File Title
1 A Fundamental New Law Unchains Fusion Energy
2 Preventing Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension--An Incurable Disease
3 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines--Like Pfizer and Moderna--Work Better Against Variants of Concern
4 NASA's EMIT Mission Will Map Tiny Dust Particles to Study Big Climate Impacts
5 Using AI to Cure Blinding Eye Diseases
6 Reducing Protein in Diet Improves Health and Extends Lifespan
7 Volume of Choroid Plexus in Brain Linked to Alzheimer's Disease
8 Solving the Baffling Mysteries of Invisible Frost and Dust Avalanches on Mars
9 A Fundamental New Law Unchains Fusion Energy
10 Preventing Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension--An Incurable Disease
11 Boeing Starliner Nears Launch as ISS Astronauts Work on Space Botany and Human Research
12 Days Are Numbered: Power Levels Diminishing for NASA's Marsquake Hunting InSight Lander
13 Steroids After COVID-19 Recovery May Cut "Long COVID" Risk of Death by Up to 51%
14 5 Warning Signs You're Not Getting Enough Magnesium
15 Alzheimer's Disease and Daytime Napping Linked in New Research
16 Why They Don't Make Grade B Maple Syrup Anymore [Video]
17 Extreme Indian Heat Wave: NASA's ECOSTRESS Detects Blistering "Heat Islands"
18 Cesarean Births Not Linked to Increased Risk of Food Allergy During First Year of Life
19 Keeping the Pounds Off: New Weight-Loss Intervention Targets Instinctive Desire to Eat
20 Brensocatib Did Not Help Patients with Severe COVID-19 in Clinical Trial
21 On-Chip Photodetection: 2D Material Heterojunctions for "Post-Moore Era" Microelectronics
22 For Women--But Not Men--Hugging Romantic Partner Can Prevent the Acute Stress Response
23 Danger of Double Masking Against COVID-19
24 Gruesome Octopus Death Spiral: Bizarre Self-Mutilation in Mothers Linked to Cholesterol
25 How Do Keys Open Locks? An Engineer Explains
26 Ancient Tooth from Young Girl Discovered in Cave Unlocks Mystery of Denisovans, a Sister Species of Modern Humans
27 Startling Consequences of Global Warming: Oceans Are Losing Their Memory
28 Satellite Monitoring of Biodiversity Advances to Protect Threatened Ecosystems
29 Off the Shelf Engineered Stem Cells Created to Treat Aggressive Brain Cancer
30 NASA's Voyager 1 Spacecraft Mystery: Engineers Investigating Telemetry Data
31 The Time-Saving Bias: Why Speeding Tickets Are an Unnecessary Expense
32 Herpes Virus Infection May Increase the Risk of Developing Diabetes
33 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover: Next Stop, Hawksbill Gap
34 World's Most Powerful Supercomputer Reveals Carbon-12 Origin Story--a Building Block for Life
35 Ultrafast Computers Are Coming: Laser Bursts Drive Fastest-Ever Logic Gates
36 Electronic Nematicity: Spin Keeps Electrons in Line in Iron-Based Superconductor
37 A Rose by Any Other Name: Jupiter's Spectacular Great Red Spot
38 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Outbreak: Watch Out for These "Super Spreader" Bird Species
39 Smart LED Contact Lenses for Treating and Preventing Eye Disease
40 830-Million-Year-Old Microorganisms Discovered in Ancient Crystals--Implications for Search for Extraterrestrial Life
