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1 UK's top alcohol brands report massive drop in sales
2 Mother and daughter, 6, gang-raped after accepting men's lift in India
3 I'm a Ukrainian photographer now fighting on the front line
4 Subway customer shoots employee dead as sandwich 'had too much mayonnaise on'
5 New York judge rules law allowing noncitizens to vote for mayor is unconstitutional
6 River Thames hero yelled 'we've got to save her!' before dying as he tried to rescue drowning woman / the Sun
7 Elon Musk 'may be regretting' recent financial decisions despite multi-billion fortune
8 Bear dies of extreme heat exhaustion after becoming trapped in car it broke into
9 Brittney Griner's agent begs Biden to cut deal with Russia
10 Winona Ryder Recalls Her 'Girl, Interrupted Real Life' After Johnny Depp Split
11 Ghislaine Maxwell is sentenced to 20 years in prison
12 Mark Cuban hopes to turn prescription drug industry "upside down"
13 Trump knew Jan 6 protesters had weapons, resisted Secret Service, aide says
14 Boy, 3, dies in hot car at drive-thru after gran 'forgot' him
15 Church monuments linked to trade a source of great hurt, report says
16 Zelensky rages at
17 Miss Hooters International crowned as glam 19-year-old winner scoops 25k pounds prize
18 Haunting details in case of mum burned alive alongside her three kids on the school run by depraved ex / the Sun
19 Ghislaine Maxwell to apply to transfer to UK prison after three years
20 The Joy of Ham and Cheese
21 Tesla closes an office as layoff hits Autopilot jobs, including hourly ones
22 R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in sex trafficking case
23 Taco Bell is testing a menu item featuring a giant Cheez-It
24 Putin 'likely' ill as oligarch's wife fears sickness will make Russia more brutal in war
25 Mom, 20, fatally shot in the head in NYC's Upper East Side while pushing her three-month-old baby in a stroller / the Sun
26 UK weather: Exact date '35C [95F] heatwave' will start--and it's just in time for the school holidays / the Sun
27 I've got 32L boobs--I can't help that people fancy me and stare when I wear revealing tops / the Sun
28 Stop posting about "camping," Colorado abortion advocates say
29 North Carolina workers sue company they say fired them for refusing to pray at work
30 15 arrested over 2021 Channel migrant disaster that left 27 dead
31 Man hijacked at gunpoint after he refused to buy angry stranger chicken nuggets
32 Police called by bailiffs coming to evict couple found them dead
33 No. 10 mull over VAT cut to help families battle cost of living crisis
34 Meet John Lee, Hong Kong's security enforcer turned new leader
35 Driver oblivious to dead body stuck to roof of car after she mowed him down
36 Putin to 'double down' on Ukraine to salvage image after war 'has blown up in his face'
37 Some investors bet top growth stocks will thrive in U.S. recession
38 Biden to award Medal of Freedom to Simone Biles, John McCain, Gabrielle Giffords
39 I-70 repaving work in west metro Denver to disrupt 4-mile stretch
40 Doctor Strange extra goes viral with hammed up background performance
41 Reading between the lines to model our galaxy's central black hole
42 New study highlights challenges to pumpkin and watermelon production in Uganda
43 Mercury Is Getting A Spacecraft Closeup Tomorrow
44 Organ storage a step closer with cryopreservation discovery
45 How you can help scientists study the atmosphere on Jupiter
46 'No need to panic' as sunspot with potential for solar flares doubles in size overnight, scientists say
