File Title
1 Scientific collaboration with Russia begins to unravel
2 Biden's $26 billion proposal for NASA paves path for 1st human exploration on Mars
3 Pluto has giant ice volcanoes that could hint at the possibility of life
4 Hubble sees most distant star ever, 28 billion light-years away
5 A Japanese 'killing stone,' said to contain an evil 9-tailed fox spirit, has split in two
6 Pink Floyd, a fugitive flamingo on the run for 17 years from a Kansas zoo, has been spotted on tour in Texas
7 Rare NASA lunar dust collected by Neil Armstrong on the Apollo 11 mission is up for auction
8 'Frozen zoos' may be a Noah's Ark for endangered animals
9 Satellite pollution is threatening to alter our view of the night sky
10 NASA still hopes to launch moon mission in June despite two scrubbed trials
11 Russian cosmonauts 'blindsided' by controversy over arriving at ISS in yellow spacesuits, NASA astronaut says
12 Giant, mysterious megalithic jars were unearthed in northeastern India
13 Asteroid the size of a house flies by Earth, creating 'precious' opportunity for scientists
14 What to know about Axiom Space, the company behind the first all-private mission to the ISS
15 SpaceX just launched paying customers to the ISS. Here's everything you need to know
16 Man caught a venomous 'blue dragon' sea slug along the Texas coast
17 The night sky is changing before our eyes
18 Leave your shoes outside, these scientists say
19 Scientists come up with fresh take on moon mystery
20 Neptune just experienced an unexplained temperature shift
21 Massive comet will swing by the sun in 2031, Hubble observes
22 Biden's budget proposal includes billions to counter Russian aggression and new tax on wealthiest Americans
23 Curiosity rover comes up against dangerous 'scaly' terrain on Mars
24 US military confirms an interstellar meteor collided with Earth
25 A blazing orange wildflower thought to be extinct for 36 years was rediscovered
26 Powerful space laser detected by South African telescope
27 NASA puts Artemis moon rocket through crucial paces ahead of launch
28 A fireball that crashed to Earth came from outside of our solar system
29 Eggs are a symbol of new life but they also have lots to say about the past
30 SpaceX's Falcon 9 launches spy satellites for a second time
31 Setting an exploratory course for Uranus and an intriguing ocean world
32 Do you split your Oreo? Researchers at MIT explain how to make the filling stick to one side
33 Jupiter's moon Europa may have a habitable ice shell
35 Pterosaurs were covered with colorful feathers, study says
36 Taylor Swift inspired an entomologist to name a new millipede species after the megastar
37 Prehistoric humans turned their campfires into makeshift movie theaters
38 Secret of how rare spider fossils formed has been unlocked by scientists
39 Wildlife photography can change the way we see our planet
40 All-private SpaceX astronaut mission splashes down successfully after week of delays
41 Tiny spider catapults to safety after mating to avoid sexual cannibalism
42 Groundbreaking study reveals the most threatened reptile species
43 SpaceX mission arrives at ISS with first Black woman to join space station crew
44 Shaggy fur, an important job and a link to an extinct breed: Meet a dog breed you've never heard of
45 Nearby star system hosts two planets and 30 exocomets
46 'Fish lizard' fossils found in Swiss Alps belonged to some of the largest creatures that ever lived
47 The James Webb Space Telescope is fully aligned and ready to observe the universe
48 Ingenuity helicopter takes photos of debris field on Mars
49 Emperor penguins have an unlikely robot ally as they face threats at the edge of the world
50 Mummified bird could unlock new ways to experience museum exhibits
51 Stunning 'galactic ballet' captured in new telescope image
52 The marine creature ancient Americans ate billions of that's now a delicacy
53 Unexpected discovery of mysterious drawings could change the way scientists look at cave art
54 Medieval feasts looked very different from what pop culture might suggest, study says
55 There are only 10 of the world's smallest marine mammal left in the world
56 Massive amount of water found below Antarctica's ice sheet for 1st time
57 Unexpected discovery reveals massive, mysterious figures inside an Alabama cave
58 Researchers want to send nude illustrations of humans into space
59 There are moms worse than you--in the animal kingdom
60 Webb telescope's sharp views of the universe will change astronomy
61 NASA's InSight lander just detected the biggest quake on Mars
62 Secret chamber beneath a home reveals Iron Age mysteries
63 Rare triplet Asiatic cheetah cubs mark an important first for the species
64 Fragment of the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs may have been found
65 China's rover makes surprising water discovery at Mars landing site
66 How children grasp language
67 Plants have been grown in lunar soil for the 1st time ever
68 Tonga volcano was the most ferocious eruption in 140 years
69 1st image of supermassive black hole at the center of Milky Way galaxy revealed
70 New image reveals the 'gentle giant' at the heart of the Milky Way
71 Cave discovery in Laos could unlock more about human evolution's biggest mystery
72 Dust-covered solar panels mean NASA Mars lander's mission is coming to an end
73 Tiny Amazon fish spotted in a single stream could go extinct just after being found
74 Mystery issue experienced on NASA's Voyager 1 probe from 1977
75 Dolphins were spotted in 2009 doing something unusual. A new study sheds light on the reasons behind it
76 Scientists discover 'ghost' fossils beneath a microscope
77 Ancient poop reveals what the builders of Stonehenge liked to eat
78 6 surprising things about bees on World Bee Day
79 Hubble identifies unusual wrinkle in expansion rate of the universe
80 A long-standing and fundamental question about dinosaurs may finally have an answer
81 InSight lander's final selfie on Mars shows why its mission is ending
82 Northwestern engineers invent the world's smallest remote-controlled walking robots
83 Human genome of Pompeii victim sequenced for the first time
84 Over 100 previously unknown Iron Age settlements found north of Hadrian's Wall
85 Ancient volcanoes may have created a rare resource for lunar explorers
86 Hollywood barely talks about the climate crisis. This group wants to change that
87 Tiny crab robots are so small they can walk on top of a US penny
88 Flying 'Dragon of Death' is the largest pterosaur discovered in South America
89 Europe's summer of floods and fire was its hottest on record, report finds
90 Opinion: If we want to solve climate change, businesses need to invest in our planet
91 She defied the odds to lead the first all-women fishing cooperative. Now they stand to lose it all
92 Opinion: What my great-great-grandfather, Theodore Roosevelt, got wrong about climate justice
93 To my son, born during the climate crisis: Get mad and get ready
94 More companies look to ventilation systems to control the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses
95 'The sound of money': Wind energy is booming in deep-red Republican states
96 Rising gas prices bring Biden to a political crossroads over climate policy
97 Twitter bans 'misleading' climate change ads
98 When anchovies mate, they stir the ocean and spur a healthy ecosystem, study finds
99 Bora, williwaws and Chinook: damaging winds you've probably never heard of
100 Democrats see chance to expand economic opportunity slipping away
101 Slovenia's populist PM loses election to environmentalist party
102 Whisky generates a lot of waste. It could soon help fuel your car
103 John Kerry is trying to convince the world to act on climate change. Russia's war made it that much harder
104 A man who died after self-immolating in front of Supreme Court was a climate activist
105 Green jet fuel is here--so why are airlines not using it?
106 Biden flips the switch on Trump's incandescent light bulb plan
107 Construction starts on world's largest wildlife crossing to let animals roam over 10 lanes of L.A. highway
108 Kerry warns world will blow through critical climate change threshold unless global leaders step up
109 Europe braces for gas crisis as Russia halts some supplies
110 Some experts fear these forests could shift from absorbing carbon dioxide to emitting it