File Title
1 The timing of warm period determines the time interval between flowering and leaf unfolding
2 Unmitigated economic impact of polyphagous shot hole borer in South Africa estimated at $18.45 billion
3 Human or seal? Who has the best underwater hearing?
4 Up to 21 named storms possible; as many as 10 hurricanes could form
5 Scientists discover a gene that plays a critical role in embryo development
6 Tracking ancient earthquakes by taking the temperatures of faults
7 What rigorous evidence has to say about summer youth employment programs
8 Scientists develop method for seasonal prediction of wildfires in the US West
9 Largest asteroid to approach Earth in 2022 will zoom past our planet this week
10 Research does not support the adage 'boys will be boys'
11 How cities in the West have water amid drought
12 Monarch butterfly numbers in Mexico rise by 35%
13 A good defect? Researchers discover helicoidal screw dislocations in layered polymers
14 Archaeologists begin dig to uncover remnants of 1988 Glasgow festival
15 Economic resilience actions help businesses avert losses when disaster strikes
16 Startups near state lines gravitate toward side with lower property tax
17 A candlelight-like glow from a flexible organic LED
18 Why are male mice afraid of bananas?
19 Polymersomes efficiently deliver siRNA to treat breast cancers in preclinical model
20 Going virtual hurts student career prospects
21 New study finds UK litter is dominated by plastics and drink packaging
22 Study shows that scavengers, such as raccoons, can be picky eaters
23 AI reveals unsuspected math underlying search for exoplanets
24 Smallpox Antiviral May Help Ease Monkeypox Symptoms, Study Says
25 Sociological study finds genes play a significant role in shaping our cultural tastes
26 Electrode design paves way for better biofuel cells, electrochemical devices
27 Missing People posters transformed through science and technology
28 While the fetal clock develops, mom's behavior tells the time
29 Statistical physics rejects theory of 'two Ukraines'
30 Exploring what gives titanium implants their remarkable biocompatibility
31 Sidekick microbubbles carry anti-cancer drugs, damage tumor vessels
32 Developing next-generation superconducting cables
33 An Object 90 Miles Wide May Have Struck Jupiter's Planet-Sized Moon Ganymede Say Scientists
34 New Book Explains Why We Need Sharks and How Their Future Looks
35 Bezos' Blue Origin May Ferry Futuristic Radio Telescope to Moon's Far Side
36 Using origami and kirigami to inspire reconfigurable yet structural materials
37 New missing people posters will be 3D--but no longer include the word 'missing'
38 The Americans Who Believe in UFOs, Big Foot, Zombies, Ghosts, Telekenesis, the Lost City of Atlantis, and Other Supernatural, Paranormal, Mythological, and Generally Unusual Phenomena