47 Collecting a library of bee genomes
48 New evidence suggests love languages are important for heterosexual relationship satisfaction
49 LA needs 90,000 trees to battle extreme heat. Will residents step up to plant them?
50 Researchers develop a low-background neutron detector array
51 Scientists observe longitudinal plasmonic field in nanocavity at subnano-scale
52 Data gaps for race and ethnicity are holding back antiracism efforts, new report says
53 Great Lakes levels are likely to see continued rise in next three decades
54 Technique allows researchers to align gold nanorods using magnetic fields
55 Research team documents first crows to survive deadly West Nile virus
56 Rescuing ancient Maya history from the plow
57 Researchers consider invisible hurdles in digital agriculture design
58 French co-discoverer of 'Lucy' dies at 87
59 Space chief hopes for 'Kennedy moment' from European leaders
60 Indigenous communities used the Caribbean Sea as an aquatic highway
61 Where once were black boxes, a new statistical tool illuminates
62 NASA's Webb to uncover riches of the early universe
63 Researchers investigate intricacies in superconductors with hopes to support quantum computer development
64 Curiosity captures stunning views of a changing Mars landscape
65 What did Megalodon eat? Anything it wanted, including other predators
66 Wildfire threatens unspoiled Georgia island rich in history
67 Florida team hauls in 18-foot, 215-pound Burmese python
68 Process to customize molecules does double duty
69 Timing is everything for weed management
70 Theoretical calculations predicted now-confirmed tetraneutron, an exotic state of matter
71 Think twice before founding that free-market utopia, researcher warns
72 Cement carbon dioxide emissions quietly double in 20 years
73 Offshore wind farms expected to reduce clam fishery revenue, study finds
74 Virtual reality gives humans a turtle's-eye view of wildlife
75 Revealed: Why hamsters die / the Independent
76 Sea Turtles Escape Tiger Sharks by...Not Moving
77 Polio outbreak London: What do we know about the feared virus in London?
78 Female scientists less likely to get authorship credit, research finds
79 New Book Paints Bleak Picture of NASA's Human Spaceflight Program
80 Loss of nature is pushing nations toward sovereign credit downgrades and 'bankruptcy'
81 Greece's fire-ravaged Evia will take decades to heal
82 Record floods threaten southern China
83 California emissions, carbon neutrality plan draws criticism
84 Turkey battles wind-driven wildfire near resort for 3rd day
85 Brief, cross-partisan conversations about sensitive political topics have scant power to narrow divisions, study finds
86 Aerosol instrument SPEXone mounted on NASA's climate satellite
87 Scientists discover highly well-preserved dinosaur with oldest belly button ever known
88 Study reveals how climate change can significantly impact one of the world's most important carbon-rich ecosystems
89 Cats chewing on catnip boosts the plant's insect-repelling powers
90 Scientists engineer quantum processor to emulate a small organic molecule
91 Measuring the bite force of insects
92 Extreme ocean temperatures cause record bleaching of New Zealand sea sponges
93 Exploring the micro-architecture of a cellular weapon
94 Could the precipitous drop in public school enrollment be good for students?
95 COVID deaths are now barely mentioned in the media. That changes the very nature of grief
96 Female finance leaders outperform their male peers, so why so few of them in academia and beyond?
97 A Saharan Sojourn for Space Tech Inspires A New Adventure in 2023
98 What's causing the devastating floods in China, India, and Bangladesh?
99 Another few weeks of observations could tell us if the Wow! signal repeats
100 Experts call it [suspending federal gas tax] ineffective, counterproductive
101 Antimicrobial natural product active against both MRSA and malaria causing parasite
102 Parasites affect salmon in several ways
103 Before chickens became food for people, they were regarded as special exotica
104 Three enduring stories Americans tell about guns to understand the debate over them
105 Polio outbreak London: What do we know about the feared virus in London?
106 Book considers more sustainable food production methods
107 The quest for a better sunscreen
108 Megalodons were oceans' greatest ever apex predators, scientists say
109 Soil quality key to increasing crop production and resilience to climate change
110 What the frequency of your pay means for financial well-being
111 Ancient stretching of continents led to extreme global warming event, study says
112 Exotic photonic crystals empower robust one-way transport of light
113 Scientists take the first step to master an all-powerful cell type from the beginning of life
114 Amphioxus sequencing gives insight on vertebrate evolution
115 The joy of no sex: Study of Tibetan monks shows advantages of celibacy
116 In colorful avian world, hummingbirds have the widest breadth of colorful plumage
117 Effect of dust and smoke on Western drought 'likely similar' to African study, author says
118 New PET-like plastic made directly from waste biomass
119 Mars Express Gets A Software Update After 19 Years of Service