File Title
1 Hunting for the Immune Cells that Lead to Severe COVID-19
2 Scientists Identify a Possible Source for Red Cap on Pluto's Largest Moon Charon
3 Chaos and Destruction: Dead Star's Cannibalism of Its Planetary System Is Most Far-Reaching Ever Witnessed
4 New Life: NASA's InSight Mars Lander Gets a Few Extra Weeks of Science Operations
5 4 Underrated Vitamins for Acne-Free Skin
6 A New Method Can Prevent and Reverse Newborn Brain Injuries
7 MIT Engineers Build LEGO-Like Reconfigurable Artificial Intelligence Chip
8 How NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Avoids Collisions and Laser Zaps
9 Electronic Tattoo Offers Highly Accurate, Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring
10 Pulsar Discovered Blazing Through the Milky Way at Over a Million Mile per Hour
11 Chemists Reveal How Tau Proteins Form Alzheimer's Disease Brain Tangles
12 Unraveling the Origin of Mysterious Explosive Radio Bursts
13 NASA's Curiosity Rover Captures Stunning Mars Views--Unlocking Mysteries of Ancient Past
14 MIT Scientists Discover Molecules in Mucus that Can Fight Fungal Infection
15 COVID Vaccine-Related Swelling Lasts Longer than Initially Reported
16 Experimental Discovery of a Tetraneutron--An Exotic State of Matter
17 Early Sound Exposure in the Womb Is Beneficial, and Perhaps Necessary, for Auditory Development
18 Hear the Eerie Sounds of Nebula NGC 2392
19 No Evidence of Structural Brain Change from Short-Term Meditation
20 New Research: COVID-19 Vaccines Saved 20 Million Lives Worldwide in the First Year
21 MIT Develops Nanoparticles that Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier to Treat Cancer Tumors
22 NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Spots Mystery Rocket Impact Site on Moon
23 Why Did Mars Dry Out? Mystery Deepens as New Study Points to Unusual Answers
24 New Drug Could Help Stop Depression, Anxiety, Brain Injury, and Cognitive Disorders
25 Sudden Cardiac Death: Up to 80% of Athletes Who Die Suddenly Had No Symptoms or Family History of Heart Disease
26 Catastrophic Flooding in Yellowstone--Historic Destruction of Homes, Roads, and Bridges
27 Astronaut Crew Studies Aging in Space, Harvests Edible Plants Before Cygnus Reboost
28 NASA Forced to Scrap Planned 2022 Launch of Psyche Asteroid Mission
29 New Molecular Target Could Result in Cancer Drugs with Fewer Side Effects
30 Experimental Treatment Increases Skin Cancer Survival Rate by 25%
31 Astronomers Combine the Power of 64 Telescopes to Observe the Structure of the Universe
32 Flu Vaccination Linked to 40% Lower Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
33 The Origins of Our Blood May Not Be What We Thought
34 Is Something Else Hidden at the Center of the Milky Way?
35 Insomnia: How to Rewire Your Brain for Sleep
36 Diverse Origins of Earth's Minerals: Helping Find New Minerals, Habitable Planets, and Extraterrestrial Life
37 Hubble Spots Turquoise Seas in the Large Magellanic Cloud
38 Artificial Photosynthesis Can Produce Food in Complete Darkness
39 4-Billion-Year-Old Crystals Offer Clues to When Plate Tectonics Began, Setting Stage for Life on Earth
40 Mysterious Star Survives a Thermonuclear Supernova Explosion
41 Exploring Earth from Space: Lake Balkhash--The Largest Lake in Central Asia
42 From Windows 98 to Mars 2022: Major Upgrade for 19-Year-Old Martian Water-Spotter
43 Stronger Security for Smart Devices to Efficiently Protect Against Powerful Hacker Attacks
44 Insomnia Can Cause Future Cognitive and Memory Problems
45 Remarkable Intelligence: Octopus and Human Brains Share the Same "Jumping Genes"
46 COVID-19 Positive Patients at Far Higher Risk of Developing Serious Neurodegenerative Disorders
47 NASA Introduces 2022 Class of Flight Directors--Meet the 7 New Additions to the Team
48 Watch NASA's the Color of Space--Inspirational Documentary Celebrates Black Space Explorers
49 This Week @NASA: Nuclear Power on Moon, Changing Mars Landscape, Black Space Explorers
50 Stopping Memory Loss: Blood Vessel Breakthrough Major Step Towards Alzheimer's Treatment
51 New Research Finds that Established Beliefs About Infant Crying Might Not Be True
52 Unprecedented Recovery: Drug Helps Treat Spinal Cord Injuries
53 Incredible Virus Discovery Offers Clues About the Origins of Complex Life
54 New "Game Changing" Method Exposes Cancer Vulnerabilities
55 Martian Dust Devils: NASA's Perseverance Studies the Wild Winds of Jezero Crater
56 Overlooked Strengths of Dyslexia--Essential to Human Adaptive Success
57 Being Unmarried Linked to 58% Higher Chance of Death in Heart Failure Patients
58 Two Genes Crucial for Plants Colonizing the Earth 470 Million Ago Have Been Identified
59 BepiColombo Spacecraft Makes Second Gravity Assist of Planet Mercury--Captures Spectacular Close-Ups
