File Title
1 Cut and stretch assay reveals resistance genes
2 Speed dating skills can kickstart business relationships between entrepreneurs and mentors
3 UK towns have become 'news deserts' as people get their news from Facebook rather than local papers
4 Damaged plants and fake perfumes can be identified rapidly and reliably in real time
5 Leaf mold compost shows benefit for tomato plants in degraded urban soils
6 Seasonal fog alleviates drought stress of rubber trees in Xishuangbanna
7 Exploring the biometric data that could predict racehorse injury
8 Compact Muon Solenoid on the lookout for new physics
9 As Colorado River reservoirs drop, Western states urged to 'act now'
10 Pollution from California's 2020 wildfires likely offset decades of air quality gains
11 New class of excitons with hybrid dimensionality in layered silicon diphosphide
12 Mountain lion P-54 is killed by vehicle four years after her mother died on the same road
13 Astronomers link 64 telescopes to observe the structure of the universe
14 Blood pressure e-tattoo promises continuous, mobile monitoring
15 How to store more carbon in soil during climate change
16 Melting Arctic ice could transform international shipping routes, study finds
17 Science coverage of climate change can change minds--briefly
18 Researchers uncover molecular basis of antigen processing for cancer target MR1
19 New hybrid machine learning forecasts lake ecosystem responses to climate change
20 Majority of farmers willing to pay for plant health advice, new research shows
21 How historical racism influences modern poverty and racial inequality
22 Magnetic superstructures as a promising material for 6G technology
23 Three Simple, Scientific Steps to Help You Create A Life of Fulfillment
24 Albatross populations are declining due to invasive mouse species
25 Team develops powerful new tool to aid in battle against cancer-causing bacteria in the stomach
26 Scientists identify a protein key to inhibiting replication of the flu virus
27 Arizona fires sweep land rich with ancient sites, artifacts
28 Cambodian catches world's largest recorded freshwater fish
29 Cooler weather helps Spain with fires; rain helps in Germany
30 No relief as heat wave in US moves east
31 Crossing fire threshold can quickly turn blazes dangerous
32 10 Must-See Websites About Space that Will Change How You Think About the Cosmos
33 We Are Not Doing Enough to Make Our Cities Healthier
34 The Dust Bowl 'Then'--Climate Change 'Now' Argument Deconstructed
35 New Super Gonorrhea Strain Detected, Causes Sexually Transmitted Infection in Austrian Man
36 The bird brought back from extinction in Japan
37 How the Earth's Mantle Sends Water Up Toward the Surface / Science
38 Frog-eating bats trained to associate phone ringtone with food could remember skill four years later
39 Another step toward synthetic cells
40 Ovum-in-ovo egg suggests titanosaur's reproductive biology was more like birds than reptiles
41 Russia's invasion could cause long-term harm to Ukraine's prized soil
42 Efficient method for photocatalytic fluoroalkylations of (hetero)arenes
43 The world's affluent must start eating local food to tackle the climate crisis, new research shows
44 Balancing the debate between science, performance and human rights
45 How debates over LGBTQ+ rights impact kids
46 Systematic warming pool discovered in the Pacific due to human activities
47 Baby Parrots Babble like Baby People
48 Testing the use of human urine as a natural fertilizer for crops
49 UN Sustainable Development Goals are influencing narrative, not policy
50 Remote sensing helps track carbon storage in mangroves
51 Intestinal cells and lactic acid bacteria work together to protect against Candida infections
52 A major California reservoir has hit its peak for the year at just over half full
53 New Research Tells Us How to Take Back Control of Our Bad Habits
54 Biochemists use new tool to control mRNA by means of light
55 Chinese scientists help Africa combat land degradation
56 Heavy flooding, landslides destroy buildings, roads in China
57 A path towards pest control
58 Increased army mechanization reduces the risk of a coup d'etat
59 A blueprint for life forms on Mars?
60 NASA Moon rocket test met 90% of objectives
61 Research finds evidence to suggest Pacific whiting skin has anti-aging properties that prevent wrinkles
62 Researchers make virus-fighting face masks
63 Open-source program IDs synthetic, naturally occurring gene sequences
64 Genetic mutations enable efficient evolution of tuberculosis-causing bacteria
65 Quantum sensor can detect electromagnetic signals of any frequency
66 The freshwater pearl mussel favors the original salmon fish populations of the home river
67 Australia's first marine Aboriginal archaeological site questioned
68 Broadband perfect absorber scheme for light absorption
69 Exploring nitrogen-doped polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons for high-performance OLEDs
70 Dynamic ring resonator offers new opportunity in synthetic frequency dimension
71 Heat wave of 2021 created 'perfect storm' for shellfish die-off
72 Study Explains How Some Minerals Can Change Colors Repeatedly
73 Using firefly genes to understand cannabis biology
74 Using olfactory cues to protect vulnerable species
75 NASA sounding rocket mission seeks source of X-rays emanating from inner galaxy
76 Study finds that public housing residents experience higher levels of air pollution
77 New insights of how the HIV-1 assembles and incorporates the envelope protein
78 Canterbury suburbs home to some of Britain's earliest humans, study finds
79 The secret lives of mites in the skin of our faces
80 Local economic data encourages legislators to open emails--but only Democrats
81 'Groundbreaking' study regenerates and heals heart muscles in mice after heart attack
82 Study provides insights into how cold-adapted species respond to climate change
83 Warming climate upends Arctic mining town
84 Europe wildfire risk heightened by early heat waves, drought
85 Can gender diversity on boards of directors improve companies' social commitment and sustainability?
86 Researchers derive new theory on behavior of new class of materials
87 Research uncovers 'digital poverty' across North West's rural communities
88 How is pharmaceutical pollution affecting the world's rivers?
89 Climate change a factor in 'unprecedented' South Asia floods
90 New ultrathin capacitor could enable energy-efficient microchips
91 Gravitational wave 'radar' could help map the invisible universe
92 LARPing has more intense effect than other entertainment
93 Health officials 'urgently' investigating after poliovirus detected in London sewage
94 Custom suits for worms that can deliver functional cargo
95 Pandemic's impacts on how people live and work may change city centers for decades to come
96 Fertilization reshapes the tree-fungi relationship in boreal forests
97 Babbling discovered in wild baby parrots
98 Polio outbreak: What do we know about the feared virus in London?
99 Celibacy: Its surprising evolutionary advantages
100 Deletion of 'Wt1' gene produces alterations in the reproductive organs of mice
101 Large-scale cultivation of microalgae can clean emissions from industry, can also be used in Nordic climate
102 After decades of loss, the world's largest mangrove forests are set for a comeback
103 Physicists may have finally spotted elusive clusters of four neutrons
104 'Fishing' for toxic contaminants using superparamagnetic nanoparticles
105 Following ultrafast magnetization dynamics in depth
106 Tree species diversity under pressure
107 NASA Juneteenth Event Celebrates Black Space Explorers Past and Future
108 Unselective fishing could reduce fish diversity and homogenize assemblage structure in lakes
109 An otherwise quiet galaxy in the early universe is spewing star stuff
110 Study highlights undiscovered potential of bacterial compounds and genes linked to colon cancer-related toxin
111 Can we save more lives if we let resistant bacteria live?
112 Versatile optical technique for unveiling thermophysical properties of complex fluids