39 Long COVID: Why women could be twice as likely to suffer as men
40 Headbutts hurt the brain, even for a musk ox
41 Electronic self-passivation of single vacancy in black phosphorus
42 The social transmission of stress in animal collectives
43 The business benefits of hiring people with intellectual disabilities
44 Teenage Mental Health Grades Are Failing. What Should Be Done?
45 Arctic engineers develop innovative radar method to detect polar bears
46 A giant stellar nursery amidst darkness
47 Secrets of tree hyraxes in Kenya uncovered with new research techniques
48 Investigating whether epigenetic aging is the manifestation of one or more aging hallmarks
49 Fusion experts tackle cooling strategies for fusion fuel cycle
50 Spacesuits are leaking water and NASA is holding off any spacewalks until they can solve the problem
51 Children and adolescents can walk efficiently at the same pace as adults
52 Stars are heavier than we thought
53 Lost Cities of the Amazon Discovered from the Air / Science
54 Lasers reveal ancient urban sprawl hidden in the Amazon
55 The Netherlands is not on course to achieve the SDGs
56 Extreme heat tied to higher all-cause mortality
57 Researchers discover most dinosaurs were warm-blooded
58 Boeing's Starliner faces one more challenge as it returns to Earth
59 Underwater drone tracks CO2 in Alaska gulf
60 Florida wildlife officials say some manatee food growing
61 From drones to sensors, Malaysian durian grower goes high-tech
62 White roofs and rooftop lawns can mitigate urban heat island effect, researchers say
63 New research on tidal flats is 'wake up call' for US coastal communities
64 Secrets of thymus formation revealed
65 A novel environmental DNA monitoring method for identifying rare and endangered fish species sold in markets
66 Finding superconductivity in nickelates
67 Explosions help probe elusive atmospheric waves
68 Blood vessels originating from lymphatic vessels are found to be tailored to specific functions
69 How the universe got its magnetic field
70 New study reveals how bat brains are organized for echolocation and flight
71 How do smallholders transform to sustainable production in North China?
72 Seven habits linked to lower risk of dementia in those with genetic risk--study
73 Review identifies gaps in our understanding of how machine learning can aid stock valuation
74 Protein nanoparticle vaccine shows potential for broader, safe SARS-CoV-2 vaccines
75 How mice choose the best escape route
76 Researchers use CRISPR technology to modify starches in potatoes
77 Toward customizable timber, grown in a lab
78 Diatoms are under threat of decline due to ocean acidification, study shows
79 Highly efficient acousto-optic modulation using non-suspended thin-film lithium niobate-chalcogenide hybrid waveguides
80 On Mars, NASA's Perseverance rover's playlist is like no other
81 Addressing racial gaps in NIH grant funding
82 Researchers discover new isotope thorium-207 and odd-even staggering in [alpha]-decay energies
83 New research into AMP-activated protein kinase could make cancer treatments more efficient
84 Error-free quantum computing gets real
85 See this Week's Jaw-Dropping New Images of the 'King of Planets' as 'Super Conjunction' with Mars Nears
86 Community-led science uncovers high air pollution from fracking in Ohio county
87 Boeing Starliner Capsule Lands in New Mexico After Its First Successful Test Launch in Years
88 New Work Foundation Index reveals UK workers suffering most from insecure employment
89 Boeing capsule lands back on Earth after space shakedown
90 Silicone wristbands track firefighters' exposure to harmful chemicals
91 Chemists use light energy to produce small molecular rings
92 All-optical computation of a group of transformations using a polarization-encoded diffractive network
93 The first cave-bound mollusc species from the Americas
94 Wealthiest homeowners most at risk of wildfire hazard
95 Archaeologists find 'mind-blowing' lost city hidden in Amazon
96 Why did Mars dry out? New study points to unusual answers
97 New ultra-faint dwarf galaxy discovered
98 Tool reveals facial expressions of common marmosets
99 Will Monkeypox Be the Next Deadly Pandemic? It's Unlikely
100 Learning more about tornado experiences to improve safety
101 How do parents talk to their children about the massacre at Robb Elementary School?
102 America mourns another school shooting. Why is it so difficult to strengthen US gun laws?
103 Tropical storm expert encourages people to be 'weather aware' as hurricane season starts
104 Historic Greenland ice sheet rainfall unraveled
105 A nanoparticle and inhibitor trigger the immune system, outsmarting brain cancer
106 'Stress in pregnant women during the pandemic may impact babies' brains'
107 Do urban gardens lead to gentrification? Not in Detroit, study shows
108 How ancient moa survived the ice age, and what can they teach us about modern climate change
109 Local environment and population demographics, not genetics, influence bottlenose dolphin 'names'
110 4 answers to key questions about the monkeypox outbreak
111 Arc volcanoes are wetter than previously thought, with scientific and economic implications
112 Professional 'guilds' of bacteria gave rise to the modern microbiome
113 First Pompeiian human genome sequenced
114 First human genome from Pompeii sequenced
115 How plate tectonics, mountains and deep-sea sediments have maintained Earth's 'Goldilocks' climate