41 Spanish Dancer Galaxy Twirls into View--Dark Energy Camera Captures Celestial Phenomena
42 Medicinal Cannabis Reduces Pain and Need for Opiate Painkillers Among Cancer Patients
43 Darkening Skies and Sickening People: Persistent Dust Storms Batter Iraq
44 Scientists Discover "Ghost" Fossils--"Completely Unexpected"
45 Traffic Calming--Coral Reef Fish Breed More Successfully if Motorboat Noise Is Reduced
46 Worldwide Effort to Create "Digital Twin" Inspired by COVID Pandemic
47 What the New Jurassic Park Movie Gets Wrong: Aerodynamics of Magnificent Ancient Creatures
48 New Polymer Membrane Tech Improves Carbon Capture Efficiency
49 Scientists May Have Discovered the Mechanism Behind Mysterious COVID-19 Symptoms
50 Ghostly Unseen "Mirror World" Might Be Cause of Cosmic Controversy with Hubble Constant
51 Million-Year-Old Arctic Sedimentary Record Sheds Light on Climate Mystery that Has Puzzled Scientists
52 Study Finds that Climate Change Will Negatively Impact Human Sleep Around the World
53 Supermassive Black Holes: The Ultimate Snitches Giving Away Galactic Center Secrets
54 Astronomy...Astrophysics 101: James Webb Space Telescope
55 Exploring Earth from Space: Bonn--One of the Oldest Cities in Germany
56 Massive Stars Play a Crucial Role in Shaping Their Surroundings: How Do the Simulation Models Stack Up?
57 Boeing's Starliner Successfully Docks to International Space Station for the First Time
58 New Research Shows Exposure to High-Powered Microwave Frequencies Can Cause Brain Injuries
59 The Crucial Role of Vitamin D in Your Diet
60 Astronomers Find "Gold Standard" Star in Milky Way with the Widest Range of Elements
61 Reward Neurotransmitter Dopamine Involved in Recognizing Emotions
62 Physicists Explain Mysterious "Discrete Aurora" on Mars
63 Antiprotons in Superfluid: Hybrid Antimatter-Matter Atom Behaves in Unexpected Way
64 Graphyne: Long-Hypothesized Next Generation "Wonder Material" Created for First Time
65 High Resolution Imaging Reveals Puzzling Features Deep in Earth's Interior
66 Striking New Species of Snake Discovered in Paraguay--Previously Unknown to Science
67 Crucial Link Found Between Arthritis, Serious Liver Disease and a Common Genetic Condition
68 Unique Quantum Material Could Enable Incredibly Powerful, Ultra-Compact Computers
69 NASA's Lucy Spacecraft Observes Lunar Eclipse from 64 Million Miles Away
70 Two Years After Infection, Half of People Hospitalized with COVID-19 Still Have at Least One Symptom
71 Science Made Simple: What Are Microplastics?
72 Introducing NASA Quesst: X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology Aircraft Mission
73 Everyday Plastic Products--Such as Coffee Cups--Release Trillions of Microscopic Particles into Water
74 Ultracold Bubbles on Space Station: New Quantum Research Experiments with an Exotic State of Matter
75 New Research Finds Drinking Alcohol More Dangerous to the Heart than Previously Thought
76 Ultrathin Fuel Cell Generates Electricity from Your Body's Own Sugar
77 Fly Researchers at Duke University Find Another Layer to the Code of Life
78 Cancer Origin Identified by Scientists Through Cell "Surgery"
79 Cells Take Out the Trash Before They Divide to Give Their Offspring a Clean Slate
80 Tiny Microdrones Propelled by Light-Driven Nanomotors
81 MIT Scientists Unveil a Secret of Stronger Metals
82 NASA Releases Moon to Mars Deep Space Exploration Objectives--Seeks Public Input
83 Hiding in Plain Sight Behind Piercingly Blue Stars
84 Innovative 3D-Printing Technology Creates Glass Microstructures with Rays of Light
85 NASA's Curiosity Rover Spots a "Doorway" on Mars
86 Charting a Safe Course for an Autonomous Robot Through a Highly Uncertain Environment
87 Discovery of "Yoyo" Mechanism: Turning X Chromosome "Off and on Again" Critical for Oocyte Development
88 NASA's Psyche Spacecraft Starts Processing at Kennedy Space Center
89 A High-Fiber Diet May Reduce the Risk of Dementia
90 Incredible New Views of the Sun--As You've Never Seen It Before
91 Experiments Measure Freezing Point of Extraterrestrial Oceans to Aid Search for Alien Life
92 How the Brain Says "Oops!"--Neuroscientists Unlock Mechanisms Behind Performance Monitoring
93 Hubble Captures a Peculiar Galactic Pair
94 New Targets in Search for Extraterrestrial Life: Planets of Binary Stars as Homes for Alien Life
95 How Three Mutations Work Together to Spur New COVID-19 Variants
96 Acoustic Sensors Pinpoint Shooter's Location in Urban Setting
97 Predicting Hidden Intentions: Algorithm Predicts Which Students Will Drop Out of Math Courses
98 Noodle-Like Robots Navigate Mazes Without Human or Computer Guidance
99 Weird Quantum State of Matter Observed for the First Time
100 Topological Materials Are Everywhere--New Database Reveals Over 90,000
101 One in Ten Cases of Coronary Heart Disease Could Be Prevented by Watching TV Less than One Hour a Day
102 New Research May Explain Unexpected Effects of Common Painkillers Including Ibuprofen and Aspirin
103 Major Step Forward in Monitoring Ocean Health Through "DNA Soup"
104 Hubble Space Telescope Peers Through Giant Elliptical Galaxy's Layers
105 Scientists Discover "Crown-Like Structures" Surrounding Breast Tumors Could Hinder Cancer Therapy
106 Previous Research Said Mothers of Twins Are More Fertile--Turns Out They Are Just Lucky
107 The Endowment Effect: Why You Find It So Hard to Sell Your Used Car
108 What's on the Menu? Food and Culture on the International Space Station
109 New Algorithm Optimally Divvies up Tasks for Human-Robot Teams
110 Electrode Design Paves Way for High-Performance Hybrid Biofuel Cells
111 Skydiving Salamanders Parachute and Glide from the Tallest Trees [High Speed Video]
112 Analyzing the Abundance of Boulders on the Planet Mercury
113 Black Fire Blows Up in New Mexico--Produces Pyrocumulonimbus Cloud and Crosses Continental Divide
114 Artificial Intelligence Helps Scale Up Advanced Solar Cell Manufacturing
115 Sharkcano!--NASA Satellite Catches Submarine Eruption of Kavachi Volcano
116 Custom Copper "Headphones" Boost Atomic Radio Reception 100x
117 Scientists Create Tomatoes Genetically Engineered to Boost Vitamin D
118 Wildfire, Drought, and Insects: Climate Change Increases Risks of Tree Death
119 Innovative Diffractive Solar Sail Funded by NASA Could Take Science to Exciting New Destinations
120 New Imaging Technique Generates Incredible Subcellular Maps of Entire Brain Networks
121 Scientists Develop a New Family of '2D' Materials with Promising Applications