anti-Aging Vitamins and Nutrients that Actually Work, Ranked
97 Genes Can Predict the Success of Arthritis Treatment
98 Enabling Technologies of Tomorrow: Nanoparticles Control Flow of Light like Road Signs Direct Traffic
99 Scientists Have Created a Method to Prevent Deadly Infections Without Antibiotics
100 419-Million-Year-Old Chinese Fossil Shows Human Middle Ear Evolved from Fish Gills
101 Galactic Belly Flop: Mysterious "Blue Blobs" Reveal a New Kind of Star System
102 MIT's New Nanoparticle Sensor Can Distinguish Between Viral and Bacterial Pneumonia
103 Single Brain Scan Can Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease Quickly and Accurately
104 Speeding Up Molecule Design with a New Technique that Can Delete Single Atoms
105 NASA Artemis I Moon Rocket Test: SLS Fully Fueled for First Time Despite Leak
106 MIT Pioneers Technology to Grow Customizable Wood Products in the Lab with Little Waste
107 Nuclear Power on Moon: NASA Selects Design Concept for Fission Surface Power System
108 Magic Set of Pills to Keep You Healthy? Don't Waste Your Money on Vitamins and Supplements
109 New Technique Dramatically Accelerates Computer Programs Without Fear of Errors
110 Watching the Violent Death of a Rare, Extreme Supergiant Star
111 MilKey: New Technology to Help Dairy Farmers Raise Healthy Cows
112 BepiColombo Spacecraft Lines Up for Second Planet Mercury Flyby
113 Drug Found to Stop Nervous System Tumor Growth
114 Explosive New Tectonic Discovery May Help Explain Location of Silver and Gold Ore Deposits
115 Gravitational Wave Events with Split Personalities
116 Microscopic Mites that Mate on Our Faces at Night May Soon Become One with Humans