File Title
1 Temporary employment may consolidate labor market inequality
2 Luminescent gels for a multitude of applications from counterfeiting to bio-sensing
3 Discovery of new mechanisms to control the flow of sound
4 Tired mosquitoes would rather catch up on sleep than bite you: study
5 Long-banned toxic chemicals remain a global threat
6 Why confronting invasive species is one of the best ways to prepare for climate change
7 Unprecedented level of insight into plasma edge phenomena
8 More and more people are becoming aware of the dangers posed by invasive hornets
9 Zapping orange peel oil into new, pleasant aroma compounds
10 Breakthrough artificial photosynthesis comes closer
11 Exploring novel slow-release organic copper fungicides
12 Controlling the nuclear receptors of proteins associated with diseases
13 Quantitative research depicts clouds and their radiative effects in North China plain
14 India's relic forests reveal a new species of leopard gecko
15 The persistent effects of colonialism in Caribbean science
16 Rare 'orchid of the falls' species declared extinct in the wild
17 Did NASA find Hell? Scientists brace for first glimpse of world that constantly burns
18 Trained dogs detect COVID-19 as well as PCR tests do
19 Famous rock art cave in Spain was used by ancient humans for more than 50,000 years
20 Should Parents Worry About New Research Linking Kids' Mental Health and Individual Sports? / Science
21 The surprising musical dynamics of a lava lake on Kilauea volcano
22 Spanish Cave Has Been Used for Art and Burials for Over 50,000 Years, According to New Research
23 How electric fish were able to evolve electric organs
24 Visible light triggers molecular machines to treat infections
25 Less air pollution leads to higher crop yields, study shows
26 The world's fastest supercomputer just broke the exascale barrier
27 Looking ahead to Webb telescope's first images
28 Risk of Skin Cancer Depends on Genetics as Well as Sun Exposure, Says New Study
29 A new duality solves a physics mystery
30 Researchers discover Archean continental rocks at the Southwest Indian Ridge
31 Dogs Detect Positive COVID Infections Better than Antigen Tests, Study Suggests
32 What the quest to image black holes could tell us about our universe
33 Study finds elk hoof disease may affect antlers
34 Discovery of mosquito survival tactics leaves room for new disease vector control tactics
35 Researchers show that dynamic soaring isn't just for albatrosses
36 NASA awards two contracts for next generation spacesuits
37 The scientist helping to develop the axolotl as a model
38 Young adults turn crushes into love, study suggests
39 Time-reversal asymmetry surpasses conversion efficiency limit for solar cells
40 Disbanding police departments doesn't affect crime levels, says new report
41 Consumers embrace milk carton QR codes, may cut food waste
42 New report advocates big increases in sustainable wood production
43 Physicists demonstrate novel mechanism that can prevent light waves from spreading freely
44 Research shows how the Gulf of Mexico escaped ancient mass extinction
45 New Psychological Research Teaches Us How to Cultivate Feelings of Bliss
46 Eight Things You Need to Know to See this Week's Best Naked-Eye 'Planet Parade' for 100 Years
47 Pfizer Asks FDA to Greenlight COVID Vaccine for Children Under 5
48 Ancient Mayan maize god sculpture found in Mexico
49 Vietnam develops new African swine fever vaccine: official
50 'Fruitcake' structure observed in organic polymers
51 Time crystals 'impossible' but obey quantum physics
52 Understanding hurricanes and climate change
53 NASA's MAVEN spacecraft resumes science and operations, exits safe mode
54 Chinese scientists produce world first entirely robot-cloned pigs
55 Glial cells may take on big jobs in unexpected parts of the body
56 Distributed sensor network may reveal physical processes contributing to diminishing sea ice
57 Physicists announce first results from Daya Bay's final dataset
58 How will humans survive a global catastrophe?
59 Skyscrapers could be turned into massive 'gravity batteries,' study suggests
60 Why Did It Take 35 Years to Get a Malaria Vaccine? / Science
61 Uncorking champagne bottle produces supersonic shock waves
62 Eco-friendly policies could entice workers back to the office
63 Women offend too, and the practice is widespread
64 Neutrinos could ensure a submarine's nuclear fuel isn't weaponized
65 Levelling up agenda risks levelling down London, warns new research
66 Scientists develop environmental justice lens to identify neighborhoods vulnerable to climate change
67 Creating ultracold polyatomic molecules by trapping and cooling them in three dimensions
68 Study sheds light on life beyond Rome's frontier
69 Teachers often struggle to address mass traumatic events in class
70 Should we protect nature for its own sake? For its economic value? Because it makes us happy? Yes
71 Superionic compound with the highest hydrogen content successfully predicted and explored
72 Study shows a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030 can be achieved
73 What oxytocin can tell us about the evolution of human prosociality
74 Metallic five-membered ring pushes the boundaries of aromaticity
75 Iron catalyst could make important chemical reactions cheaper and more eco-friendly
76 Sea turtle delivers eggs, endures surgery after shark attack
77 Toward 4D printing with structural colors
78 The link between temperature, dehydration and tectonic tremors in Alaska
79 5 ways to reduce school shootings
80 Better understanding of people's comfort in urban public spaces
81 Controversial police bills of rights don't lead to more civilian fatalities
82 Listening to young people could help reduce pandemic-related harms to children
83 Tobacco hawkmoths always find the right odor
84 California drought resurrects decades-old plan for controversial Sites Reservoir
85 Probing the crucial charge carrier transfer processes and dynamics within perovskite active layers
86 Exploring the use of the nanoscale bowtie antenna under optical and electrical excitations
87 Physical abuse less likely when spanking is eliminated
88 NOAA forecasts average-size Gulf of Mexico summer 'dead zone'
89 Salmonella vaccine for poultry contributed to rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
90 Strange fossil solves giraffe evolutionary mystery
91 How glyphosate affects brood care in bumblebees
92 The consequences of climate change in the Alps are visible from space
93 Canada ranks third worldwide in permeable landscapes for wildlife
94 At least 44% of Earth's land requires conservation to safeguard biodiversity and ecosystem services
95 Designing the perfect membrane for clean separation of gases
96 Developing a block copolymer that could enable safer, more stable batteries
97 NYC estuary is a dolphin dining hotspot during summer and autumn months for bottlenose dolphins
98 Researchers discover new weapon against drug-resistant malaria
99 Study finds groundwater depletion causes California farmland to sink, suggests countermeasures
100 Tear down academic silos: Take an 'undisciplinary' approach
101 Children Under 5 May Get COVID Vaccines Starting in Late June, White House Says
102 Fish cannibalism is rare in the wild, study finds
103 Salt may be the key to life on Earth and beyond
104 NASA moon mission set to break record in navigation signal test
105 NASA selects new instruments for priority Artemis science on moon
106 Studying schizophrenia in plants? Researchers are giving it a shot
107 NASA's DAVINCI mission to take the plunge through massive atmosphere of Venus
108 Using advanced microscopy to nanoengineer new materials for computing and electronics
109 Researchers working to recover rare-earth elements and secure critical materials for clean energy technologies
110 Decoding the language of immune responses
111 Study suggests sectarian identity in Middle East tied to domestic matters, not a larger, transnational religious split
112 The non-coding 7S RNA regulates gene expression in human mitochondria
113 Hurricane category isn't the full picture. Scientists suggest it's time for a new scale
114 Which forces control the elevation of mountains?
115 The Northern Lights Really Do 'Speak' Say Scientists
116 New Research Highlights the Downsides of A Cost-Benefit Approach to Intimate Relationships
117 Disgusted by Shootings, Doctors Push Congress on Gun Violence