File Title
1 Research reveals surprising inactivation mechanism for a voltage-gated ion channel
2 Satellite Imagery from NASA, ESA, JAXA Form Comprehensive View of Environmental Changes
3 Researchers unveil a secret of stronger metals
4 Why haven't we wiped out rabies yet?
5 England's 'Lockdown Legacy' May Be A Clearer View of the Stars Says New Research
6 Long-hypothesized 'next generation wonder material' created for first time
7 Rio's urban gardens produce healthy food for the poor
8 Boeing docks crew capsule to space station in test do-over
9 Millions stranded, dozens dead as flooding hits Bangladesh and India
10 Would You Drink Old Moon Water? Future Astronauts May Sup From Ancient Lunar Volcanoes Say Scientists
11 Are Russia's New Drone Killing Lasers Effective Weapons or A Sign of Desperation?
12 Nearly 8,000-year-old skull found in Minnesota River
13 Breach exposed data of half-million Chicago students, staff
14 US high schoolers design low-cost filter to remove lead from water
15 What are the key climate themes at Davos?
16 Turtles freed in Tunisia with tracking monitor
17 End of the line nears for NASA InSight Mars lander
18 'Things like us may be extremely rare,' Prof. Brian Cox says
19 Scientists Racing Against Time to Document Colombian Fern Species
20 Monkeypox Outbreak Triggers New Conspiracy Theories About Bill Gates as #BillGatesBioTerrorist Trends
21 Alex Jones' Unfounded Claims that Monkeypox Outbreak Due to COVID-19 Vaccines
22 London dogs at greater risk of heatstroke, study suggests
23 Priceless seeds, sprouts key to US West's post-fire future
24 Multiple habitats need protecting to save UK bumblebees, finds 10-year citizen science study
25 How Trump Tried To Dismantle American Government, and What Biden Needs to Do to Save It'
26 Pulsars may power cosmic rays with the highest-known energies in the universe
27 Hundreds of endangered baby giant turtles released into Cambodian river
28 Pfizer Says Three Shots of Low-Dose Vaccine Generates 'Strong Immune Response' in Kids Under 5
29 US, Japan aim for lunar landing
30 Research sheds more light on the properties of young planetary nebula IC 4997
31 These are the first plants grown in moon dirt
32 More than 100 years of Antarctic agriculture is helping scientists grow food in space
33 Working with animals could result in employees that are more compassionate
34 NASA Lucy mission observes a total lunar eclipse
35 Did NASA find a mysterious doorway on Mars? No, but that's no reason to stop looking
36 Hubble captures a peculiar pair of spiral galaxies
37 Which is better for bees?
38 Study reveals evidence that bacteria can live in snake and spider venoms
39 These salamanders glide like skydivers from the world's tallest trees
40 Sea corals are source of sought-after 'anti-cancer' compound
41 Gene-edited tomatoes could be a new source of vitamin D, study suggests
42 Price noise proves the key to high performing 'bets against beta' investment strategies
43 New method simultaneously measures flow and oxygen
44 Planets of binary stars as possible homes for alien life
45 DeepSqueak tool identifies marine mammal calls
46 Turning X chromosome 'off and on again' critical for oocyte development
47 Four million people hit by floods in Bangladesh: UN
48 Iraq sandstorm grounds flights, sends 1,000 to hospitals
49 Climate Change Will Roast Desert Birds into Extinction in Just Five Years
50 Emulating impossible 'unipolar' laser pulses paves the way for processing quantum information
51 Further insights into the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein glycan shield
52 Protection of sodium metal anodes meets in situ photoelectron spectroscopy
53 Using artificial intelligence to predict life-threatening bacterial disease in dogs
54 New measurements from Northern Sweden show less methane emission than feared
55 What 40-million-year-old tropical reef corals tell us about climate change
56 New study of racism caught on video spotlights hate faced by Asians, Asian Americans amid pandemic
57 One step closer to making terahertz technology usable in the real world
58 New 'CRISPR-Combo' method boosts genome editing power in plants
59 South Asia's intense heat wave a 'sign of things to come'
60 Foreign fishing fleets and trade are taking fish nutrients away from malnourished people
61 Controlled burns remain essential as US wildfires intensify
62 Asian Americans armed themselves during the pandemic in response to racial acts, study finds
63 Under anaerobic conditions, common microbial communities can break the ultra-strong carbon-fluorine bond
64 New study explains how to broaden strategy to avert catastrophic climate change
65 Instability can benefit teams with different expertise
66 Sustainable production thanks to electricity?
67 California shellfish farmers adapt to climate change
68 Denial of structural racism linked to anti-Black prejudice
69 Halting a wave in its tracks
70 U.S. Will Release Monkeypox Vaccine from National Stockpile, CDC Says
71 High school students measure Earth's magnetic field from ISS
72 Cancer and Dementia Patients Face Higher Risk of Breakthrough COVID, Studies Find
73 Acoustic sensors to pinpoint shooters in an urban setting
74 Making racetrack noise bearable with physics
75 Unemployment holds steady for people with disabilities
76 Shining new light on cell membranes with improved imaging
77 Greenhouse Gases Trapped Nearly 50% More Heat in 2021 than 1990
78 See 10 Jaw-Dropping New Images of Our Home Galaxy Shortlisted for Annual Prize
79 Girls' chance of success at school in Sub-Saharan Africa shaped by language they are taught in
80 Iconic Iran river threatened by droughts, diversions
81 Growing grapes in the world's driest desert
82 People in Brazil's Amazon rainforest again reel from floods
83 Steve Forbes Tears into COVID-19 Restrictions
84 Ice at the moon's poles might have come from ancient volcanoes
85 The Past, Present and Future of Using Ketamine to Treat Depression / Science
86 Butterfly Network Inks Deal to Provide Portable Ultrasound Devices to Medical University of South Carolina
87 Human-made iron inputs to the Southern Ocean ten times higher than previously estimated
88 Biocrusts reduce global dust emissions by 60 percent
89 The chaotic early phase of the solar system
90 It's Time to Update How the Water Cycle Is Taught in K-12 Schools
91 Study provides a comprehensive X-ray view of an active galactic nucleus in NGC 4258
92 Basic income could cut poverty to lowest level in 60 years at no net cost
93 Five facts about the gruesome beauty of solitary wasps
94 The Heard v. Depp trial is an opportunity to discuss the nuances of intimate partner violence
95 Using Artificial Intelligence to Combat Wildfire Risk
96 Study finds crime-cutting benefits of therapy when combined with cash handouts
97 A New Study Explores the Worrying Link Between Perfectionism, Depression, and Social Isolation
98 Report finds children starting school have fallen behind due to COVID-19 disruption
99 War, social media and the urgent need to update how we teach English
100 Scientists make plastic more degradable under UV light
101 Researchers reveal hemispheric asymmetry of long-term sunspot activity
102 Human influence is the culprit for warm and wet winters in northwest Russia
103 Peak Wildfire Season Has Arrived in California
104 Breakthrough in quantum universal gate sets: A high-fidelity iToffoli gate
105 Secret to treating 'Achilles' heel' of perovskite alternatives to silicon solar panels revealed
106 If you expect First Nations staffers to do all your 'Indigenous stuff,' it isn't support, it's racism
107 How price shocks in formative years scar consumption for life
108 Children will reclaim the burden of school meal debt as federal subsidies from COVID-19 end
109 UN chief Guterres urges graduates to shun 'climate wreckers'
110 Massive Southwest Wildfire Prompts Forest Service to Pause Prescribed Burns