60 Capturing Images and Spectra from Celestial Objects: The Modes of the Webb Space Telescope's NIRISS
61 Reversing Depression and Motor Dysfunction: Three Distinct Brain Circuits Contribute to Parkinson's Symptoms
62 Po River--The Longest River in Italy--Dries Up
63 One of Webb Space Telescope's Primary Instruments Ready to See Cosmos in Over 2,000 Infrared Colors
64 Scientists Find that the Effects of COVID-19 Infection Can Remain for at Least 1 Year
65 Scientists Synthesize New Carbon Material: A Two-Dimensional Monolayer Polymeric Fullerene
66 Unique Subpopulation of Greenland Polar Bears Discovered by NASA-Funded Researchers
67 Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies: Strong-Arming a Galaxy
68 NASA CAPSTONE Launches Successfully--Will Test New Lunar Orbit for Artemis Moon Missions
69 Neurodevelopmental Changes Found in Babies Exposed to COVID in the Womb
70 Scientists Seek Innovative Cure for Cancer at the Molecular Level
71 Ten Small Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Health
72 NASA's Curiosity Rover Measures Key Life Ingredient on Mars for First Time
73 Increase in Guillain-Barre Syndrome Following AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine
74 NASA Rockets Launch from Australia to Seek Star Conditions that Support Extraterrestrial Life
75 Human Ancestor Fossils in the "Cradle of Humankind" May Be More than a Million Years Older than Thought
76 Concerning Data Revealed: Just 20% of People in the U.S. Has Optimal Heart Health
77 Key to Sensation of Pleasant Touch: Specific Neural Pathway Identified
78 Monkeypox Outbreak: "This Is an Entirely New Spread of the Disease"
79 Boosting Brain Function as You Age Through Singing
80 Scientists Target a Human Protein to Squash COVID-19 and Other Viruses
81 Sea Corals Found to Be a Source of an Elusive "Anti-Cancer" Compound
82 Neuroscientists Discover Why the Memory of Fear Is Seared into Our Brains
83 Keeping Food on the Table in a Warming World: Bolstering Plant Immunity Against the Heat
84 Long-Term Liquid Water--Required for Life--Could Exist on Planets that Are Very Different from Earth
85 Losing Weight Can Double Your Sperm Count and Improve Fertility
86 Drug Prevents Premature Aging After Radiotherapy
87 NASA: Swarm of Tiny Swimming Robots Could Look for Alien Life on Distant Worlds
88 The Lesser-Known Health Benefits of Herbal Teas--What You Need to Know
89 Major Breakthrough Puts Dream of Unlimited, Clean Nuclear Fusion Energy Within Reach
90 American Heart Association: Sleep Duration Is Essential Component for Heart and Brain Health
91 Astronomy & Astrophysics 101: Dark Matter
92 Better Keep the Instructions: People Aren't that Good at Solving Complex Problems
93 How Eating Eggs Can Protect Against Heart Disease and Improve Heart Health
94 Riskiest Asteroid Known to Humankind in the Last Year Will Not Strike Earth for at Least 100 Years
95 High-Power Laser Creates a Miniature Magnetosphere
96 Worms with Superpowers--How a Special Type of Worm Can Quickly Break Down Plastics
97 Rocket Lab Launches NASA's CAPSTONE Mission to the Moon
98 Having a Pet Dog Could Protect You Against Crohn's Disease and Improve Your Intestinal Health
99 Auroras Incoming? Giant Sunspot Has Doubled in Size and Is Pointed Right at Earth
100 Ice Age Wolf DNA Reveals Dogs Trace Ancestry to Two Separate Populations of Ancient Wolves
101 Diabetes Shown to Accelerate Brain Aging and Cognitive Decline by 26%
102 Scientists Discover "Holy Grail of Catalysis"--Converting Methane into Methanol Using Light
103 Applying a Special Type of Bacteria to Concrete Increases Its Strength by 30%
104 NASA, SpaceX Delay Launch of Commercial Cargo Mission for Ongoing Dragon Spacecraft Inspections
105 Stress Induces a Kind of Sleep that Helps Relieve Anxiety
106 FDA-Approved Drug Reduces Blood Vessel Problems Caused by Aging
107 7 Healthy Japanese Foods to Add to Your Diet
108 Complete Chaos: Scientists Unravel the Early History of the Solar System
109 NASA Approves Continuation of ICESat-2 Space Laser After 3+ Years of Big Results
110 Some Viruses Make You Smell Tastier to Mosquitoes--Increasing the Spread of Disease
111 Tenoumer Crater, Mauritania--One of the Best-Preserved Craters on Earth
112 The Case of the False Thumb: Giant Panda's "Amazing" Feature Developed at Least Six Million Years Ago
113 Another Primary Webb Space Telescope Instrument Gets the "Go for Science"
114 New COVID Antibody Detection Method Does Not Require a Blood Sample
115 Humans Hear Much Better Underwater than Previously Thought--At Times Better than Seals
116 A Better Kind of Face Mask: Researchers Develop Virus Killing Masks
117 Walking Can Improve Cognitive Function